Big religious radio Disk Jockey pan 101.7 wife lef him and him go confess to him pastor seh di batteyman ina him long time and him still deh pan di station a minister and play Christian music..Sir di gospel industry people dem seh yuh fi come outa gospel jus like how yuh lef your wife and come out a di closet and Lt Stitchie dem seh all di while yuh a hide and go Europe go sing yuh ”secular” song dem and yuh a Christian so dat nuh right cause yuh a do di right ting a yard and den go Europe go do di tings and dem know so di industry is talking sir. The newling whey a complain bout di tings dem …ma’am the bible seh no gossiping cause all dis whey bus out a yuh a talk it and it reach pan di wall now………..BUT MR JR dem seh fi come offa di people dem station cause gay cannot inherit the kingdom


  1. A who? Why most a di Christian ppl go gay like dat is it cause dem deh Satan have di two parts female and male? Or or there kids turn gay or something….. A little off subject but mi see wally British pan insta a Mek har son a play wid Barbie… A mean dem a Tek di comedy too far star… If yuh Eva hear him no sah and she a laugh him all have kid boobs no sah it fi stap… Don’t know if him dad inna him life but it Nuh pretty at all likkle youngling a str88888888 up coming Shem.

    1. Usually mi nuh like comment pon people and dem parenting skills but wally need fi do better!!the bwoy act like the tranny dem pon rupaul drag race!!

  2. There’s a gay man harassing her son on social media because he thought the behavior was inviting. So now she on Instagram a gwaan bad because someone told her it’s her fault…the truth is the truth

  3. lool Met you see to how mi faaaaaasssssss mi did affi go pon love 101.7 website fi see who have the initials JR…
    But Met you need fi see the picture that them have up loool it “fishy” bad
    :tabrakan: :bingung:

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