1. And ah true ting Eek ah talk…Reggae music doesn’t get the credit and recognition it deserves. It is because of Reggae music why me, the Marleys yutes and nuffa wi deh ya todeh because those were the foundation artists like Eek and many others, that produced and sang great musics that birthed nuffa wi from wi madda womb…I’ve had love and respect for Reggae music and its artists from mi ah likkle likkle girl ah skank pa mi granny veranda…to this day I prefer Reggae music over dancehall music anytime!…foundation music mi seh!!!

  2. mi seh …beenie man did tell off stephen and jnr gong a some island because dem seh di royal family nah wuk before nuh dj ……………okkkk

  3. Artis in Jamaica don’t really charge each odda fi collab…..di favor will return wen it needed a jus suh di system set in dancehall……but if him promise to pay di man him shud jus payup….am sure 4 gran is nuttn to dem, an dem shuda know seh di mouse nuh too righted an is a man weh normally guh off fi di leas likkle ting loll

    1. mi faaaamilllllleeeeeeh ……………lord gosh man a cah rits one a so dem daddy used to walk and bad up ppl ……mi cah believe seh ziggy :cool a bun bad lamp fi dennis brown him fada favorite artist ….dem man yah nuh nomal

      1. REAL! :peluk ugly rita scorned and pass on the attitude throughout the family.
        Met! a long time me a hear bout dem, except jr. gong…so dem is all Bird of a feather.

        1. mi famly u mean ESPECIALLY JNR GONG …dem rich now so dem only have money pon dem mind..a who tell mi seh …dem a orthodox and gwaan like rasta because of music …o boy :games

  4. Boy watch let dung fi hear dis bout di Marley boys dem. Di Rita she such a shame see dem a galang wide all dem yah backstabbing in nah Di background no say it bad mon it bad.

  5. None a Bob youth nuh si di vision weh him did have.All a him youth dem a money dem a meds. Bob did try a fi enlighten people about knowing God especially Africans even if him nuh mek a dolla. Dem a charge a arm and a leg fi guh inna one Bob Marley festival weh use to be free.Bob was trying to assist the poor but him youth dem nah show da kind a love deh. Nuh because yuh a mek hit chune dat mean yuh a carry on di legacy right.

  6. Talk yuh ming yes yute. But a real ting him a talk doe and mi inna di business fi years so mi know wha him a set

  7. A rea talk f**k di marley dem same ting mi hear she di fadda did do to Peter. pon di odda hand nuff a dem artist yah mek it bad pon dem self. like fi watch man packet and nah watch how di man mek dem a eat.
    wah dem do fi mek dem self betta after dem get a money dem gal it out. wah happen to him rap charge from last year?

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