1. If she wants to leave its her choice,MVP wasn’t treating her good,now she as the opportunity and money to leave,she tired of unu

  2. She has a right to say that people think she is crazy in the head. She has great talent and no one can take that from her but we must pray that a “man” does not become her downfall. I have known several women who allowed their husband to bring them down while uplifting these same husband’s.

    1. You cannot read? You eyes got burry at the part where she assaulted the massage therapist, and told Mr Hylton about his mother? O maybe you can read, but comprehension is your weak point.

  3. & you guys wondered she & Shelly does not really speak. Lol. I’ve met them, & trust me when I tell you guys that this might not be 100% true. But more than 70% facts in was spoken.

  4. I don’t anything about Elaine, but I can see that the other Jamaican Athletes are very uncomfortable around her. Her track up and down performance leads me to believe she is on PEDs.

  5. Pinkwall staple I’m a dunce and ur not but I’m sure it said the masseuse was assaulted by the husband and mi nuh kno who name Mr Hylton but i know of Mr Francis

  6. She a make so much money, shi can fix har cross/cock/lazy eye? A me one notice it?
    She tan deh mine husban and him cronies wid ha money…damn eediat

  7. All sort of dirt a dash but the elephant in the room naah address. At no time during the disrespect and drama with sha’carri nuh body from MVP nuh say squat to Nike. Nike dis Elaine for Sha’carri and then waah send her to train beside Elaine and the coach ready and willing because he is sponsored. But unnu a come wid “facts” now like a weh day she deh a MVP. Money mek unnu dis the woman and unnu have a record of disrespecting unnu athletes. All weh unnu a talk unnu did suck een like big gut uman a tek weddin picha but unnu ready fi come talk tru unnu get show up.

  8. So all of these people did nothing to bring on such behavior. The way this letter is structured tells this letter is biased towards everyone else except Elaine, the description of everyone else’s character. There’s one thing I know about people, they will love you and then turn around degrade you if you don’t bend at their will. She has every right to leave if she feels it’s in her best interest, look at the support she’s getting. If she was so horrible then everyone would’ve been glad to tell her good bye with good riddance not this smear campaign, Unnuh cyah fool everybody

  9. I can see the tension in Elaine that she has bad behavior, bcoz she come different from all the athletes i have ever seen in jamaica. When shi compete de little camera greet n that’s it. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is world best! Her smile alone is breath taking…Elaine stuff up…

  10. Unno come offa Elaine back. Send unno waan send her in depression. Then if bway a waan g#nman a nuh she a it. Unno too badmind

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