6 thoughts on “ELE DEM SEH HOW YUH OWE?

  1. Him have one Pitney wid one girl a stand pipe name ratty & the duty man would a Neva mine the boy !.. Pitney a the dead stamp a him elephant man u ago suffer & dead bad wicked shit house

  2. Elephant Man lives in a world that glorifies fakeness. Just last week we saw a video of him flying an airplane. Him like fe live large, and gwaan like him stress-free, when in actuality him know how much pickney him have, and how many him nah mind. He is nothing more than a false pretender, and need fe re-shuffle his thoughts on owning up, and taking care of his responsibilities!

  3. Then when u talk yuh hear u too badmind.Matter of fact nuh him same Ele do a song name “yuh too badmind”. Ppl can badmind u fi tell u mind ur youths Mifedup??$22mil can more than stop a gap fi his 23picknies!

  4. can give each of him 23 pickney dem 1 mil a piece
    rent out him doberman, rothweiler and pitbull dem to guardsman, marksman and bullseye security $$$,
    the vehicle dem weh him a floss inna him can run dem like taxi mek $$$, charge tourist a fee to come sightsee the circus dat him have a norbrook and him will be ok.

  5. Why dont these women just put him on child support. If he refuses to take care of them then they can make the courts hold him responsible. More than likely a DNA will be done which will settle the question of if all these kids actually belong to him

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