Met!!! What a way Yanique wutlis… Ellis lef her now because him realise how she walk n fuck n all the fuck she a fuck her life is no better. Dem tek weh the vehicle that she finance and she a walk n a fren d gal dem with flashy vehicle jus for the hype . The gal badmind and love chat/criticize people n she bruk like dog. She think she’s better than people and she don’t own shit, shes been fucking all these entertainers/promoters and other men and she a walk foot n don’t own a house . U notice no one is around her ? That’s because she don’t treat people good, she don’t pay them and she’s verrrrrrryyyyyy lie. She always owe people money n don’t answer her phone . The gal careless , her life is a mess. The things that she does omg she is very dirty . This so call hot gal is so broke she had to start sell food …. hot gal shouldn’t resort to selling food lol but karma reach the bitch because the food not selling . Let’s hope she has her daughter school fee and back to school stuffs for September

49 thoughts on “ELLIS LEF YANIQUE

  1. Sender, you see when them hype and stay like yanique no man want them, dem damm fake and cant hold a man to save them rass life. Mi nuh sorry fi she at least kitty have education, kitty a walking matress too, all a dem females here bad but Kitty have education. I really dont know what Yanique have other than her pussy on her forehead. Marlon, Zum, Usain and still nuh have nutten damm she salt bad.

    1. Everything else might be true but can’t lie on Yanique’s Education. She graduated college too. She might not be street smart but she’s no dunce

      1. Shi neva finish College….start but neva complete it. Not street smart? So whe she did a use fi survive dem if it’s not Book Smart?

        1. :hoax2 Anon 9:29pm I hope pinkwall ppl see fi themselves how some of unno wicked ,lie n dangerous enuh!!!You didn’t have any reason to deliberately LIE on Curvy diva Yanique (Read JMG rule 5 disclaimer smfh),especially when the truth is public knowledge …just Google “Yanique Barrett degree” smfh,unno fi gweh enuh!!

          Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett attended Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville on a scholarship and obtained a degree . She also set out time to host church events while she was still studying in the University.

          Just two years into the four year programme, her studies were derailed by the birth of her now six year old daughter. When she finally decided to go back to school, it was to pursue a degree in management studies.

          In an effort to spend more time with her daughter, Barrett took up a nine-to-five lucrative job as a human resources manager at GM Challengers.

          Damn disgusting tear dung set of haters as if Curvy diva Yanique a prevent unno from shine :malu2

          1. Anon2:50pm the likes of yuh nuh have any stomach fi sick,suh move yuh big all in one shyt gut cuz yuh CAN’T gweh irrefutable facts!!!!We are defenders of the truth and don’t give a rass if the person we are defending is a Sketel inna fi unno bias blindass yeyes dem!!Just know a only one smaddie have the power fi gweh mi pon this …and it’s NOT YOU BooBoo…Abayyeeee :selamat :mahongintip :najis :sup2: …come a tell lie pon di lady and unno expect dat di wall must stay silent ,unno a wicked mi sey!!

          2. Gwaan trace Ms Thugeisha, what breed a man yuh be fi behave like a dutty gyal? Nuh wonda yuh defend/obsessed wid di likes of SnApple and Yanique.
            Keep assuming what I look like, sorry I’m a very attractive, educated professional and yes the likes of u n ur Maama-Man behaviour sickening

      2. Note – Yanique has her education too. She may not be a lawyer but she is a university grad. If she chooses to be that way then so be it . Right now i am ensuring that MY VAGINA stays proper and so should all women and leave people life…it shouldnt hurt us so much .

    1. suh it seems like she f uk the brand manager boy andrerw ellis to get that dea hahaha mixx up tellu dem gal yah love use them puss y to ink deals, then when them leave or break up the deal fell chewwwwwww hahahahah , mi baddie.

    2. Sender u badmind baaaaaaad…. even if there is some truth to what you are saying, the way u write this just shows how badmind u are!!!!!

  2. What a wicked, vindictive, spawn of Satan this Sender is eehh!!!!You have provided not one iota of proof with all this filth yuh come a spew!Yanique has solid investments ,so she coulda never bruck in REAL life,…it’s not her fault unno men stay lusting over her beauty n brains!!

    1. Am sorry but I don’t believe yanique is broke sender smh ….she maybe dashing the vagina around yes but broke no noooooooo

  3. Goodness Sender, what a way you sound happy over Yanique’s “alleged” down fall. She will be ok, everyone has had rough bouts in income with CoVID it’s nothing to be so gleeful about. I hope you don’t reach any rough times in your life cause you bitta and don’t have an ounce of compassion.

    1. Covid brain…fret over people pussy An Fi Dem own stink. No man naw fck Dem..leave yanque SHE IS A POPULAR GIRL…MANY WILL WANT TO SLEEP WITH HER ITS HER FRONT. GO DO PUSSY SURGERY LIKE AMARI…OR USE U MOUTH

  4. I didn’t know making an honest living by selling food is something to be ashamed of.. So mek mi get dis right.
    Yu vex cause shi a walk an fuck an vex cause shi a hot gyal weh a sell food?!
    Mi neva know hot gyal suppose to have a specific job?!
    Senda, come enlighten mi

    1. We must all be careful of how we treat eachother.I agree with you.People are too eager to laugh at others calamity.It is like with sin.When judgement day comes Jesus is going to judge each person on how he/she was living not about others.

  5. U sound dunce. Mi nuh too tek to Yanique but what’s wrong with selling food?? People will always buy food. I was thinking u sound like a former friend but mi refuse to believe yanique use to par wid smaddy so fool

  6. You call center girl (HGS) why you hate Yanique so much??? from I read the part about owing people and don’t answer the phone I know it’s you because you were at the hairdressing shop spitting this same type of hate. How is it your business if Yanique man lef her??? YOUR BABY FATHER NEVA LEF YOU??
    how much man you fuck after?? (is not 1, 2, 3, or 4). the man lef her and she start sell food, weh she did fi do sit down and fret???. leave the lady alone and go fix up yuhself wid you baggy weh eva lean and roll up

  7. A pure lie mi a read smh if jealousy and badmind was a person in would a like fi know how u would a feel is smaddy a chat pure shit web them nuh know about you

  8. She has a beautiful face & well done good up body no worries she will rise again . Sender you sound badmind fi true .

    1. What does a man with ambition has to do with a woman with sex appeal?? Every man wants a woman with that. TRUST ME!!! That’s why half of you get bum cause with all the education and goody two shoes behavior uno man still ah cheat like dog while uno same one ah mine dem. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak move uno bloodclaat and gwehhh Yanique is is a good looking woman she’ll be just fine believe that.

  9. Yanique bruk like dog and that’s a fact!!! Dem tek weh her vehicle that she financed n she don’t own a vehicle . Yanique is very badmind and she belittles people all the time. Majority of the people that goes around her knows thats how she is …. she is very lie . Nothing is wrong with selling food but because of her dirty ways, she should not have to resort to that. She is too hype to be paying rent. She fuck her fren dem man , remember poshbyV did a style her fi magnum and she fuck the girl man . She been fucking all these men in the industry and it never made any sense because she’s still broke…..she love likes and play hype and fren d hot gyal dem fi pose inna dem vehicle …. this bitch has no frens because she chat all of them or she tek dem man

  10. Yes , she bruk fi true…. that gal love look on people and she don’t own shit …. don’t Mek dem waste gal yah trick unuh, she is a mess…. nothing bout her . No assets , nothing at all. Just a bad reputation . For a gyal weh hype n love chat people , she nuh suppose to a sell food and a fren the hype gyal dem fi a drive inna dem vehicle.

    1. ms truth…y you sound so angry ? unhappy? how what she do wid her front bother you so much? how the possibilityof her being broke is your concern? Damn gossip site bully

  11. She hype that is why Usain had to run, him Neva in a the hype and mix up wid har. U notice when she f certain man she want people know, das why Marlon deny fucking her, gal like she chat too much. Uno can gwan bout she pretty, gal fake like, pretty woman don’t mean shit in today’s world where u have the Hispanic gal Dem whey pretty like Dem bade in a milk and nuff a Dem nuh hype like Jamaica gal Dem why duh surgery fi have straight nose, Titi n batty. A real man want a woman with pride and morals, not one whey walk and suck hood like a pacifier. Them gal like yanique try fuck artist, and as artist n the artist manager fuk Dem they move to the next victim. All a Dem gal dey that works in media with the 2 popular media houses 98% a Dem walk and fuck more than Dog and Yanique is the president she Tek more Hood than hardware and lumber and still don’t have shit to show for it. She go dey wid Zum Zum a mobay bout he is her manager, where is Zum Zum now, behind Sherrice one if his baby mama n him new girl plus him wife. Yanique you are a disgrace to the female race, you did too hype, it was only a matter of time before life humbled you. I hope you can get back up, your attitude stinks and the family has always spoken to you about it. God go with you and your nasty crosses life, stop ketch married men n people men.

  12. Poor yanique nice yam head girl tv personality but Jesus you a real thot behind the cameras, all the do up body and you still can’t settle down, all the top man dem and you still searching ‍♀️ All the scammers dem and you still searching. All promoters/artist and you still searching, all the sexy and naked pics on the gram and you still searching? Girl you better slow down

    1. Exactly Nicole, this is what mi want these so call hot girls realise. Most hot girls, educated, look good are manless, Dem need to realise that. Man want a real woman, not a fake ass gal with bad mind and dirty stinking attitude. Nuff a Dem gal whey say Dem hot full a attitude and love con and beg man, das why man nuh want Uno . A when Uno pretty like wow, Uno always evil and some a Uno stink and don’t like bade n Uno only want f uck n money.

  13. At the of the day -ugly or pretty , dunce or bright when man and woman ready to take step wid the opposite sex you cant do nutten bout it….All you self righteous witches on here who never get lef by a man yet , i say congratulations !… it happens to the best of us , family or no family so beware…….dont be too happy bout ppl demise especially when oonu think oonu know ppl business……YANIQUE …BIG UP , you important bad till all some a we a lose NUFF sleep cause a you life….we really need to find JOBS around here cause some ppl life now become some ppl profession..

    1. so true but when mothers a skin out them pussy and walk and fuck like dog das gross and disgusting though, when they have little daughters who the child gonna look up to. you are correct when 2 people get togther we cant do nothing, however when them a fuck and tap fuck dem fi keep them life pvt, because we the public dont give a fuck but if them chat we a go scron them like yanique and chat them too. dahh a we fi mouth so when we want chat you or yanique cant do a fuck either dummy head gal. gwan big up yanique a suh uno sluts and whores take up for each other, a covid time now try nuh mek covid tek up uno pussy, give uno pussy and break, gwan go wash up and tun it dung and mek it rest till 2025 you and yanique. damm dumb ass yamhead gal.

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