1. This lady need to get a life sn stop troubling ppl because one day she’s going to fuck with the wrong person an the ppl who a buy out her argument dem i hope when ppl slap uno down she can defend it

  2. The worst part is when she a get diss a beat her supporters will say “mi nuh how it happen”, “mi did inna Di toilet”, “mi just a come on” etc lol, it’s sad to see a grown ass woman playing the class clown

    1. Why are these half dead young hoes so sad, leave people alone. You are all just walking in karlene’s shadow. Any and everything she does u all run with it on social media. You all need to go get a life or take your worthless selfs back home.

  3. This was not karlene argument/ fight her friend was in an altercation with someone so Karlene took off her wig to help defend her friend & some gyal pulled off the stocking as you can clearly see on the clip stop jumping to quick when you don’t know the facts unu love run & cant walk kmt
    Also why the video say lundun tpc when they are actually in Birmingham oh yea ca dem ah run again lol

  4. Anonymous 9.51 stop your fan talk…..the comments say she fe stop buy out people argument before she get lick down. Stop gwarn like she bad the fact still remains she took the wig off to pretend she’s about that life and didn’t bargain for the girl to pull the stocking off and expose the narstyness underneath. Would you agree it backfired? Why she never defend that as it was direct to her? As we all can see. So you need to stop jumping to quick and defending foolishness. Hope you have the same energy when salvage is dissing people, because she talks so called facts that ain’t true. So maybe she needs to walk before running and humble herself.
    The video says lundun and yes they are in Birmingham fact still remains she’s horrible in and out and London people know this hence why she was ejected

  5. This dirty nasty fuck box gal karlene informer savage about she a keep the biggest dance a Birmingham after she cause how much problem down there i hope them lock off her party it not to keep no time at all

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