So met tell me now, English doll nah no friends fi tell her she need fi wear bra. English dolly a young green gal with no kids and her breast dem drop a grung. English dolly tacky fi young weh Inna dancehall and ever wah Inna the spotlight


  1. Sick stomach bad. Every time me see her pan me explore page me get cross. Why this likle gyal cya put on brassiere is beyond me.

    Breast dem just long a go whe su and she a likle pikni. Kmt

  2. She and stinking mouth Lisa cas need fi guh tiddung. Dem stay bad like, Di time Lisa cas mada a tek a sew in English doll hair she better sew a bra specially for her

  3. I see this bitch otherother night at triple Thursday doing hand gestures like she is ms uptown or she stush dwrcl,with not even a bottle a water in her hand,it look like the old bruk them weh she get from kema wear out,she nuh f**k fi nuff up harself all when it obvious the ppl them nuh like har.young gyal fi have ambition it look like it done pon english doll.goin around a beg and invade ppl space is not a profession.u sick literally everybody stomach.pure hiprocrit frens she have they all dislike her and chat her behind her back,even the same lisa cas muma cant stand her talk it out her own mouth…

    1. Cause I’m coming right under here to address you , so.everything me do bother you ? but how me fi never a drink nothing and who me go triple Thursday bought liqour nuff up pan who?? Talk to me my friends them don’t like me really come with supm.better don’t want wear any bra. If m sick u stomach do something miss ! Don’t think Kema clothes done as yet .

  4. Kmft mi think a me and my sister alone upset for the whole crew especially English doll nothing bout she she need a bra really bad like right now…her friend them wicked…

  5. No ambition crew dem be, question: dolly lives/cotch with diamond??? A diva star and barbie star alone me like, They seem to do them own thing more while.

  6. A diamond suck dung English doll breast them and how the f**k she call rself English doll and she never go airport yet me no understand

  7. She use to wear one dirty one oh God it did look very bad look like she stop wear and bcz she nuh have no more she just go with out. Mi just want to know what happen to all them man deh you giving you body you nuh get nothing shame on you girl

    Tell me something you stop f**k Lisa cas little brother yet? Bcz you work fi cas entertainment and Lisa cas brother woman work fi cas entertainment too and yno a good friend

    how uno do it man

    David really teach uno good with that threesome something ya lol

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