1. Met this recording audio is sweet, you should put up more of these when you can. Iam going to book mark this.. me a go play this everyday.

  2. Met him talk up the things, I have his CD I bring it up from Jamaica and i listen to him man. Portia she dun dead aleady jus fi bury Lisa a nxt one him preach bout old wicked dem.

  3. U know mi ask when di first video land here an I doe memba eff nobody ansa so mek I ask again. Him is a real pastor???? Is dis in a real church? Mi say every time him shout mi jump. Di sermon have mi a way. All when mi nuh waan laff mi haffi laff. Dwl Mi need fi see dis video. The audio is NOT ENOUGH cause mi can just see him all a buss shot wid him gun finga after di sinna dem. All when him say “Mi nuh fraid a none a unu” Go see how him a beat him chest. Dwl Lord hammercy

    1. Lali a so it did sweet mi a 3 time mi did haffi listen him cause mi jump right up up and all a bus blank :nohope:

  4. Trust me Met, mi have it downloaded already and I will be listening to this for a long time. This is as good as it gets. I haven’t heard this level of frank honesty in a very long time…

  5. This is how men of the cloth are supposed to speak–I am very impressed wit di man courage. Especially in regard to how him attack the politicians and dancehall people–even the people who were jumping up in the church…

    1. Him say dem can tek him visa because him plan fi preach a jamaica ….cause jamaica ketch di flu!!

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