1. Congratulations on the baby. But what I don’t get is how she move from one man to the other? Evelyn your not easy!!!

    1. and talk bout she and man deh one year………..evelyn shed a bag a tears fi chad and did a f same way dem bad hee man :travel

        1. sass christopher man and ina di first two episode a di show she talk bout she nuh waa talk to nobody she feel she cheating..so she neva a talk she did a sex? she bad she nuh gi har hole no rest

          1. I was getting damn tired of her n the waterworks enuh n all the while this gal have her man n is not a regular Joe is a athlete whey just sign a multimillion dollar contract smh go figure

      1. #HoesbeWINNIN’

        Chad was a abusive womanizer was she suppose to have a mourning period and not give love a chance…….Congratulatioms Ev’ good for you, it wasn’t a downgrade!

          1. And I think its laziness to instead of working hard to achieve wat they (groupies) want in life they prefer to attach dem selves to a man with lots of money so they can live as kept women

        1. Somebody man Met ooo u memba say Tammy did ago rush har cause she did a wine di woman husband this gal pussy no hab no principle maynnnnneee but anyway it inna dem blood ya man smh

          1. she n chad did a try and it never happen so how it happen so quick wid dis one..Evelyn is a mess :ngakak

          2. Big mess all twin she did a talk bout but any man with a decent bank account will do for ms Evelyn man
            N here I am thinking u reserve the privileges of parenthood for someone special

          3. fi real …but u can see Evelyn for who she is by where her mother lives..how u a wear di most expensive n u mother ina di projects?

          4. Hayyyyyyyyy same way so not even one 2 bedroom inna Connecticut so the Muma could jump pon di train go check har frens when she ready dem no impress mi a rawwwssssssseeeeee no sahhh

          5. Good morning Metty, fam :peluk :peluk … Yes Chuetty, Evelyn reserves parenthood for that special man with a 7+ figure bank account cause parenthood for her is the equivalent of child support in the long stretch. Metty, ah di sed ting meed seh when I saw where her mom n’ sis lives…how in Jesus’s name can you be ballin and yo mama living like that? What kind of a daughter are you to not even offer your mom a come up, much less be so proud as to visit your mom in the ghetto and chill as if ah summen good?

  2. Thnx Chuetty an Shani cause mi jus did go ax if a Chad breed har. Cause a doan watch dat show anymore from Evelyn jump on dat table fi fight di girl….Nopes . Mi gladcunu enlighten mi. Suh she an har gyna a play hopscotch around di place. Lol. A woulda say sumting but a doe waan senorita cum start AGAIN pan di wall….sooooo :siul :angel

  3. Dis ooman really love her sports. From basketball Antoine Walker, football Chad Johnson, and now rumour has it that she is pregnant for baseball Carl Crawford from the Dodgers. Evelyn is now an expert at playing the different ball games to getting the rich black athletes, and the money flowing. A hope this time around she get help wid her temper and tantrum problems, and most importantly, this second child will be born in a drama – free environment.

  4. Fi ar pussy she can increase ar mileage b/c I’m not giving her a ride. All I DO KNOW is that the men know her pedigree & still sign on. Di pums must be good b/c they’re all lining up. 21 age range btw Baby 1 & Baby 2 is not bad. I don’t think she did the in vitro like what’s being reported now. Either way that’s her child to raise. She’ll be pimping out pics to OK magazine or US weekly. She’s gonna use this baby to ger her $$$ so mi feel bad fi di pickney.

    1. on Sundays and Saturday this is how the site run its busy but not as much as during the week she has to slow the suss done dats wen MONDAY cums we are more hungry for..being that yuh deh yah long enuff yuh sud knw dis routine by nung nuh pree

  5. That why Chad should a buss up har rass. She is a whore she bankrupt Walker first that is why Chad should never go there in the first place the Spanish gal them no easy a rass.

  6. @MET…At one end of the self-loving spectrum is the charismatic No Pree with an excess of charm, whose trying to Enlighten you…Narcissism is a beautiful thing…Have a good night MET…

  7. Evelyn is a joke that witch could not wait to get her hooks in another man. She a bail in a every episode about missing Chad and gyal been move on until she catch a belly. What about the ring then the belly Ev??, you are a sure groupie..

  8. What boggles my brains to this day is why and how in the hell PETA find she from fe endorse them campaign? Why Evelyn??? :bingung

  9. hey metters, it’s now 2 in the morning here and i thought lemme browse the pink wall i’ve been a big fan of your site MET and i love it keep doing it girl love the interaction here you guys don’t ramp to give it to the sender them but mi loike it…anyhoo this lady Evelyn i like her but now ya’ll are making me see she really is a hoe, first off she got mad when that girl Kenya said she was ‘loose’ i think that it has just gone a year since she and Chad filed for divorce and i even forgot that she even told Tami that she was doing something with tami ex-husband whilst tami was still married to the man, i mean i really thought she was just gonna lay low and take time to find herself but each to their own maybe that’s her way of just keeping it moving and forgetting the bad experience she had with Chad.

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