1. “Love the tree” looks like all the other plastic ones In the dollar store to me!
    Lmfao she sounds illiterate .. Can’t even speak properly & what’s wrong with her hair !!!

  2. Ms. Met I just watched the video of Maya Angelous’s Tribute poem to Nelson Mandela “His Day is Done.” What a powerful video. Maya is such an inspiration.

    I beg yuh post that video up a top and keep it up there. What a great start to my morning….coffee and listening to Maya #Priceless!

  3. Morning Metty and d gang! No sah! What a piece ah frightenment! Marlene honey, “real Christmas trees” are not hard to b obtained. Prices beginning from $25 up…I buy one every year and I never spent more than $50 bucks for it. Please stop this nonsense. U look and sound ridiculous. I kaint with these Neva-si-come-si

          1. mi seh u waa see we a saw dung tree ina di cold den fi go wrap up den tie down…i dont know how people enjoy dat

      1. Metty, sed ting nayly happen tuh mi couple years ago. Pickney dem seh dem eeh wa one live tree cause it will feel more like Christmas and besides, it mek the house smell very piney n’ fresh. Suh one night mi decide fe leff eeh tree plug een fe Santa…mi claat!!! Mi start hear sinting ah pop loud. When mi git up guh look, the Christmas light ketch ah fire pa di tree cause nuh wata nay inna the tree bowl/ basin. One piece ah calamity da nite deh. From since den, not ah live nor ah dead Christmas tree inna mi yawd…imagine me fe guh bun dung mi good house nung ah haffe ah kotch kotch all bout from Metty yawd to Simplicity yawd to Chuetty yawd to London yawd to Servy yawd ( ah wholeap more) wid mi 2 good good pickney dem ah mi wholeap ah jing bang dem…

          1. I can look back at it and laugh now, but I damn sho wasn’t laughing that nite. Oh no ladies I was not in a laughing mood that night :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2

          1. I woulda sleep inna di dog shed ah leff roof roof outta door fe bark dung eeh front, side ah back door til yuh open eeh up ah let wi in ie si, yuh tink mi easy? All when him get tired fe bark me ah guh mek him rest him voice box ah tek ova di barkin. Yuh woulda surely let wi in then :hammer

        1. good ting yu neva mention my yard cause mi have a hard time saying no when pickney involved and mi house full already.

        2. Lol!!!!! No room in d inn!!!!!!!!lmao, I’m jus jokin yeppie……oonu cyan kotch inna d kawna, an clean up afta oonu self; remember how me leff d place, ah soh me want it . Mek sure u :matabelo pitney dem wash up ebry lass dish….me nuh waa c me sink full ah dish…..as soon az u git uself togedda, bounce! Me ah gee u 2 weeks, den u affi fine somewhere else fi ketch…any questions?

  4. good morning met ,metters,peepers nd others….

    yuh knw all me sit down ere suh a luk anuh de krismus chee mi c…is how the proportion a weh inna har body dont add up.

    (Simplicity soon sign inn)

  5. a wondah hef wen she get sik framm di bleachin n stuff-plastic badii dem a guh post it cazzen seh dem a real clownz :nohope:

  6. gm metty,, awww boi a di idiot claim sey hubby a video eno a pay video she and him video themself how dem guan the couch shulda hotta dan dat christmas tree buy and it afi video oh please wannabees head fava mad woman dun a twn ole clown

  7. Morning Met, and the happy bunch of Metters, what foolishness in the morning yere, uno si her body how it look like balloons on string, mi laugh so till, ketch di head, it fava when jancrow a loose feather, bout a wife’s work is never done, like everbaddie nuh do house work, dam frighten Friday :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :hoax2

  8. Good morning lovely ppl blessings
    Boy mi Neva see this ya Yuletide season tho if them shit dem post it very sad hello lady y u no just buy sometime pon ABC r mtv n meck di camera run all day poor unnu smh a which part she come from Haiti?????

  9. I dont know this lady, but I’m happy for her. Mi glad she a enjoy her life with her hubby and whatever accoutrements accompany it. Yes, a Christmas tree is no big deal to a lot of us, but to some people, being in a stable comfortable environment with a sense of security, and peace and love is a lifetime achievement. Nuff people dared not dream that dream once upon a time because they couldn’t even imagine that for themselves… sooooo. Congrats lady, I hope you grow richer in love and real life experiences


  11. people getting all deep over a plastic christmas tree that can be bought at your nearest convenient store! … MaRLENE NEED TO GO SIT HER UGLY ASS DOWN ! She ugly and hse stay bad no amount a money in this owrld will make her look good she and her sister look like frakenstein! she stop deh with LELA SIMONE YET? …. kmt this didnt need to be on video

      1. Oh kkkk u know mi Neva know how fi gauge her cause when she dress up n ting she no look like a earthling so mi did kinda confuse but she tawk ya now n mi see say is a older person

  12. I think she’s sounds real dumb & rough whenever she speaks but be fair now, there are pics of her daughter on her page! she even mention that they look alike

        1. oh jesus..mi maaaaaa mi not evn deh local but a same suh mi tink mi noe one bloggah ova yah…mad mad ppl :ngakak

        1. Arite Quena, Happy Holidays to you too mama. One love ya mi puertorican sista. Mek wi get along during the holiday seasons outta respect fe mama Metty ah the res ah family. Come January 1st mi wi resume tearing off piece ah yuh nose tip again :peluk

          1. Yes Quena, come Jan.1st, wi can start pop up Metty good good site again. Happy holidays ah bless up tuh you and your fam as well, nuh watch nutten :peluk

  13. I guess she’s finally happy she has a hubby/man for her self now since she so used to being a side chick. Marlene we all know your trifling history yuh was Hollywood side piece for many years until you worked your way up by being submissive to that cunt you have for a husband. Kay shoulda beat out yuh rass di day shi buck yuh by Hollywood house ah jump over the back yard :ngakak :ngakak you is a long time whore that’s why passion get rid ah you. Yuh walk wid your pussy pon yuh head top thank god Jesus decide fi give yuh DUTTY Hollywood cause unno is just alike freaks unleash Ewwww

    1. But Fashion, I was a side chick for 6 lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg years tuh…*true story*….ere dis now…..me and di man been known one anedda from 1998 but start date from 2002… When mi seh date mi mean the two ah wi have each other doorkey fe push ah come and go as we each please, all garage opener, mi bank account sawt the fuhkk out, family meet one anedda ( although granny did not approve of him cause she said him ah ole scaliwag), baby on the way….long story short…when mi seh me ah mi kids saaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwtttttttttt out…..mi mean life did sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt!!! Ah mi naah talk nuh hide ah fuhhhkkkk ting needa. Fe 6 years, no mention of wife missis…til one night me ah mi good good fiancĂ© guh tek een wa big dance. Next ting mi si di man ah gully creep up outta di club to backside suh mi start gully creep right backa him; him ah come tell mi bout no, stay ah meet mi outside in a few minutes ah di man tek weh himself before mi coulda inquire as to what was going down. Suh me inna the club ah wait fe few minutes til him call mi ana ask mi bout weh mi deh, suh mi leff ah gout side. Mrs. Fashion Police…when mi tek ah stock ah gout side guh ask di bwoy what that was all about…him tell mi seh him wife did een deh….you can all draw your conclusion as to how it went down after that :travel

  14. Yep!!! It’s a good thing not bad

    Observer nuh do mi suh men !! Lol

    Mi just a say she seem like somebody mi know very well DWL

  15. Original, mi seh the man ah fully creep up outta di club yuh woulda tink seh ah shot dem eena lick why hi. Run out suh faas. Wifey decide fe tek ah visit come up from Jamaica, and although they were married for papers, the fact still remained that he was married and never bothered to let me in on this lil secret. Nutten nuh inna the man house fe signify ah woman, much less ah wife…

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