Woman freed of cocaine charges
A woman on trial for cocaine-related offences walked free from the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday after Judge Vaughn Smith upheld a no-case submission by attorney-at-law Lynda Wright.

Shanique Ramson, 25, was arrested on February 14, 2013, at the Norman Manley International Airport after it was alleged that cocaine was found in her brassiere.

She was charged for possession, dealing and taking steps to export three-and-a-half pounds of cocaine.

Her trial, which began on March 15, came to an end on Wednesday after the arresting officer was cross-examined by Ramson’s attorney.

The arresting officer testified that Ramson arose suspicion and was searched. She said the cocaine was found in Ramson’s bra.

However, under cross-examination, the arresting officer said she saw the accused with security officers prior to searching her. She admitted she had not put this information in her statement.

Wright argued that the security officers could have been key witnesses and the arresting officer was neither credible nor reliable.

The no-case submission was upheld.

An elated Wright exited the court, telling THE WEEKEND STAR, “Nobody thought I could have won.”

She added, “My client is happy that justice has prevailed. It was a big headline and, three years later, no fanfare. My client is happy she had me. It just goes to show that if you put forward your case and do your job, the court will do what it has to do.”

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