0 thoughts on “EX TO EXODUS

  1. GM…SMH.. he took this bleaching to another level, he looks scary as hell. He must not love himself to do something like this…

          1. Good morning Met and don;t start with me bout if i want some..smh

            What to do with you? i love my beautiful dark skin that my heavenly father gracefully bless me with and my good good good good looks..lol

      1. NO,,, you interested in certain things to know what might be going on in the world out side of my regular realm.

        i like to have lottttttttttttts of information

        Met me wha know??? my freind gives on calling me to tell them if they man is on the DL or not? do you think i should tell them or bring them to the club to see themselves?

        1. bring dem mek dem see dat dem nuh se a lie and I said long time that you should share the info..u bop in and bop out like a soada pop :alay

          1. Met you wouldn;t bellieve so why ask for me to say so.
            you want this to turn into a soap opera? real life T.V

          2. met these dudes are so call dancehall stars that you have up on a daily basis
            just like your story where you didn’t expose the star , i figure you want it that way for all so call stars

          3. Met i want you to look at a video on utube and look at the DREAD on stage the DJ, now this is a BIG dj in toronto dancehall that usually have nuff to say, now i want to know what is he going to say now

            this is the name of the video

            “Toronto gay dance hall queens having a good time on stage”

  2. WTF!!!! all the se niggas can tun murderer n get wid it u kno MET cause me see d dude pon FB n kill me dead a so him look a him goood up good up colour boi was I wrong OMG!!!!

  3. Morning folks…….what is dis? Is it the same person? Remind mi of my croaking lizard, when them on mi wooden roof them dark, then they crawl unto mi white wall n try to blend with it. Now what is the person trying to blend with? he was a nice lookin yute before, now he looks like hot water scald off him skin. Smh…why???? I will never understand it

  4. The bleaching all shrink him nose…..no sirrrrrrrrr……fi him bleaching is to another level.
    Dem nuh fraid when dem tek the pill?? What if it is mess up dem liver? I guess dem health is secondary

  5. How could anyone look at this gayl and say that’s his natural skin,, SMH!!!
    The boy look like death and who his he bleaching for? if any woman like this or go for this will go for anything.

    kartel to another level and him not even a star that gets paid for being and idiot.

      1. So what he will do anything kartel does? dem ppl need some kind of help and they talking about other ppl need help,,whaa d assssss (in me gtrini accent)


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