I hope the person who told him where she was going to be is sleeping nice and easy this morning..How can you be so bold to commit such a crime in broad daylight?
Sender, thank you so much . I hope someone who can describe him will step forwad


  1. These criminals don’t care anymore. It’s becoming a trend to do these brazen attacks in broad daylight. Wherever they catch you that’s it. They don’t care about covering their faces, they do not value life, not even theirs. The person that did this most likely lives in a community nearby or has friends there.

    The physical wounds will heal, but the emotional trauma will remain for life. This woman can never feel safe in traffic ever again. Lord cover her kids, ship them out of this cesspool of a country.

    1. Like this shit doesn’t happen everywhere???? I’m sure u don’t see psychos doing mass shootings here. Jamaica is a wonderful country. Stay away from certain crowds and stack ur paper and you will be great.

      Most these shootings comes from the same people they are around. Mom always told me don’t mix n mingle and you will be fine and she was right! U can’t trust a soul but please DO NOT PUT THE BLAME ON JAMAICA.

      Prayers for this young lady and her family.

  2. Hmph! Such precise details of her location. Im not ruling out the husband at least not yet. More killing because of the failed attempt. Whoever paid those guys to carry out the attack will be paying someone elsr to get rid of them.

  3. Good Lord. How brazen!!!!

    Trust her reflexes made her duck down so not much if any head shots.

    Commercial dread? Hope it wasn’t a wig him wearing or him probably gone bald by now. Any man wid di heart to attempt fi murder a woman is a soulless buzzard

    1. One man stayed on the motorcycle parked across the street (which was the getawy vehicle) as the other person (the passenger) stood on the median and shot up the car, then went back to the motorcycle and rode off with the “getaway rider”. So the “passenger” did the shooting.

      1. In referring to the part that said people ran out trying to help the people in a car that was badly damaged …..sounds like more than one person in the car

  4. The husband is my number one suspect.Those guys were paid maybe millions to get the job done.Most killings are usually somebody close and rich people have the money plus the demonic lodge forces to pay to get rid of people.

  5. Well remember this when you all find out who did this there will be shock but no surprise. You know these men are hit men they do not care who or what is affected. They kill to survive m.

  6. Her life was set up, but God is greater than her adversaries. I read where people are justifying this act against her by saying she’s disrespectful. We are all or have been disrespectful, so does that mean our bodies should be riddled with bullets? This is a sick world we are living in.

  7. I dont think her husband did it nor had anything to do with it, her husband knows her Im sure. But the people who did it dont know her nor her family. The husband dont have to lift a finger but Im sure di whole a south on the case so im listening to hear who a guh down

  8. Bwoy mi nuh wah judge .. but u si dem head shot de a somadi close to ar … u u call Obara mek shi explain

  9. The that make the statement Jamaica cesspool of a country, what do u have to say about Chicago 66 shot and 12 fatal. Every country have their problems so we jamaican need to stop comparing our Island powerful western countries and pray for our Island,for all these demonic force that upon our people

  10. I was living in duhaney park and I am telling you Washington boulevard side go straight down mi use to fear for my life!
    I’m in taxi and bike man tell driver to pull over and search the car for a particular guy. Broad day light dem a look for people n no car could pass n not get search. A pure murderers down dem side. I hope she pulls through though.
    Is not any man out a Kingston only a town man from down that side weh know the corners n hiding spots to get away. Marverly, Patrick city, duhaney park, Waterhouse. People know a who. If Cory wants to know a one two that. Dem boy deh kill fi chicken feed so dem will inform fi a nice cookie

  11. ‘His face was clear as day, but I couldn’t see well’. OK then Goodie. My question is why did they wait at that particular location. How they knew that she would she would be caught in traffic there. If not the husband someone really close is behind this. New where she was at the time and also that her husband was off the island.

  12. They had to know she would be travelling and where she was and all that. Who was relaying the information to the shooters? There has to be at least 4-5 ppl in total in on this.

  13. U hear met bout the whole a south soon ova it, das why crime cant done. She may get the same fate as the man dat them shot up at spartan health club, again dem say business man when him was head of a gang, see 2 months after dem kill him clath. Met are u taboo accountant, can u trust urself met, no one can fully trust themself more over fi go swear fi people. Look yah man, a nuff people have secret lives even our own household, plenty of them have secrect lives, it is no random attack, she do somebody something, again shemara behaves like she bad and she untouchable because she know gun man n har husband know bad men. Nothing last nuh care how she bad, if she fuk wid the correct person she going to dovecot or meadowrest. To all who think dem bad n love treat people like garbage mek this be a learning.

    1. Yes mi a taboo accountant and u right mi shudden seh her family from south a go come defend it cause violence nah go done. The hit had nothing to do with her doing anybody anything but I know they gonna come out cause a so family stay and I wouldnt tell them not to. I speak on what I know I dont speak on what I dont know but u right

  14. I cant even trust my own dam self. On one hand, I was mad when Simone Colymore’s family didnt retaliate, now I am thinking if the family of this lady retaliate then war will never end.

  15. I hope we all realize how bias Met is LOL makes her sound so hideous and trying to defend her bias comments. Now I’ve been reading and someone said shemara use to fuck all dog LOL (no pussy manners in her past). Met respond to say so what! This is the same Met who sing on Yendi, Ishawna, RichRush, Kasi pussy track record even though she don’t see these people leading promiscuous lives. She will assume and chat off her mouth but defend her friend track record. You tear down the dancehall gyal dem but what a way your back broad fi defend shemara? Sound like a big ole foot bout she is like a daughter to me. It explains why you hate on young women. Move u dirty raaas u would a slaughter someone else and come up with all kinda theories as to why the person got shot.
    So how u know is not anything she did to anyone Mek dem shoot her? Are you her daily diary? I’m sure you are NOT! So sit and keep u backside quiet and take the dirt people are giving on her gracefully as you take it on everyone else. Bout she is like mi daughter, Taboo is 100% hers n all kinda shit Lol GO NYAM SHIT N STOP CHAT SHIT MET

    1. U did waa be my daughter toO…I cant take on anyone else and taboo is hers..Go open your own business…and yes mi leggo everybaddie file but ive always said GET YO MONEY…dont lie on me now

  16. My my the hate for Shemmy is so bad on here. Taboo is Shemara’s Corey gave it to her as a birthday present give her whats due to her she worjed hard for her business and we all know how some people inna Jamaica stay they think you owe them something to work instead of looking at the fact that they are working to pay their bills and provide for their family. I am sure when the bills need paying Shemmy cant tell JPS or water commission fi hold on. Business is business and people see the glory but dnt know the hard work behind close doors. Come on people some of unno on here must have a business and know what it is like to work with some people. I may not always agree with MET’s views but on this occasion I support her 100%. Unno a gwan like seh Met never done Shemmy too when she and the girl did fight a Taboo. Look how much time Met done Corey and Shemmy back in the days just like how she done nuff other people and when justice fi spilt she spilt it. Unno be fair and Unno fi stop it just because unno hate Shemmy and most of yall dnt know her in person. Please whether unno like or hate the girl she dont deserve for an attempted on her life. In fact no one on here deserves that so I beg unno if unno dnt have nothing positive on here to say please reserve unno opinions, because what happened to Shemmy was serious and it can happen to anyone else.

  17. Somebody who keep coming on here putting a while lot of dislikes under EVERY positive comment about shem,, seems to really hate her. Remember when yah dig hole , dig two you damn shithouse. This is a sick and heartless world we live in trust me.

    I pray tonight that this lady will get 100% better soon!

  18. Met, king mix up channel on YouTube use your screenshot in his video. I was wondering where he got his info.

    1. Not the first time he doing that but it will be well soon..I screenshot the post for that specific reason and watermark it

  19. Jackass sey di world nuh level and Jackass was right.

    Recently Met had a post about Chin, Kiprich’s baby mother and how she’start tek man early’. Based on the information she was about 14-15 at the time. Years later that transgression is still to be factored into everything she does/says. On the other hand you have Shemmy who is accused (and it has been proven) that she laid hands on her workers, hype and fuck like dog. The justification is, she was young. So if being young is the justification for Shemmy, why cant it be justification for the other young girls who have the same type of file?

    Therefore the action is not the issue, but instead it is the person who does it. So if two people have the same file we will crucify the one we dont like. When we like the person, we can look beyond the ‘youthful exuberance’.

    This is a serious matter and as such, the focus shouldnt be the person’s track record, but instead we have to look at this as the heinous crime it is. As the saying goes, todeh mi fi, tomarrow fi yu’. At this rate, no one is truly safe. Even when you stay out of people’s way, they will hate on you.

    1. Suh mi did a hate pan chin whey leave her baby mek kippo tek har? Uno a some sick people. Chin is also sick in the mind so mi not even a go venture pan dat subject

  20. mi nu care if she did bad or gud she is a woman. and as a woman I feel her pain. dem shoot up my baby father and kill him. he was not perfect but mi still hurt up to teday. so uno lowe MET mek she feel how she feel. and yes met defend u friend. cauzen say it ago be 6 years since my man dead and a war if mi hear somebody say shit bout MY DEAD MAN>>ookoor

  21. Met you are bias argument done! You rinse out people business and assume. You rinse sasco wife about her past and a lot of other educated women who seem to be living an amazing life. Woman it better u shut u raas

    *and the dislikes the person mentioned, I’ve tried liking a comment from met multiple times and it doesn’t stay when you refresh it. So one person can like as much as they desire but soon as you refresh u realize it doesn’t stay. So met a soul not torment it just shows people nuh rate u fuckry comment. Go dye the hair dem on u front n gweh ole gyal


      1. Mi nuh waa no liar rate me cause once u lie you shall indeed teef..And none a uno nah go tell me who fi defend or vouch for because I can only defend what I know . Yuh bring up chin and it was a lie, now u draw fi nicole and is a next set a lie. U tormented and lie doe tell no lie pan me because for sure I dont comment on Nicole’s posts because I really dont know anything much about her and mi nah go mek up lie like whey u all duh jus now. Yuh and di res cudda chaw iron and swallow nail..I care nawt.

    2. I strongly agree with you that met is bias. Met painting Shemar like a saint and she is STILL disrespectful and full of pride. Ppl blaming the husband but is coulda she do somebody something because the todd’s feel them untouchable.

      Met is your “daughter” so when she pulls through tell her to humble herself before God humble her.

      She almost lost her life and her daughters would have lost a mother.

      I wish her a speedy recovery. God bless

  22. Show me who over here don’t tell lie? I know for a fact I’m not lying NOW! You tear other bloodclaat women down! Better you become a thief Met because the amount of mess you cause in people’s lives from posting your fuckry!!!
    And you should really used allegedly because you don’t know any bloodclaat facts! Everything you post on some of these popular girls are hear say but you welcome it and act like u know it all! You don’t know a bloodclaat u just chat nuff and wicked!!! Nobody naaa talk bout rate u mi a talk bout liking a comment. Afta mi naa fi like someone fi like a comment. U fava and sound like a bloodclaat eeediat!!!

    1. You sound weak like the truth hit u hard..dont lie to get justification . If you have a reason to not want me to say what I know go make your own space on the www for that and say your piece…otherwise dont waste your time…although liars have a different watch

  23. And people remember in 2014 the man that people said shot Corey Todd was from Warehouse Ave Kingston 2, but Corey was shot all the way in Montego Bay on his Taboo compound enu.
    Maybe it’s the same man people dem get hold of his wife enu. People tek years fi catch dem target and killing his beloved wife that Met trying desperately to defend, would be a huge loss to Todd, mother of his children and business partner. So who knows maybe dem never want to kill Corey himself, dem want the wife to make him suffer.

    But all in all hope goodie pull through n beef up the security.

    *Mek wi c if Miss Met gonna Dig up mrs Todd past like she did with Simone own. No respect for the dead and check back your comments to see if you were respectful talking shit about her and her family.

  24. The way how this person a go hard fi discredit the girl who can’t even defend herself right now is very suspicious..this sound very personal like Aden set up har life, so tell wi wah shi duh yuh that was so bad that it warranted death nuh! Because none a weh yah bring up don’t mek it..

  25. U know ppl a wicked. I’ve had stories about me on this website and if mi wrong and mi email the website met will respond and always encouraged me fi change mi ways . Met it pain my heart to hear ppl justify a woman getting shot. Like come on man and if most of you look past unno hate fi shemara and read what met saying unno would see she not saying shemara right however she is saying she has grown and matured past her old ways.

  26. You claim you don’t know anything about Nicole and all. Why post shit and have them tearing down the woman? The woman has a family and does business and you obsessively post her till your readers began complaining! That’s how you are you post things without receipts and leave it for people to think it is true. Any day the majority know who you are you shall get a bloodclaat lawsuit or raaasing

    1. Nicole when dem did a post bout ur dirty draws elsewhere you had a case to sue. Don’t come here and think anything u say matters…please a beg

    2. Hi bye Nicole! Den! A suh u wudda want people seh u deserving of death?! U a guh hard on MET because she a take stance against the shooting?! Be it education or not Shemara plays a pivotol role into society! She operates a business that employs single mothers to make an income! Don’t come gwaan like u better Dan di woman! Cuz u a Teeeef and is not Sasco tek ur virginity! So if shemara tek more Dan one man and dat mek her a whore den u a one before u turn wife! Now! Wat most are saying is that, if she did someone in her past she ddnt deserved to get riddled with bullets! And is Shemara is a everything that’s bad and Met considered her as FRIEND?! Met have all right to defend her Friend! Nuff woman defend dem cheating husbands suh wah wrong if she defend the woman?! This woman almost lost her life to bloodclaat unu wickeeed hey me seh man UNU?! Reaction aguh tek sum aunu pickney later down esi man! The woman get shot up nobody shudn even member her pasts right now! Everybody should be all sending good wishes and prayers!

    3. I never yet hear Shamara calling her workers hoodrat and ghetto like you do Nicole. Why you come over here with your foolishness mad head gal? Nicole go grow some hair on your bald head so you can actually look like a woman. I am one of the people who DESPISE you Nicole and I wouldn’t want you to be physically harmed in any way shape or form.

      Also, I feel like Met even have a soft spot for you Nicole because a nuff tings get send in and nuff more things talk weh not on the blog, and it could have been.

      GO SYM cobweb front chicken head bitch and and go watch your man stale cocky. The helper said you smell funky and raw, is what, your husband bringing home crabblehouse come give you?

      1. Of course mi feel bad more time…………..so more time mi daven comment cause di way di people dem run in and use the strap. But the devil dont have a knife or a gun, he uses his powers of deception and looking at the ig she dont seem like a bad person per say

  27. Morning wall… I don’t think met bias, but I honestly believe she need to better wordings sometimes but at the end of the day she not perfect!!

  28. Watch unu kissassers! No one said the woman deserved what she got! People saying what they ‘know’ n met a vomit up herself like seh ppl nuh fi talk. She welcome shit on everyone else so what’s different about this one? After it wasn’t a random or stray shot catch her. She was targeted and this is a gossip site where everyone come and talk what dem ‘hear’ so why weh ppl hear about her not welcomed. A wha so. Move unu raaas

  29. But wait deh….
    How the eye witness leave out the fact that it was a shoot out.
    Shemara was Trading shots and had not one but two firearms in her vehicle at the time.

    1. Woieee!!! Dis sweet. Nice twist. Put it on back pon dem yes!! Reeeal gyal. Hope at least one of dem nursing gunshot wounds in some rathole

  30. I know bias and met is no





  31. I think the basis of the site is mix up an hearsay. Obviously other type a things are welcome like real news and condolences etc. But don’t knock anyone for posting mix up under any topic on a mix up site. If shemara was my family I would not bevel reading anything here

  32. HHHmmmmmm, so it move from the woman past to Nicole? I see why u a grind the axe so hard. If a so u feel and u say it, no problem but this diatribe means it hit home personally. Met wah mek u step pon the ppl dem toe and tun inna refine cornmeal?

    Mi personally send Shem up unda ar madda one night a Bay bcuz a fuckery and mi still cant say she deserve it. Mi nuh like ar but mi naah put it pon mi head but Anon a go hard though. And if a Nicole you ago reference dont dweet bcuz if u go check back the post dem Met call a spade a spade and never wish nutten against her. In fact Met do her a big favor by not posting all the shit pon her. Nicole, is just as bitchy if not more than Shem as I have seen and heard for myself how she refers to “common folks”. Nuh twist the thing, state u claim and done we naah fight u fi dat.

  33. Sorry, me can’t support a woman who use other broken women to make money. And heard that she is a modern day slaver, beating the girls in her clubs.

    Hope she recover & mend her ways if that’s so though

  34. NICOLE NICOLE!! You always try to interject yourself in things that don’t concern you!! The lady get shot up. And you come over here a try justify your whoring self!! Yu just badmind shemmy fi life shi live,all when the woman go a death doors and come yu still fucking badmind! A should a you get shot and not shemmy yu wicked evil dutty rass bitch!! A neva see a bitch hateful and bitter like you! Go learn fi wash yu dutty stiff draws dem. Why yu don’t go sue deardream fi put your business out there??? Everyday yu over yah with yu nuff self!! Mi 8,9 and 10 yu fake dutty bloodclawt yu!!

  35. @nikkigoodaz you’re absolutely correct and den she over here a post bout she spiritual lol and supporting people who sell front n help people sell it

    1. Spiritual is a state of consciousness it has nothing to do with being holy or even righteous but u wouldnt know this as u have your axe to grind. Do leave before u annoy me further

      1. How come this almost case of homicide have so many you coming for Met?

        A no Met unu fi vex with is UNU MEN THAT have you all feeling less than because they are patrons of this girl establishments.

        I can’t stand the husband, so I’ve refrained from going commenting but you hoes a pitch bout yah like Met can’t be a “blogger” pon her oen site and send her peeps well wishes!

        I wonder how the Elf reach all the way in this?

        A could a one church the girl a run many of you would have come for her said way…envy is a sin 😀 😀

  36. Someone said Nicole badmind shemmy lol for what exactly? Corey Todd? The club? The clothes she wears? What? Laugh out loud no sah

  37. Shemmy man nuh stop give her bun lol and we all know this. Mek Met give unu the low down. Who get bun like her

  38. Met I firmly believe GREED is a helllever thing that can change anyone into your enemy…. the way how that shooting set up I believe it’s one of two things
    1. The husband want to get rid of her because of the wealth the business is accumulating and as I said ‘greed’ maybe taking him over and he wants to get out and get everything
    Or 2. The same people who first shot up the husband came for her because “if u can’t catch quako u catch him shut”.
    Something else fresh maybe coming from a different angle but it’s very close that’s why I keep NO FRIENDS.

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