7 thoughts on “EYE

  1. Chop up body a di in ting!! Lol. Why lady why, with all those eyes on you and non could tell you that you don’t look good. I think all those eyes have cataracts and need fixing like your body.

  2. You know I was wondering y Amy never reach on here yet, any way Amy mi na go hard pon you. I met you u r a nice person, sometimes we just choose the wrong fashion. U alright a like u. Yardyforlife big up u self u and your beautiful families! Yardythug big up u self u, and your families! Yawdy mi change mi tune with Amy a like har, her self esteem high!

  3. Someone needs to really tell dem it don’t look good.certain things we have to leave to the young girls with the nice bodys. COVER UP YOUR BODY, yuh 2 brave and that goes for the rest of u. These Big women who wants to be girls of a certain age

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