This gal bill fake page putting up the people them good good kids them on it she not even sleeping on a good bed (Julene Mahalia). You must put up on Facebook say you an your man is not living no life the Two of you live the worst into track Julene you sick me if the so-called baby father need an cup of water is in the dirty bathroom you go ketch it give him to drink. Julene go check you life before you put up anyone. First Julene you an your sister-in -law is living the worst into track is them you must put up all the road she is blocking with the guy him still run left her with the baby . Look how the boy deal with you like dog shit he is not even nobody for a 20 how much girl sit down let him sh*t on you Julene. Is all these things you must put up an tell the people them that not even one two burner stove the boy cannot buy you the bed that you sleeping on all dog Fu*k on it .Talk about these things Julene talk about the candle them that you have burning around your mother you must not put up nobody because your life need alot of fixing. You an your in-law that the boy from grands pen fu*k an duck bout you are putting up the people them good good kids. Put up your step daughter because is the father let you can do it you put up the mother more the once then you an the sister sister sit an laugh about it that is y I don’t know why we woman don’t think before we mix because all those man woman must not f**k him not even look good with him big mouth full of white around the corner them go an talk about these stuff

Just 25 years old big carless gal you use to put up the mother an other people around the place now is the little girl an other kids you gone to now go put up yourself an your sister-in -law with the ugly baby think people don’t know is you doing it I can remember the days when you an your sister in-law put up the mother here the Sister in-law the put such an such on Pinkwall when she know is the two of them do it

4 thoughts on “FACEBOOK PUTTING UP

  1. Muma stop the cussing an ask Ranea them they know about it that was them plan to make there fake page an then put Julienne on pinkwall them can tell you is who do don’t like what is going at all renea them can tell is who do

  2. Don’t like what is going on how the girl baby reach into it my girl you know yourself because you say you was going to do it you should not call the girl name an her baby because I know the woman cannot stand a bone in that gal me an you is friend but you wrong fi the woman ever know say is you you just death

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