Tashy Bashy Thompson

All u a chat yu man still dnt want yu and always ago f**k pon yu dog shit yu pu**y done out you have a big pu((y problem n never see a insecure like u and the other cow foot fat gal ago always fat and always walk and f**k tod , dick & Harry , weh unno a chat bout mi unno affi come bigger n better my life is an open book no secret here no gal can’t style mi who knows me knows I will war with any gal are man the one bag a phone thing mi nuh dem Pon … MI READ FI ANY WAR CAUSE IT LOOK LIKE MY LIFE A KILL UNNO ,WHY U MAD THO HAHAHAHA

Tashy Bashy Thompson

September 25 via mobile

Don’t throw stones if you live inna glass house , bitches be quick to drag ur name true mud to ppl , than look inside there own infected life …you can never break are bring this girl here down , yu life dutty dutty up …

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Forevershakira MsHoney #HATERS..

September 25 at 4:01pm · Like · 1

Paulette Trendy A who trouble u now Niecy lol

September 25 at 4:48pm via mobile · Like · 1

Tashy Bashy Thompson Not a soul can trouble me anything them start me finishPaulette Trendy

September 25 at 6:26pm via mobile · Like

Paulette Trendy YU seet

September 25 at 6:27pm via mobile · Like · 1

Tashy Bashy Thompson Lol yup

18 thoughts on “FACEBOOK RUMBLE 1

    1. Mornin SMH, “throwing words”, exactly. I doe get it!
      If u want to get a message across to anada, u FB or IG dem widdout actually having any eye-to-eye contact with that person
      Then, when u do meet up, publicly, nobaddie nuh av nuttin fi say.
      What I hav learned, is that, its better not to respond at all, just ignore all attempts to get too :bola :bola :salahkamar u!
      Simply act az if that person is non-existent; that hurts more!!

  1. Morning JMG, met, kmg crew, peepers, bloggers n all.
    Somebody piss-off tash; dem a style r! This however begs the question, with who tho? :dp

  2. Tashy please stop it you delete the girl off your page then you write why you didnt answer her text because its clear she cant see what you writing tashy , me friend never insecure when you did hear say your man a f**k you did mad and call the gal phone dont a the same thing she do so that cant be insecurity or else address your self first tashy because you no better , my friend and her man together for years and thats just him, a dog that love to rome but him never leave her so stop it tashy talk bout how she tell you how you dont get anything out a your relationship and you confirmto your ffriend the same cow foot say a tru she a talk , the man no want me friend but him a call her down say him want to come home , that dont seem like somebody who dont want to come home to me , you and your dutty man need to come out a the people them life and focus on your broke relationship with your married man and all the other man them that you f**king with on him tashy

  3. It’s a never ending story tashie just do haar thing she dnt f**k with ppl somebody affi really f**k with haar fr her to go there so wat everybody throw word Pon fb and ig all unno to that’s commenting , oh plz I dnt know her but from wat I see she is a nice person she just dnt talk up to ppl unno need need fi get a life a come off a da gal , unno act like unno live a da woman yard fi know haar story smfh

  4. Yes miss anonymous my Fren dnt have to asnswer no aunno I hope ur one of the Fren that boom is f**king too cause him f**k yu Fren and all her Fren them too that’s including 3 some , when tashie did a done yu Fren ur Fren deleted haar off her page a one thingi know bout Tashy she dnt beg Fren from no girl when Tashy and u Fren did a cuse Pon the fone and tashie tell haar seh she and haar is no Fren them only link cause da dem Man unno move unno bloodclat a weh cause nuh a unno can’t beat haar mi know that fi a fact , yu story lame like yu self , u a one a da Fren them weh call and a beg haar man fi come home and how much she love him and miss him , haar man walk and f**k like dog she affi bloodclat insecure and have a pu**y problem she should shame cause every gal him tek she find out bout and she lay back down with him , Tracy champion , Candice posh weh him f*8k inna haar batty cause she talk it and monfia and etc etc yu Fren man a mad haar yu nuh see yu Fren need a bloodclat life and some Fren cause she gi the whole a unno to haar man , mi Fren well comfortable with haar relationship why u mad b*tch come off a haar a hope u have a relationship fi talk all unno a talk anything a anything tashie nuh affi war wi unno cause me will f**k unno up 1 by 1 unno fi member seh most a unno dnt have a status in America so reframe unno self , not even marry haar man want Marty haar fi give haar papers is a next man her haar Marry , anybody can be bloodclat babymother tashie never give no body to yu Fren man why unno nuh f**k unno man the right way and hole him home , wat is to get out of a relationship Tashy deh wi haar man long bloodclat time anything she want by means she can have martials Things dnt mean shit so come correct slut box gal and and come offa mi bloodclat Fren u and yu f**k out idiot Fren weh need fi find the Brooklyn bridge and jump off

  5. Problemmmmm crossesssssssssss trashy. Lashy one little old woman wey love tek people man one little f**kie box a she why Cecile taxies did lock up pop she a f**k the woman man .

    1. You always a come and a comment pon everybody life how you know so much bitch mi ignorant fi yuh from long time Sharon ride go a fight with a dictionary or sleep wid it on yuh head go pick up a book and learn fi read and write and spell how you help yuh kids wid dem home work ole dunce before you continue a study people life go study a GED program dumb ass.

  6. Sharon the whole world know bout pops deh gal never deh with the fat man da man like off da gal everybody weh have sense know that , come with something better every time Tashy name come up unno call stay bad pops name get a f**king life Sharon a jealous yu much jealous a da gal and wah Fren haar fi move yu bloodclat man that’s not even the topic go hide and run weh man cho

  7. insecure (Edited) you is a married woman all so all you do is walk and call all the woman then you man f**k and make trouble when him did a f**k all you friends you did nothing no because him dont want you you a walk and talk you shit tashy man ever want her you is a bloodclot idiot talk bout the man you a f**k with him nasty boby nickeisha go learn fi clean u house and cook fi yuh man him a fi eat a road bitch understand yuh self you did sit down and watch u man a f**k yuh friend in a her ass u need to stop u life dirty you and you ugly sister nu man nu want her a man nu stop f**k pon her i hope yu ugly sister remember she still on probation unno love start war i hope you can finish it pu**y hole bitch unno need to control onno man nickeisha yu man a mad yu u a get crazy over him f***ing loser bitches yu ignorant and miserable go find a life

  8. tired body nickeisha decosta you cant talk bout ppl and u man you give ur friends to him you a the one that sit dowm and watch hih f**k ur same freind in a her ass and you love it so member ur dirty deeds u miserable u and u ugly that why her man a f**k pon her like dog she still on probation and a f**k with ppl bitch yu should ask ur self why him f**k so hard on u antagonizing bitch nikki you should a give up long time cause it not know him a f**k pon u from day 1and you need to stop act righteous cause u f**k pon the man also dont let mi talk up the things them that why me and u dont deal any more yu too mixup lie and love to start trouble that why the man tried a yu leave tashy and her man tashy man want her and him give her respect mixup nikki go learn to clean yu house and cook nastness yu jealous cause yu relationship u miserable bitch the man must glad him dont have to deal with u mixup ass the time u take to f**k with ppl u need to worry about ur own shit done pussy nikki

  9. Trashy Bashy is a dancehall reject . She f**k everything that moves in dancehall poor Chris. Why she on pink wall trying to bash some decent girl that she has to hide behind computer and talk shit. I bet she can’t see the girl and try start nothing. Trashy Bashy always get beaten in clubs and party she is a beaten stick.

  10. miss stinking bitch FB if thats what you call ur self why are you hiding behind the computer to make your statement obviously you are the reject that no one wants. don’t put the woman man name in your shit.. i,m sorry for ur man cause all now you still a f**k on him, beaten stick LOL you really don’t know what you are talking bitch go get a life tashy is a one woman team she don,t need any one to do her work so step up your play bitch and come with something new bum ass no life trash suck pussy bitch if she don,t shit not one of y’all can eat so keeping on eating bitches cause she is not going to stop shiting, and if you batty face bitch feel like you want start don,t hide behind ur comput

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