Gnight pinky pls hmid. I’m just shedding some light that family ain’t sh%t ,so I’m a family member of the Tucker’s & let’s just say I know what it’s like to go through it all .My mother didn’t have anywhere to stay & she sought refuge at her sisters house “my aunt” & it’s a two bedroom house along with bathroom,kitchen & veranda. My cousin slept by herself & my aunt did the same . Would you believe me if I said me ,my mother & sister had to sleep on the floor ? She never invited my mother to sleep with her or even tell our cousin to let us sleep on the bed with her .When it came on to food she would only cook for her & my cousin ,my mother had to walk with us every evening to beg people dinner . Most times when we get food it’s just two dumplings & “salt ting” & my mother would just give my sister & I the two dumplings to eat & she do w/out 1 night when we came back from looking food my aunt locked out us ,we called them that night til wi tired & she ignored usSo we had to just leave & my mother walked with us until she went to a friends house & the same scenario hit us there again but to me it was better because she gave us a bed bottom & we use card board to place on the top . Life there was hell because they treated us badly ,the whole point of this is to say that half of our family member live overseas & they know about our situation. My mother asked for help countless times & no one helped.  Until my sister & I got molested countless times . When I saw my cousins going around getting help I cried tears of joy for them and now all of a sudden “our claim to be” families want to pretend they didn’t know about their situation just because they feel sh%*ty to know complete strangers are helping out. All they do when you message them for help overseas is send you some long ass prayers or when u call they promise to call back but u could a look til thy kingdom come❗️I’m just writing this to say families should be there for each other


  1. This is a sad story. Can you mother reach out to some of the charities and foundations that help those in need? Help is sometimes in places you don’t expect it.

    I am so sorry to hear about the molestations. I do not know your age, but there is counselling you can receive at no cost to you. I wish you had dropped an account number or something so ppl can donate to you. Please have a forgiving heart too, it is very hard for ppl all over right now. Prices are going up on everything, some ppl honestly don’t have it to give and surviving on the bare minimum. With the possibility of a global conflict folks are being cautious with the little they have. Please stay prayerful and hopeful.

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