Suicide suspected but residents insist otherwise after man found hanging

The remains of a sheet left tied to a beam in the ceiling when Marciano Trail was cut down after he was found hanging in his home on Friday. (Photos: Naphtali Junior)

RESIDENTS of Morgan Lane in Grants Pen, St Andrew, are crying foul after a 27-year-old man allegedly hanged himself in his house on Friday while his babymother and child slept.

The deceased, who would have been celebrating his 28th birthday on Saturday, has been identified as Marciano “Dada” Trail, a construction worker of Top Banks, off Elliot Avenue in Acadia, St Andrew.

His babymother reportedly found him hanging by a sheet from the ceiling of their home sometime after 1:00 am Friday.

According to residents from Morgan Lane, the community where Trail’s mother resides, Trail’s babymother told them on Thursday night that she was at home with him when he got a phone call and his “features changed”. The residents said she recounted that she went to sleep shortly afterwards and later awoke and found him hanging from a makeshift noose.

A suicide note was reportedly found at the scene, in which it is alleged that Trail complained that no one loved him and that people should not cry for him as he is now with the angels. It is also alleged that the note says he should have committed suicide 10 years ago. The note also reportedly says that all his furniture should go to his child.

Based on reports from Morgan Lane residents and those who live in Top Banks, prior to Trail’s unfortunate demise he had been attacked by an ex-convict and was asked to end the relationship with his babymother. That alleged attack occurred a month ago. The residents said Trail was also being teased by people that his nearly two-year-old child was not his.

When the Jamaica Observer visited Trail’s mother on Friday, incensed residents said they are not convinced that he committed suicide, especially since his tongue was reportedly not hanging from his head when he was found.

“A nuh the youth kill himself; him nuh have no reason fi do that,” one man said. “Dada love him son! How him love him, him nah kill himself.”

“Him have a baby weh him always a talk bout, him do everything for dis baby — so that is the part I am having a problem with. Why him woulda do this and don’t see him thrive?” another man said to approval from others, who all said, based on his love for his child, they did not think he would have killed himself and left his child behind, since he was the sole breadwinner.

Trail’s mother, Jacqueline Williams also insisted that her son did not kill himself.

“Bwoy, me nuh believe that. Him always a work, him nuh siddung — him all sweep road,” she said. “Him jovial. everybody like him, even him boss. A Sunday him and dem eat dinner and dem cyah believe, ’cause dem say him a fi dem pickney and if him have any problem him woulda tell dem.”

She also denied that he had written the alleged suicide note, claiming that it was not his handwriting.

Trail’s stepfather Albert Morrison, who was still in shock like many others in the community, said his stepson was a hard-working youth who was always doing different things to generate funds, including selling popcorn, coconut, and clothes. He said, too, that his death looked suspicious.

“A man who a hang himself do it when no one is around. If someone is around, dem go inna the woods,” he said.

Morrison continued: “A lot of people saying foul play but I say leave it to the police. I am not here to accuse anyone; I wasn’t there.”

But while Morgan Lane residents are crying foul, Elliot Road residents do not share their view about Trail’s death.

“The man do that on him own. Mi feel a him — a nuh nuh foul play,” one woman said.

A man, who was also convinced that it was suicide, said: “Afta him nah suffer, him a live better off than me. That man always a work; me cyah sorry fi him.”

Another member of the community, who said many were very surprised as Trail was like a “working machine” and had a good relationship with all, said although they had a good relationship, Trail did not share his problems with people so no one would have known what he was going through.

In the meantime, commanding officer for St Andrew North Police Division, Superintendent Glenford Miller yesterday confirmed that Trail’s death is being considered as a case of suspected suicide.

He said, too, that so far, investigations have not indicated that there was any foul play, but the autopsy will tell if foul play was involved.


  1. Rest In Peace . Sad.
    So many are burdened by problems.;
    I hope this matter is resolved. Whether suicide or murder, still so so tragic

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