2013 biggest man hoe ….met this guy from brookyn tries to talk to any thing that has a pums between its leg wether young old, big small n tells them he single so woman can mind him so he can go out n look more girls. idk whats wrong with these men these days


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  1. Him a straight mix up bout two days ago him have this boy from bronx 3 gal a cuss and bae mix up. Him a f**k two a the gal dem the boy baby mother and the dj a tink him and the third one come from the sed place. One rompous yuh see the baby mother and the dj galaang when me do mi research the boy a 21 the dj almost 30 the baby mother just turn 21 the next gyal a 24. Boy still live wid him mumma deh pon child support look like a real straggler. The baby mother have a pickney weh flossin king from bx nuh stop deny him not even look her way wid the chile
    The dj miserable cause the next gal a breed so she alone a guh childless.
    One bunch a no ambition classless bitches.

  2. Senda…….ano everything glitter a gold……all di wile unno blame man…sometime uno fi cut uno eye affa some man an tap gi dem uno numba so uno don’t ave di issue of worklessness n carelessness n mixup to deal wid…unno fi tap sen een ppl pic wey no inna unno cocky battle..

  3. Ricka flawless everybody know a u send in this u vex because the dj yute nuh want u so u go start war wid the two other girl dem so stop draw kid inna it and talk bout the bbm message dem weh u send him wen put up the video on ig that’s why him put u on blast u is the trouble maker

  4. Althea wow send this in di bwoy f**k are and leave her. Wow yuh hurt all young bwoy disown yuh. Him Dunn wow bad. Wow yuh start clean yuh dutty house?

    1. @Anon whey yuh sey Althea ‘old foot’ Wow :mewek
      Den him nuh old enough to be her son??? IF a true some a dem dancehall teteh must retire. Nuh whey day shi a war ova a next man?? Yuh know what as a matter of fact mi nuh believe dat one dere.. :hoax2

    2. Lol its her this time around she not that brave, I saw some arguement on is ig the other day with some girls he put up a video of his friend this girl fr bx pick it up on her and say a she dem a throw word on and bbm the yute a question him bout it which the yute tell her she have no rite to question him about is ig she keep going and going the yute get fed up and put it on his ig asking how mi put a video wid mi friend and this girl wyaa start trouble wid me that’s wen all hell bruk loose the girl inna the video comment and a dj comment then the girl weh start it comment and one big back and forth ting and the yute delete it but but she didn’t stop she start bbm back the yute looking for trouble then she go has get a dj yute a bx weh she a war over arrested I don’t really know the names of these girls

    3. fuss a ricka now a wow unnuh fi stop call up ppl name caw unnuh caw see chue di screen suh tapp e…tap blame ppl innocently

      1. For sure its ricka also the first comment on here it’s also she claim she have 2 degree but she fool u f**k , just mi its not wow wen it comes to famous she stay inna her lane !!!!

  5. 10:29 im not ricka flawless the boy more than want the gyal ive seen them together on several occassions and ricka take good care of the boy him family and kids pay up him child support for him and a nuh she same one save him from go rikers? unu deh pon the gal and she naw pay unu no mind.
    the boy famous is a batty boy fi put up the chat why him nuh tell unu him tell ricka nuh fi fraid a sheika?
    me nuh wrong her fi ask if a she them a chat bout him beg her fi her pin him follow her so why play hypocrite? the whole a unu put together doh mek bloodclawt one if ricka did wah send in sumn im sure she would a put up that story cause a regular she bleach burn and put out Justo so wah the hype bout him go back doh?

  6. Ricka flawless u not really smart the more u comment the more u gi weh u self so just be a good hospital and admit it u get the yute arrested because him nuh want you and him baby mother him want up and a that a hurt u so u go friend all hers friends on ig and start trouble because u a look attention so it don’t mek sense u come on here making up stories u up all 2 inna the morning a text ppl how u ago get the yute arrested go over the yute mother yard a talk shit why u nuh be a lady about the situation and talk the truth and stop mix up other ppl inna it cause the reason why u send in this is because u want the baby mother and the dj girl fi come give u attention

  7. So senda wah wrong if the man say more pussy to him cocky why u mad mi a guess him never give u the time a day smh famous or wah u wyaa name just use u condom and f**k as much as u can wen u dweet ppl get upset lol like seriously wah u a watch the cocky fah u nuh have a life !!!!

  8. I happen to be Ricka’s friend she is at work I messaged her about being on here.
    FYI bx justice she doesn’t care both her and justo know why he got arrested and didn’t she save him from rikers? She pay his child support to right? Justo baby mother doh hav dry shit inna her ass hence flossing king and justo both don’t stop f**k pon her and naw look her way? She feed his kids too right and his family. For somebody he don’t want they share joint accounts she knows down to his social and his family when man don’t want woman them f**k and cut.
    Anyway Ricka said she don’t know famous from a hole in the wall and don’t care who he wants to f**k she said both the baby mother and the dj know where she lives she was driving in and driving the dj car so any problems they know where to find her. What she wants she’s gonna get legally so justo will be arrested again cause she not contacting anybody government will do it for her.

    1. Ricka really now u a say a u friend lol like seriously why u a hide u u just love the attention right now u get it where want it but why u send in the yute pic ? Why u never target ur so call matey dem? Down to justo say u always put ppl on here all ur so call friends say its u so why u a deny it just leave out the yute out ur mix up that because him and sheika and the dj a friend u ago put him inna it and for the record justo say u never do nothing for his kid so stop trying to look big the man say him f**k u either u just bad because him inlove with sheika and u find out him deh wid the dj girl so u nuh inna interest

  9. Jessica that’s you hey girl? Or sheka is that you why the f**k the two a you nuh guh suck justo dick weh him love put inna batty? Justo weh don’t even have a decent pair a shoes unu a argue over really and truly a this farin gone to? Come off a the gyal name. She do enough fi help him child support diaper wipes food clothes shoes brief phone bill rent unu should a glad somebody help him inna time of need sas crise unu is a miserable set .

  10. I personally know famous kid he is a straight up person and him ago talk him and don’t care if it offend u and the flip side nice person to be around full of vybz loyal and his a yute u can trust if u nuh violate or try to be a hypocrite towards him then u won’t see is bad side I know him years now I know wat he will and will not do..!!!!! Senda try off a somebody else

  11. When justo got put out of Ricka apartment when she find condom wrapper inna him pocket why that happen again? Didn’t she post the garbage bag she pack him up in on instagram plus this long ass convo with he baby mother weh the baby mother a say justo is a dead beat and him full a std?
    Justo the day when You rickà and your daughter Jayda was at stop and shop buying baby diapers wipes baby body wash baby food etc who was it for?
    When the baby mother move from ct and justo suppose to have the pickney who did you go to for money to buy things for him Ricka right. Who buy food for your mom to cook Ricka right? Justo is this why you always a cuss Ricka bout talking to her friends? Yea she told us everything. Your baby mother call her ATM right.
    The child support for Jamal Ricka pay it right .justo how much taxi fare Ricka pay for u? How much clothes you get? How much money you borrow till you their the girl money off her dresser. Yea we talk bout it all . Justo talk bout her pregnancy and the fact that you both have a child on the way yes that’s right it wasn’t aborted she told you that because she don’t want you around her child when he arrives on this earth you will just have another child support to pay. Justo tell the people the truth .

  12. Mi wonder if a me alone see it the post was a about famous being hoe but its quite clear its about justo,him baby mother, the dj girl and ricka flawless and reading the comments it look like it ricka send in the post and come change the topic to justo but my question to u ricka why u never send in justo pic or him baby mother ? Why u a mix up other ppl inna ting fah? Why? @met u fi put some a dem ppl yah on blast wen dem a try mix up innocent ppl

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