0 thoughts on “FANTASIA MARRIED?

  1. Too soon. This man gwine suck alll di last read cent weh she have now. Why can’t these females with low self esteem learn. What was the rush to marry him? what Asset did he bring to the table? never heard of him until she start advertise him. manwhores always attract lost hurt girls.

  2. Not one asset more of a liability, bwoy rapp sheet longer than Brooklyn bridge. But!!! I’m all for second chances or third, she seem yo br positive and in tune with self these days. Whatever makes this world turns

  3. Di young man have long rap sheet but him hab him likkle biniz. Me married to my husband 10 months aftah wi meet and still going strong 8 yrs latah,no rap sheets round here though. Sometimes it work out, sometimes not. Hope she finally find the true love and happiness she deserves. Fantasia is a fightah if nothing else and mi respect that bout har, she nuh gi up and is somewhat of a hopeless romantic lakka miself….did bun mi wid di married man thing, but dese men nowadays lie lakkah wah. If u married fanny wish u all di best. But a hope u hab all a u things set up suh im can’t tooks it, if that is him intention.

    1. Tinan, and that’s what mi rate bout ar…she is a trooper fa real and she has a great voice…love listening to her sing cause she puts her own spin tuh it…

      1. BTW Yeppie & Yawdie ooo, Fannie look happy, unu nuh see wah di man look like him hab a wuk wid innah im pants?..Look like him can’t wait fi reach di bedroom eiderrrr…lol.
        Bwaay dis dirty mind of mine gets the best of me sometimes.

      1. Thanks Yardie. We have our ups and downs but at the end of every day I am a happy and one lucky girl, and can truly say that I am blessed. God innah it all day everyday, suh can’t ask fi more.
        I have kissed a couple a frogs and even kissed the same one twice b4 my hubby, such mi kindah understand Fannie and really wish har all di best.
        Funny but a true, mi and di rap sheet tings nuh plant peas a road side. Not all a dem bad but mi nuh hab di headspace fi deh worry bout dah. Dwl.

  4. A the jail house man dis? She look nice tho…. she a read good yah now man….. hopefully him nuh badda hurt har

  5. Shi like dem light skinned. I wish her all the best, nutten to impossible it could work out. Praying for Tasia and Zion.

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