Cassie the other day u go foreign, before u get a likkle work and buy some good clothes come dung with, is like yuh guh tek a course in photoshop and yuh still fail.



  1. That’s why unnu dunkirk people can’t get no visa no matter how much time unnu go embassy cause badmind stick pon unnu forehead and can’t move. Unnu badmind so till unnu hate unnu self. Never see a set a people me hate so yet. What happen to congrats kasion you take the plane?? You see unnu.. Unnu will never prosper. Go through Kasion atleast you travelling and when unnu come fi class please put unnu name so I can gladly class back!! First set a people me see heart duty so a weh clean heart do unnu !!

  2. Unu to blood clate nuf n a can bet unu nuh eat ntn good frm morning but unu ave time fi put up ppl pin pink wall mi visa a bather unu Dwl u need a dip a sea n some coco nut water wash off yuh duty heart me neva know me important so Dwl …. Ouija nuh ave it make it a dat mi say so Wat!!!

  3. A Wah do some he she neva need fi go work a nuh me mek a boy batty fail them come suck out mi goodpussy weh get me a plan ticket feed me and taking about clothes a three blood Clate barrel mi name den pon nuh need no work mi want box yuh wid mi passport …. A baaay a nuh dat talk Wah u fi tlk nuh …. Good pussycat tlk fi itself

  4. Unu big and bad put unu name nuh like how me put up mine mek get fi tell unu the real things them cause frm yuh go weh u Neva tek a plane come back ere yet Wah happen to it bottom u ave time a pick up mi argument when last yuh take a h I v test u Likkle batty rite off like a car

  5. Unu grand mother and mother renk and want fi bathe long time she nuh bathe dat unu fi put up

  6. Unu grand mother and mother renk and want fi bathe long time she nuh bathe dat unu fi put up man….

  7. Sender try again plz mi nuh get ur point try again and nex time nuh screen shot mi pick save it then send it … And thank for putting g me here MONKEY & FISH.

  8. Unu put up ppl and naa tlk Kmt … A want fi hole u n box yuh out a mi passport bad mind gal r boy #sender mi hate u …

    1. Go siddung yuh photoshop the pic fi real, admit it and move on. What is the purpose, ppl see you on social media looking like a Coca-Cola bottle den see yuh in real life yuh look like a squeeze up Big Joe, box drink box. Sit your ass down and work out to achieve that body a try invent on social media.

  9. Mi caa tek the ppl them weh like comment pon ppl post enuh and nuh know what it coming off a mia beg unu fi jus sit back n watch …

  10. Who said she didnt photo shop her pic that not the point and so Wat if she photo shop her pic who don’t add edit their pics no a days Kmft unu fi come out a ppl argument mon

  11. My visa a bother them but a mi good pussy cause it ….

    Good pussy :

    Tek out mi passport
    Book mi date
    Buy mi ticket
    Feed mi
    Clothe mi

    N its currently doing the same

    Y me should go work and mi pussy a work fi mi unu ago mad…

    Kmt bad mind worse than aids…

    Oh n the photo shop mi naa stop do it who can stop me Kmt mi do anything mi want do with r without it mi blood Clate look good n mi nuh wear f**y…

    Mi done tlk now …

    Good pussy tlk fi itself…

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