Yes Met, this girl name Lee from Bronx always gwaan hype like she can take any man she want and go round diss her babyfather Bigga. She have 3 kids and she act like she was the best mother is dis world but turns out she was not. Look at her arrest charges how she beat her poor little kids and get lock up fe it. Look like she feget say a foreign she live. Last year she hype and go every party with Bobby (guy in the pic) but since this year she haffi hold her corner cause Bobby go him party in a January wed him woman. Now de gal Lee shame so til she na go party again and she in hiding DWFL.
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    1. You sound retarded, it doesn’t matter if it is her child or someone else pickney. lol. *Disclaimer, I don’t know these dancehall folks*

    1. …. and what proof do you have that she did in fact abuse the child/children? A lot of us believe in disciplining (not abusing mine you) our children and it is very easy to be arrested for spanking your own child.
      Sound to me that whoever sent this in have an ax (axe) to grind and this has nothing to do with child abuse or the welfare of the child/children. FYI, she hasn’t been convicted of a crime yet, so sender do not start celebrate just yet.

  1. Some people ungle have strength fe meek an defenseless children..but ah bet if man beat har she wi tan deh tek beaten smfh…upset mi when people abuse children, ole dogshit bitchcc!!..

  2. It’s a shame how low people stoop for attention f**king lie when them say out a sign out a mind ……..This is Lee Lee I’m a mom of three love my kids very much and a business woman I don’t have time to intertain these low life jobless buns but I will clear my name in no way shape or form was I arrested for abusing any of my three kids l was arrested for being a friend in a case I cannot future discuss where Bigga is concern I have two kids for him that I support on my own so yes I have all right to blast him anytime anywhere any how I choose if it bother u so much don’t tell Met come address me as far as bobby is concern yes we had a fling no secret he was single as soon as find out about the third wheel I left the drama right were it was so stop spread rumor and talk fact sender try again u no have no secret fi mi lol put u big girl panty on I dare u to address me to my face

  3. Out a sight is really not out of f**king mind lmfao…….It’s LeeLee here to clarify this mess I’m a mom of three I love my kids very much love kids over all and I’m a business woman wasn’t gonna comment but when my kids are being mention unno gone too far now yes I got arrest being a loyal friend in a case I cannot future discuss I have two kids with Bigga that he don’t take care of so anytime anywhere anyhow I feel like dealing with him I will where bobby is concern yes we had a fling no secret to nobody but the sender nah hurt nobody but the sender he told he was single we’re grow people I do what I feel like u sound real hurt I’m not standing in a party with your looking ass but I’m busy making money taking care my kids next time don’t send mi name to Met just book a facial (347)413-0184@FancyFace_LeeLee let me scrub the bad mine offa u dutty face so people don’t follow dutty people them just vex cause them wants to know the business

  4. LeeLee you a whore from long time cause u nah stop jump from man to man. Every night is a different man and none nah own up u. U should be a shame a u self as a so call “business woman” and cant spell. U need fe scrub off the whoreness off you own face then u can start party again dwl Yes she got lock up for using a weapon on a child it’s clearly there in the charges. Mek sure u na miss court next month

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