1. Sender sound bad mind. Yuh think a everybody weh come a farrin get nip and tuck before returning back to Jamaica. Lowe di woman, ole fart.

  2. What did her GREEN CARD do to you sender? Why yuh suh bringle? Ah no de woman mek yuh get denied, you reject. Gweh an lowe de woman mek she prosper.

    Sidebar: That young man has a pair of beautiful bright eyes.

  3. Green card ah cause heart burn inna di senda chest:ngakak Senda weh yuh seh….you woulda look betta if you did have green card?? Memba seh is not di card mek yuh, is you mek di card. If ah green card you ah look fi come stand up eena dancehall night afta night doe badder reach ah farrin….but if ah school and work yuh ah pree den yuh fi reach…but wait yuh turn nuh badda bun out di people dem weh get thru before you.

  4. now you see why people borrow clothes jus to pose, dam frighten Friday senda nothing wrong with this woman a beg u beg an no get nutten, she at home relaxed in a slipper, my god sender you a bhuttoo, come up come thief and rob people cause that’s all in u mind or send people bwoy pickney go thief

  5. Wow sender u sound sooooooooooooo badmind what is wrong with her wah u d expect ..she fi have on gold boot and frock, mondy inma her hair and a dash wry fi u lowlife get sum …rite?

  6. This woman has made it on this page several times. She and another girl went head to head cussing bout ‘who di man want’ and who di man a mine. Its said that the man marry her for her green card. This same woman sent threats to ppl on Facebook (including myself) because they didnt agree with the crap she was saying. That story was about 2 months ago. She was all over matey/groupie fb page.

  7. I get what the sender is saying. This is the same woman who said that clothes nuffi repeat,yet she still look like crap. She has been posted on matey/groupie before because she was fighting over a man. She threatened several people on pinkwall Facebook page and in their messages. I remember her….she’s crazy

  8. Sender all wen mi dont look good plz dont make it mad yu and thank to my dad and grandmada for my green card and my American son chevyboo gusd u want dalton fi life but ot still nt going to Wrk and stop make trouble with other cause them come up and never have to sleep in a stink room woth u and man

  9. Yuh amareican son wah deh dung a Jamaica a suffer and yuh deh a America a collect him welfare Yuh Husband wah gi yuh di black ring nuh fraid fi talk yuh business bitch

  10. Lmfao look pon har $10 dress an $2 slippers no sah u fava goat wid di string round a yu neck mayyyyyyyyyy! Dalton so call wifey wid di green card fi hundred years now all now u can’t turn citizen cause u caan read . A yuh man say so

  11. Shan c lol may fi chevyboo never f**k down town the man would stay she love look war with ppl and when the gal them ready fi beat she seh her ex man wife send in other ppl wen she knw a she o well all wen it fake the gal up to date with wats wearing so get a life

  12. Dalton seh yuh don’t even know a who yuh breed fah , yuh always a seh to him yuh nuh si how wi son favor you and not me .Bitch a you di mother him ugly like yeh mi seh him ugly fi bout di 100 time now

  13. Dis bloodclaat gal coming like Shirley duppy shi jus a mek bay fake profile fi come fast pon mi pic….d bitch all up Inna mi life and mi nuh memba har….shi all a use mi name fi f**k roun ppl pon pinkwall fi create enemy pon mi idiot gal mellisa mi soon buy mi ticket fi come luck off u face

  14. I didn’t send in the story. I remember she caused chaos on Facebook a few months ago. She even inbox me and threaten to send badman to come kill me. She and chevyboo were in some mix up bout wifey and matey.

  15. Suh shi a f**k bad man to? Thought it was a man that ride , suh she love sen har imaginary bad man dem fi Ppl .Bad man not even looking at har cause when di bitch come Jamaica shi always a dis di man dem an a give dem the soap and di lotion dem wah shi beg and get from the hospital .Maybe a one a di bad man is har son father

  16. Sender is her friend she follow and buy the fake burryberry for she and her son cause har friend and her son took a pitcure just like hers .Guess she should’ve ask her friend is which dressmaker made the two shirts for she and her son .Her friend name Kamieka McLeod (Meikaboo) go and look on her page if yuh think I’m lying .

  17. Dis old zaar caah stop now…..shi coming like a Shirley bloodclaat duppy…d gal obsess wid mi like shi want a suck offa mi pussy… d gal sen bay fake friend request to mi fb….shi use mi name fi done ppl pon pinkwall….pity shi nuh know d ppl dem know say a she a dweet idiot tannice gonzales u say u bad stop mek fake profile and step to mi….u come a ja wha day and d way u did eager fi luck mi Inna mi face u shudda call mi fi meet u….cause u Ave mi number….mi nah ask crise when mi come a farin next year mi a hunt dung u dutty bloodclaat just fi buss up u mouth……u still Inna man worries mi deven memba u a bloodclaat mi life happy mi pussy tight and mi nuh Ave nuh man problem….guh suck u madda

  18. Chevyboo every mth u come just make sure u have somewhere to stay qnf u ia nt a bad gal about lick off face lol the gal more fi lick off ur face thegirl have pic the man and the child together pon her pagefrm him a bby chevyboo the man and thegirl left long time nw and may fi u did have good way the man would a stay with yu see girl ans man that never going to happen and u more a make fake page fi watch the gal the man love him bbymada still cause all when u and him still deh him still s f**k her

  19. All mi see is everyone written about the girl son i went on her page it look like she take care of him well so i dont get it the maty love walk and give trouble to cause Chevyboo frm the girl husdand left u abayy walk u walk and f**k so u ago f**k fi ticket nw f**k fi a place to stay too wen come up

  20. Suh if all when him an chevboo deh and him a hide and A f**k him babymada a who a idiot nuh mus di duty gal tannice ,Chevboo yuh better guh check out yuh self cause tannice deh a America a sell pussy an a suh di man them a tek di idiot dunce bat gal fi fool .Guh learn fi read ,write and spell tanice mi brother tell mi how yuh fool and dunce like and love mek trouble and pon top of that yuh lie nuh bloodclat nuh body can’t believe nothing wah yuh seh they just act as if they do

  21. Yuh fool suh till Yuh buy yuh self a black plastic ring and talk bout a Dalton married yuh don’t know why mi a waste mi time wid dah dunce bang belly gal yah ,gwan guh tek some wash out man yuh full up a worm like

  22. Tannice u mad them trueu have a husdand hw and them ago crzy stop lie pon the gal nordia and the crew cause the gal life happy with man in the hus and u a live in room poor u all pen leave the gal cause mi have two kis and ja them deh wrk my money it too hard fi run up and down fi get them all fi the gal f**k fi money it for something some f**k fi nothing

  23. How all now me can see no wedding pic yet lol you put ur ring how you don’t put up the man ring to lol I can laugh all me see a one collage with a old pic of him unno want turn wife eehhh

  24. But chevyboo u never tatoo the man name in ur back befor u one wast gal eeee and him still leve u back too him bbymada to were i see this girl a mad u all cause things u guys are stay i dont see when i go on her page and chevyboo is u and rudy put up gottie but cause u want fren and the gal them will beat i tell like pon dalton wife one time chevyboo u breed fi dalton and go dash it way are a did the little bowy weh sell shose a town and u give him STD

  25. The girl is nursing adie and live with her baby daddy married who knw but fi she di a sell pussy and she pay why u think dalton going to leave her no him happy with him bbymada and she way better then chevyboo in real life ask chevyboo were is her bbyfadathe way them cuss the man a yrs them and here frm him she worried about tannice is u and ur fren them send ee the gal pic a never tannice the gal dont even knw the girl and u and nave rite up thing but ture u fair rudy and gottie yu f*ck with tannice chevyboo u did a mad ova the man cause u come up and still go stay with him in room and then the man fine u out left u go back to him bby

  26. Suh Ruddy it sound like you and tannice a friend suh yuh never need to go on her page to see pictures of her son ,cause yuh a talk fact bout chevboo love walk and gi trouble and from har husband left chevboo suh question a Tannice a Ruddy di 2ayuh fool and dunce like .Fyi is not she taking care of him is the taxs payers money cause shi live pon the government system ,Dalton chat too much

  27. Husband duty gal look pon di old furniture Inna di back ground wid you and Dalton iinna bed di man not even know seh yuh tek di picture of him cause him back did turn ,guh dash out di old plastic side table and di old plastic ugly plate wah yuh a put up bout yuh a eat dinner out of gal yuh love plastic that’s why him put a plastic ring on yah finger a bayyyyy!!!

  28. Rudy yuh nuh si seh yuh spell yuh name wrong what about Ruddy ,stay good live in jamaica ,Dee all 4 name is the same person and that is Tannice guh learn fi spell gal dwllllll

  29. Listen mi guh good skool…mi know fi read and write da gal yah a use different names fi write up Inna d comment box….a she same one Ave alla these names….dwl…ppl I don’t c this johncrow…I’ve Neva Eva one day get up wid she or har man pon mi mind cause a me lef har man….she still insist pon tattos…her babydady/husband tattooed my name on his hand and I did the same cause we were together…till I got tired a him and run him….he took care of me for 5 yrs…where were u tannice????har man fly mi and all these things…a she alone Inna man worries cause I dont….shi say shi settle dung and married and happy but still a mek a next gal worry har…she sad bad…like dis gal have quick silver shi jus jump up and start mek worries. Dwl…right now a laugh mi a laugh Affa har cause she’s mad funny#GO LEARN TO READ AND WRITE TANNICE DWL

  30. U say u d man give u a black bloodclaat ring and married u…wha else u want why mi pussy rest pon u face tannice Lowe mi pussy mek it take oxygen….mi life happy nuh bloodclaat….yuh delusional bay f**kery u mek up and write dunce head gal

  31. Big Ole gal Ave har pickney a bloodclaat Spanish town Ana collect d Lil bwoy welfare money and nah tek Care a him…..only thing u worry bout a man and mate and who a f**k who bitch go take care a yuh madda bad breath and yuh son….d ppl dem a talk bout u….I Neva c d man tek a pic wid u son yet….I Neva c him and u tek a pic yet a bay bloodclaat photo grid pics….gal u caah chat to mi cause mi a worry u….mi nuh know bout u but my man neeeeeeddddd me….go suck u madda a million time bitch

  32. Da big head GYAL yah know say when she sen fi mi mi a come enuh….wid full force and mi nah done…y u stay suh tannice u love problem ee..and u know u a idiot….d gal all a mek up bou me Ave shoes man a town dwl bitch where???any man whe mi tek affi mine me mi nah ask Jesus crise da GYAL yah very expensive mi like nice things and mi love save…mi nuh mine man tannice..yuh mad and mi Ave mi nice clean daughter fi tek Care of dwl….tannice a prep Skool mi daughter go and da Skool fee deh affi pay every three months…lunch money..snacks…driver fi take her to and from skool..extra lesson…plus shi do extra activities so me nuh Ave time fi waste f**k out gal…big up mi nice clean bby father a England whe want him daughter anything she want shi get dat…big hole GYAL sen bk fi u pickney from Jamaica an start take care of him and stop put man ova him…God a look pon u idiot gal…u come pon pinkwall a worry bout unnecessary things like a waste gal…#STOP FIGHT A LOOSING BATTLE DUTTY CLOWN BAG GYAL…MI DEH YAH A EAT SOME A MI LEFTOVER DINNER FROM CHRISTMAS AND WATCHING LMN MOVIE PON MI 50″TV WHE U MAN MONEY DID BUY…WHAT R U DOING????KMFT GYAL GUH BATHE YAAH MON#MAN SHOESLACE

  33. Last thing before d mongrel ansa bitch stop mek up things bout my rent bank up pon mi a ja…bitch when???whe u know bout mi tannice mi nuh run bills joke mi prefer pay alla dat then broke afta dutty GYAL come wid facts when u a come fi mi good throat gyal

  34. Stop bloodclat trouble people bitch a yuh death soon reach yuh .Guh open up yuh big bloodclat empty big head and put some brains up in that mother f**ker

  35. Tannice sen fi yuh bad man now wimp or is yuh horse man yuh aguh sen fah to bloodclat di way how yuh salt up di man life all race him stop win to rass hope him nuh guh start ride man now dwl

  36. Dutty Crack up heel back tannice don’t send for me bitch cause u know am gonna come in full force…smh#just wait till mi reach a queens next year mi ago show u never to f**k with d truck…idiot gal mi spend two months a foreign why u Neva come look fi mi man idiot…yuh need fi tek a train guh Manhattan guh buy a new pussy cause u pussy played out like bloodclaat jerry curls,mesh marina,and diamond socks…and u a alone want ur man and a him alone want u…u nuh c d two a u nuh match Fava f**king idiot…Inna yuh rainbow and pretty girls clothes dem…how u say mi a mad ova yuh man and mi left him an him deven did know….him did still a sen mi him money and mi tek dat…mi being have my man so ur baby daddy/husband money was bonus nasty gal…mi and yuh mad deh fi five years and outta d 5 a two years mi Eva like him to bloodclaat where were u???before mi get mi visa yuh man tek plane like taxi jus fi me..all jus weekends trip o lord not even have nuttn fi prove to u f**k out long breast gal…u look like u Ave bloodclaat worm

  37. Dutty stinking mouth tannice Dalton seh him not even like fi kiss yuh cause yuh mouth stink nuh bloodclat not to mention when yuh sleep and wake and yuh deh a America weh health care cheap .Gal yuh can chat to nuh body yes wi bring it live nuh that yuh did want fi the world fi si suck pussy suck hood lick out batty Tannice Gongazles

  38. Everything just wrong wid how this bitch look not one thing pon har look good my girl yuh never fraid yuh strangle yuh self when yuh did a tie dah rope deh round yuh neck eee Betty goat dwllll

  39. Haha woieeeee mi crack…Yasuh want more ppl….look like smaddy did jus a wait fi mi send in d gal…d mount a enemy shi Ave it’s no joke stop f**k round ppl shit house#try change fi d new year,buy a new pussy ,send back fi yuh son a Jamaica and take care a him and stop be man shoeslace#MEK DAT B UR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

  40. Yow B take you time with shorty why are you doing her like that I know she’s a trouble maker but this is not called for people wear fake and cheap clothes everyday B

  41. All the comments that are defending Tannice sound like tannice herself. Its the same way she write and express herself. Seems like she’s writing comments while using different names. Smh. This woman is crazy.

  42. Mad bloodclaat gal mi tell unuh say a she a dweet..mi anuh idiot…and as for u Mr sir is she come step Inna d ants nest….mi deh a ja a mine mi owna business she come a f**k round mi…suh mi affi mek d load a shit know what time it is

    1. I remember when you guys went at it on Facebook. Not one person picked up for her. She all inbox me and threaten me on Facebook. Smh. She is crazy and its not funny. She need medical assistance. The worst thing about this girl is that she think people stupid enough to believe her crap. Where is her family! She is sick

  43. Di dutty bitch Tannice get stuck up inna di old people dem ass a clean shit that’s why shi can’t come back come comment all now , dutty bitch wi waiting on yuh

  44. Tannice yuh need to guh put a bag over yuh and yuh Pickney head di 2 a yuh ugly and fava Toad .Your chapter is now close you wanted to hear the truth so I told you nothing but the truth ,that alone suppose to a kill yuh seh yuh pickney uglllyyyyy

  45. It seems like the owner fi di goat dem gone tie dem out cause all now mi can’t si Tannice and har one bag a different name wah shi have come defend har title dwl maayyyyyy di goat Tannice gone eat grass fi get some strength fi later

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