Hi Met
I cannot understand why Kitt continues to be with this ugly, uncouth gyal. She’s so stressed right now over the man & his family but continues to drop subliminal messages. Yesterday she was happy by herself and all about her money and this morning this is what she posts. Devarene Mclean it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how much you spend on him, how much money you help him mek, how much jeans you cut up fi him, how much car you give him fi drive, how much videos you n Ishawna mek a drop word pon Shev, how much meme’s Yuh post…You will NEVER be the mother of his kids, you will NEVER be the woman he keeps running to and that will forever drive you crazy. ABAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Damn disrespectful. Tek Yuh one fxvk, sit your ugly ass down & continue to post his hand with the watches you buy weh him wear gawn fi the birth a him child, continue to post his feet while he’s driving your car, continue to post his meals when you take him to the fancy restaurants but you can never post you and him in bed cuddled or having a meal or doing anything. Then you claim you’re a “boss bitch”. No hun you’re a ” Lost/Last” bitch Caz even though you a spend the most, a u come last fi him. Dwl Girl Bye!


  1. Senda wo tell u seh she want breed fi jim ? Shi wuda really wutless an cyalis fi mek kitt breed har. As far as how mi c it she have sense caz mi wuda never breed fi him or carry a secomd pickney after me read how much cyalisnis n gyal this boi have and the babymodda affi muss hear all a dem sinting ya . Me wuda jus tek the f**k yes caz it muss sweet but me nah breed fi no broke nigga

    1. why not? broke nigro give the best f$#k cause that’s all they have to offer, money dudes too cocky with lil to no cocky

      sender let the side chick get her shine, you get the belly she get the whine and dine, him aff in her space for her to be taking pics of, hands and feet don’t? maybe the love making pics will kill you so she saving those for a rainy day

  2. Wow she really have nothing about her. Kitt don’t even want her. He is with her because of what he can get out of her and she deh pon IG a fling word. If kitt never so money hungry him wuda run ar and stop dis him baby mada. You really wah money dat bad? Bwoy ur baby moms strong Cuz idk how she do it

  3. Oooookkkkkkk suh shev karma reach yuh caz yuh never member when yuh did a f**k kitt when him did deh with the brown designer gyal and yuh ketch di belly, airport days memba ? Karma is a bitch caz boiiii see it reqch u back ya. Yuh strong tho . Caz the amount a f**k your babyfada f**k pon you with how much gyal and all a dem inna yuh face.. Memba how you and kelly did pose up a him yard pon him bday ?!? Karma

  4. fashionenira you nuh tired a the disgrace how you say you’re a Boss Bitch and cah get a man of your own…look like U a follow in Ishawna foot step (my mother always say birds of a feather flock together) cause you nuh stop post up bout A Gal Affi go Share har man…its a pitty u can buy all the makeup in the world but you cah buy a good man…ain’t that a Bitch!!!

  5. Lol then wait deh. If u think abt it logically if fashion a take care if Kitt financially. Then that means a she a tek care a him pitney and babymomma too woiiii mi belly. Because am sure whatever him get from her him take home..

    1. so what kind a wutless babymother him have so,that other woman affi a mine har entire family? so all she go for affi lay on har back, what is her career being a mattress?

  6. I agree with Met Fashion never can done look pon the rest a gyal dem after JMG drop story dem all look like dem drop Kitt. Kelly bannece, Jody and others move right along. Everyday she a dash word. Yuh sleep wid him spend yuh money and him gone. Move along cut yuh loss.

  7. Mi wah knw smaddy weh f**k Kitt fe ask if it dat sweet Lol is wah so men every gyal wah him?? Afta him nuh have ntn… Fashionenira needs to have a seat with her damn flat self thank God for filter I saw her in person she and him together and I just could not believe it was the same person. Damn!

  8. These girls make it so obvious if you wanna know who is sleeping with who just pay attention to only who reply to who when a comment is given on IG Kelly she just salt wen it come to man and Bannece smh poor ting maybe if she never act like the guys she would actually get a man! Shev hush yah wife status nuh mean shit again and a yub karma this all mi knw she strong cuz mi wudnt stay at all baby girl wrap it up!

  9. Senda mi think unnu fi stop boost dis fashion smaddi it clear as day nuh matter how confident she claim to be she is seekin attention and unno continue fi give har. And she continue fi post things jus fi unno talk. Wi tyaaaaad fi hear bout har nor di germs boii. Some a unno gyal so cayliss n love di hype dats y di boii dem continue fi use unnu. Wateva him n him babymadda have or do fi dem kids a fi dem bizniz. She mus kno wehh she is abt. Stop fabricate story n mek dis fashionneva smaddi get to unno. Clearly bizniz very slow fi ha
    r she affi a seek attention otherwise. Di clutch n poodle shoes dem sidun pon di display inna di store a gather dust. Nuh baddi naaa buy. Forever bigup bristol humbleness is wat get u ahead not the 30k ig followers.

  10. Di @stacy n @dwl unnu have any ambition?? Any goals inna life but to b a f**k box? Anno di man dem fi blame a unnu gyal wehh ok wid a f**k a man,buy him n him hungry frenz things only fi him disown unnu. It grieve mi fi how social media jus a boost some a unno fi di wrong reason. Stop follow di turbit she nuh hve nothin better fi duh more than throw shade.lef furthering her education fi run dung man kitt,ackeem,rory gerrad n any baddi wehh gi har di time a day. She buy fren more dan anything. She like fi b di center of attn n unnu keep a gi har. N mi sure she kno tns n dem boys a laugh afta har. Desparate fi fren baaad.

  11. I agree with Chantii ^^

    Mi seh mi cant stand di gal fashionenira mi love fi see people hustle and do dem ting but mi nuh see one ting weh dah gyal yah sell weh mi woulda buy!.. shes so damn nuff she always a chow har words pon IG like seh she better than ppl and if she did good lookin it wuldnt suh bad.. ppl like she fi humble demself hustle if u a hustle n lef ppl alone how u a hype pon gyal bout dem babyfather n u affi a hide n f&#k him? she’s young n immature so mi nuh expect nothing better like chantii^ seh she better pray seh the “poodle shoes” n the clutch dem nuh stop sell

  12. Mi see har on ig…and was completely turned off by her lack of humbleness, she’s surrounded by a lot of “yes” persons but not none with common sense to tell her she’s rising for a fall…and all the shades she throws she needs to always remember same knife stick kill goat kill sheep!

    1. She has no real frenz left according to her she think she’s above everyone..if you ain’t about the hype u cah tell her anything!! And the bunch a fools on IG weh a boost her up get to her head!! And if you try tell her anything she say a hate people a hate pon her…

  13. Fashionenira nuh follow her everything is for attention. See she post her friend hand on IG talking about #ustime. Fashion never why you remove the comment quick quick that Raj mek that is FreddyMckoy hand and unno at Cuddy’s. Likkle girl yuh fi stop it cause Kitt not looking, him not going jealous and if is JMG you trying to believe yuh have man it not working either.

  14. How nobody naw mention say d wicked gal a flea market inna miami fe $9.99 and glue on furr and put her name inna it and a sell dem fe $100 damn ugly poodle shoes and these idiots a buy dem a that them fi get under them nastiness because them a look a hype! Not to mention the shorts from the thrist store and cut them a sell them meck the people them know what a gwaan!
    Wid her damn fake ass accent! Girl have a millon seats with your insecure self.

  15. But like some ppl nuh realise a suh di gyal lie,wicked n love attention. She has no real frenz. Mi kno kitt not lookin at dis girl but she b doin da most jus fi ppl chat. Move on likkle gyal di man use yuh refuse yuh. Yuh luv gi advice it shuddnt be that hard fi find a man. Instead a use yuh battyman fren dem as diaguise. As it related to wehh she b sellin i b tellin ppl aint shit propa in dehh jus fi hype. I see soo many young jacans doin bisniz makin money like wow n naaa hype like dis ya chicken. As mi sehh before ppl stop mek she fool unnu. Big lameass gyal dAt.

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