Somebody tell mi weh the sauce deh cuz all now mi Nuh see it yo look cheap and tacky always look a hot mess at your zaddy party yo red bottoms look like a salvation army you pick it up from why when Donna go the party them she always look classy and all teisha mappy could never want you and allow you to always look so cheap when u go out and mappy a dancehall boy it’s sad for you girl better you did stay home


30 thoughts on “FASHION POLICE ON DUTY

    1. She looks really nice. Love that geometric dress. All if a salvation army shoes they ARE redbottoms. The shoes could have been sexier, though.

      Sender, do you have any poisons in your home? If so start drinking cause bitch you fi dead fas :travel

  1. Fashion police yuh bitter no bloodclawt!!! The girl just post this and yuh press like then send in her story. Unu too bad man!!! That mean your on the page waiting and watching to see what the girl gonna wear so you can judge. And how much more years are you gonna say Mappie don’t want her cause unu been saying it for 6 yes now.

  2. And she still look better than Donna. And mappie still love her more than he love Donna. Sender I bet mappie have a video with his cocky in your mouth. Salty ass holes.

    1. The girl dress look damn good. Stfu

      You poverty stricken bitches always can identify cheap things :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      1. Not talking bout di price mam,we a talk bout di dress itself

        Di whole world know seh Marsha dare n I should know because she ova charge me fi one piece a frock n di fabric she use mek it feel n look cheap.

        Anyways back to di frock, it cheap and dem deh style deh stop wear long time, tell yuh fren fi upgrade

  3. Sender go help your kids with them home work, the girl just post her pictures dwl . sender yuh need a new story to write about teisha now because what your saying makes no sense and this Mappie don’t want teiaha is really played out now so go and dig up the dirt and resend a new story.

  4. Once a person don’t like you, even if you look like Kim kardashian they will NEVER give you credit . So unnu could a like this girl or think she look good, once the sender hate her or f**k her man then she will always look bad to the sender and her crew. A next thing with Jamaican ladies is this, when a girl and her man is together and not leaving each other, yuh sI once a next girl give him a f**k and it don’t work out, they instantly hate the man woman for no reason. Now your talking about her dressing then it gone to her relationship so clearly you’re obsessed or feeling some type of way about this person and her relationship. I thought I was gonna see a picture of a ugly woman who look like shit. Unu need to stop take out unu feelings on the next woman and start lock up unu foot. Stop let Mappie inside a unu because unu sI him don’t want nobody but him two baby mother them. Then unu come on jmg looking for help to talk trash about them. No the talking should be on you the sende .

  5. Teisha is not cute I don’t know why she keep saying she’s cute and she’s this and she’s that the outfit looks ok but she’s very hard to look at I don’t find anything attractive about this girl at all .. u guys need to stop lying to this girl bout look good kmt

  6. Unno a worry bout the two mistresses. I’m worried about Mappie… Like how can a man in these hard times throw away money like that by buying boxes of champagne to impress. I mean everytime I see the f**y I’m like look at this ugly ignorant short ass mf throwing away money that could be used for his kids education or save for a rainy day. His ignorance is to be of concern. DH ppl I swear! I could never find a man like that attractive.. Hellz no

  7. You can know that anonymous person is teisha herself all those anonymous comments justifying say yo look good yo don’t look good

  8. When i looked at mappie outfit then hers without seeing donna, i said to myself why mappy didnt give teisha a lil money to splerge to match his hype when it comes to dressing . But since donna showed up teisha style of dressing looks simple cheap with a dash of regular. donna showed up and made her look like the side bitch that she is. Teish gave herself a forever stay with basic tag along lower class recommendation i dont care who name he rates on the mic Whatever money you claim he has it never finds you when he has his big events. Donna and mappie match like jay and apple tiesha looks like the angry side piece you can never get rid of.

    1. Teiaha dress is from marsha and to my understanding marsha is very expensive so check yuh file. Unu love run come comment and don’t have shit unu self. If Teisha was side bitch Mappie would a show it, him clearly show the world him love Teisha. Bitch yuh unhappy because Mappie f**k yuh and shame yuh on the internet. Leave thebgyal alone and yes she’s my friend. Show yuh face undercover bad gyal. Unu only can come on jmg and type, not one a unu can call the gyal name and show unu face. Unu a punk.

  9. If a man loves you he would be with only you. Tiesha get f**k breed and still cant take way di gal mon ya hole salt and that situation sound like a bitch who dont value herself her pussy or her name get some pride and respect for yourself.

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