Now Met this girl Erricealicia look like she confused, almost every picture she post is she and Ugly Fashionenira that we yet to see without makeup or filter. Erricealicia a your friend yuh a talk bout inna the video.

0 thoughts on “FILTER CONFUSED

  1. she is very talented and fun from what i see on ig,but she needs to be more business smart,stop cussing n the same page u promote ur cloths on it dont look good….

  2. She does the most for attention as well. Who is she? All of a sudden she and Edel tun big friend. Is Errice very popular uptown or what? What about the Michaelaleanna chick? They all friends?

  3. Saw this chick in my timeline few of her pieces look real nice MET is there a story here cause me monday evening kinda slow n boring – N who is EDEL n MICHAELEANNA what a long name – MET probably dem unknown me a go pon insta right now

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