Bwoy Met you know I’ve always heard people talking about how ugly Fashionenira is and I never believed. What I do know is that her attitude is very stink and she doesn’t know how to speak to customers/potential customers. When mi see this pic mi prove say a pure filter shi use in her pics. Watch har round a back a try hide. Shi mussi never have on nuh make up.


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  1. i saw a picture of her awhile back without make up and i was so surprised.. d gal ugly u fudge (God forgive me) and last night i was on her instagram and she go wataland with her frens and every video she put up with her face showing its in black and white but videos with her frens is in colored jus prove that she not cute at all and she not comfortable showing her face without make up r filta.. Being ugly and have stinking attitude dont mix u jus affi choose one..

  2. That doesn’t even look like the same person!! Wow!!! How much effort goes into her photoshop and filtered pix on IG because this looks nothing like her

  3. Met me fail fi believe d same person u mad???????????? a really d leprechuan dis :hoax2 :hoax2 apart fr bleaching filter is really a self hate cause 1/2 a my pics me nave no filter

  4. EVERY single picture she post is photo shopped in one way or another. Its bad enough say she fava gremlin but she has no manners. I have read where she told a lady to get off of her dick. The lady simply said why dont you answer questions about your store. Not only that what exactly does she design bc of it its tear up jeans I need to start my own business…but yes fashionenira u very unpretty

  5. When since she and the old slut bucket Bobbie sue get so close tho! Bobbie must be looking some free clothes cuz nothing na gwaan fi her.

  6. No way this is the same person .I refuse to believe this is brown pretty edel. I will not let this one picture fool me this one was photo shop the ones on her page are real . Please tell me this is

  7. DWL….she ugly fi true. She on her page throwing shade about being called ugly…but come here fashion never how comes you never answer when Kitt drop his family picture and they tagged you saying goals….you had no come back it made me laugh until I cried. So with all a your nasty attitude and shade the man kill yuh wid the one thing yuh wish yuh had him as yuh man and him family…suh from now on just keep quiet…@anon 1:36pm Slut Bobbi will itch up where ever she thinks the hype is she still trying to stay relevant…..

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