Why the man fi wicked so?
The dutty cab drive from the Bronx weh no stop walk round and tell people him a business manager and how him own house and car and single with no kids, come to find out this dutty man a disown him 5 pickney them, work fi a cab company and rent one room inna the people them house! Now him Gyal a breed and him move in with har, and everyday a text down mi friend phone bout a she him love and it’s just a mistake baby and him a try get out as soon as him can, nothing bout him all when him live inna the woman house….


  1. Sender please talk more fi me deh. Because me want know this yah man file. This can’t b true
    This man own him house and do road suh me want know who a tell lie. Also a who a breed fi him, because if him a disown him 5 pikney dem as u say me want know whe him nuh stop breed people gyal pikney

  2. lmaoo, the funny thing he told me the same lies about a month ago and after we had sex he started acting funny. when i started arguing he told me he just found out his ex is pregnant and he’s going back to her but i really don’t care i hope she found out the bom he really is

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