So met because tiffany hubby in town fire reds affi hold him counter n she affi stay heeen so fire reds caan go a the yard until him left woiiiieeee firstlady it sticky pon yuh but mi hear say the gal them a plan fi yuh at dons & divas so them say fi stay heeen if yuh kno wat good fi yuh, fire reds yuh a one dutty bwoy n think yuh somebody inna yuh cheap bloodc*FIRE t clothes them firstlady yuh nuh stop get bun


  1. If she is really cheating on her husband with Fire reds den SHE’S A CLOWN. Her husband look good den look pon Fire Reds yuh can really lay down wid dat?

    1. Smile, what is the point in having ah man if ya guh geem bun…what sense does that make?..den turn roun and complain seh dem cyaah find ah good man..these hoes ain’t loyal fa real..

      1. Yeppie, she has the same point that men who have great wives cheat!The cheater is an inadequate person……lacking in some way!
        I would like to know why Hubby does not live with her…..what does sender mean “hubby is in town”?

  2. lincoln u wife tiffany a WHORE u knows it all a up suh knows it and now all a round yah suh knows it and first lady dont mek dem cow u dun still go to u man party and get somebody else to collect the money at the gate dont mek reds trick u fi stay outside suh him can inside wid dem mi gal but then again u so fool u ever stop and think wats the real reason him plant u at the gate smh

  3. puertoriquena she nah stock pile and stash a ting u want reds kill har rass not even thank you she NEVER EVER get a year time maybe this year him will big har up and tell har thanks because dem did call him out for it last year no little thank u him give har di bwoy thank everybody but she

  4. Why the f**k y’all dnt leave the f**king gal and ur life why y’all make ur life and what the f**k she do with her life a problem to y’all duty ppl

  5. @she’s a hoe, don’t mek mi piss up myself in yere tideh ya Mon, weh u say? Him thank every body but she, woooiiii mi can’t bother wid uno at all :malu :ngakak

  6. Why u bitch broke dwn ass bitches no stop watch mi fren pussy like PI a wah suh everything gal do it a bother to y’all why tho

  7. Duty pussy neota and Fredericka unuh can stop posting all these bullshit now cause nobody nah buy weh anuh a sell go Miami and look fi the tallest building and jump off cause unuh need a f**king life

  8. Big stinking pussy Ner mi know seh u like talk shit dats y di bldct man nuh want u u life sad a Dan funeral u an u fren a whore bitch

  9. Big stinking pussy Ner leave di gal dem name out a u suck cocky mouth ur life sad nuh bldct u a run down di man an di man a run from u u an Tiffany a two nasty ass bitches

  10. Lol…Ner a dogshit, old vomit…walk and f**k dun fort lauderdale like dog
    go and get a life and guh teach two gal pickney some moral…that’s why the man
    beat ass and put out…And Frederick dutty st hugh’s hoe, birds of feather
    flock together.

  11. Done out gyal.NER beaten stick gyal.yuh nuh see you pop dung like f**k bucket gyal yuh look tired inna the ppl dem dance . Peer community cocky yuh tek the man dem wey yuh f**k nuh ave nuttin good fi say bout you . Go change yuh life style and go bond wit ur kids cus dem already a follow inna yuh foot step cus of ur careless life. Obeah working gyal sadamit gyal. Badmind a get the best of you NER pass dog shit.she sick jancrow
    stomach and spoil dog appetite. Bitch full a mileage like. Ner is no goodas fi nuh bother she jus full a mouth like to the man dem wey nuh stop a beat har mam government

  12. Sidekick fi real esco nuh stop run from idiot bitch Di gal can’t hold a man esco seh di gal a wicked she all a frame him an hide up him clothes dem likkle suck wood gal nasty dutty gal weh can’t cook

  13. @Wife if she knows best fi tan har yard. Cus dem wan beat har nasty rass cus the witch is a trouble maker esco always a beat that all me affi do a show esco these groupie post suh him can see him name a call him. And him will gi har proper beaten…

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