we want to know who is the wifey n who is the matey n first lady n last lady cause every nite fire reds out wit tiffany n lock heen so call firstlady n she caan cum a road full time yuh wise up cause yellow man nuh stop bun yuh him caan even post a pic wit yuh a shame him shame a yuh idiot gal tiffany stop walk n tek ppl man yuh a married woman every party yuh deh wit yuh mash self. when the gal deh a work or when him a cum from dance him deh a the gal yardsmh these woman desperate badddddddddddd fi man dutty fire redz bout him a #1 every week yuh have a new gal a f**k till yuh woman find out bout her


  1. Y ppl ah mek dis oversize dwarf feel important?
    C D likkle fucca pon ah flight de odda day, white scawl nuh stop ah fe him mouth corner, it spread to de lip dem!

  2. Sum body need fe lick dutty Tiffany in her face she deh all a Jamaica wid d gal man nasty bitch can tell she not a Gud gal cause she leave her pickney dem and her husband home and cum a road a tek pple man not a Gud mother r wife her husband fe bun up her Rass mi hate d gal man First Lady it look bad mi nah lie no respect dutty fire redz nah give u

  3. Weh the f**k dem duty ppl tek set pon the gal fa Tiffany have up her good family kids and her husband weh love her to death plus her job and car she care less about y’all duty badmind ppl leave the f**king gal alone mek she live her life and go find one

  4. Some a y’all bitches live for drama and misery in a ppl life while fi uno like sad like bloodclot funeral stop watch the ppl life and go truckoff

  5. So because you put up the girl picture a few days ago and never get to forward and it u vex dum bitch a dat mak u come put it up again its still not working old face bitch so bye and leave the f**king gal alone

  6. U no see set nobody no care fire redz woman a walk and a f**k dwn Florida so wah if she a get bck bun kmft, Tiffany stay good and plus the gal have up her husband and kids so weh she woulda wan f**kup dat fa pick sense outta nosense ppl cho

  7. Dutty pussy tiffany Smith stop walk talk about tiffany & fire red cause them nah worried about, cause them life good , great & excellent that why u mad you need to go & look a life cause u nuh have any Tiffany Smith.

  8. Mi agree with real go look a f**king life and stop walk and watch the ppl dem pussy and cocky look like u wan f**k fire Redz mek so u stop put up this bullshit ass story it boring just like I misreable hole bitch

  9. OMG… Tiffany really… U left from Brooklyn fi go wey a Florida go rinse out you Pussy again???from you da a New york you a give Lincoln Bun you can stop now. we all know you was mad because him did da wid Best and best did ago have baby fi him. ok!! unna get over that part. stop now man give the man some respect. you just a walk and f**k all over the place. if you dont want Lincoln divorce and done.

  10. D gal weh a tek up fe Tiffany no ave no class either a u and her a par dats y u a bk her d both a eu just a walk and fuk dwn d damn place it just no look Gud eu need fe stp it but wait man eu soon tek d wrong gal man fire redz it just a piece of shit a do pure fukry and a gwaan like him nah do a thing redz memba u ave gal pickney karma it a bitch

  11. met how she great suh is not the name yuh change up its ur hole and stop f**k dun di place ok tiff mi love,and we all know dat the coolie gal a fu$k dun di place long time suh it balance out now well miss so called first lady all i can tell u is if its the things dem tiffany thinks fire reds have why she a run him down first lady this is wat u do my dear tek bak u benz,the jewelry dem bleach or donate all the cloths and boots dat u but in other word mi dear everything dat u pay for to mek him the #1 dat all a dem a run dun now fi mek him and she a dis u up just tek it all bak and mek miss tiffany spend fi har money and mek him over,then u would a see how fast she tek way har self from u man,just like how u pick up put him back down just like that tek bak every ting ur money send pon

  12. The sender who a send in tiffany pic unno need fi send in har fren picture the gyal wey deh wid Esco she n tiffany tek picture together a blazer n boots …dem a ole hoe dem party together.

  13. :2thumbup @ she’s a hoe. Sender your lying about him not posting pics of his woman. Furthermore you act like posting pics solidify something. Everyone already know they’re together. So is him posting pics necessary? Secondly when you dating someone in the entertainment business you don’t have time to be at every event they are doing especially if you have a normal job, in which she does. You sound mad cause either Fire Redz gave you one f**k and dash you like rubbish or either you running him down and he want give you the time or day. Majority of y’all Fla ladies are bum ass b1cthes that don’t have no ambition. And swear you a bad b1tch with your fashion tends from early 2000s. Instead of studying Fire Redz and First Lady Yanique relationship go study the new fashion trends. Leave the people alone because you can’t flop them.

  14. Put redz tiff yanique together dem no Mek one boy mi love how tiff a defen her cocky but memba ur time a cum same as how him do everybody pon d side ur time soon cum nasty bitch Redz go cut off d bump after u batty lol

  15. Pple i don’t understand how tiff friend a bk her Seh she in her Gud job and ting but yet still every weh redz a play and she’s there check out her foot same damn shoes ova and ova one thing wid d first lady she ave her shoes dem even if them cheap she nah repeat tiff look pop dwn she fuk out smh sticky pon dem

  16. Fire redz a regular now. Wifey nah let go. She tek bun and beatin si dis groupie weh unu claim him a f**k nah reach no weh. Am sure she is not di first and won’t be the last

  17. Nah nuh life Tiffany Smith gal them pussy a mad u that why cah stop write about them pussy & the man dem weh u seh them a tek u sound hurt thur the man them nuh want u that why u cah stop writing about it cause it a kill yuh , yuh need fi go sleep an stop worry bout people. Dem suppose to walk an f**k cause pussy an buddy neva cum fi turn bubbles and clips dem suppose to f**k any man dem want. Yuh nuh see yuh nuh live no weh a dat yuh fi worry bout and talk about the lanlord yuh a f*k. Yuh shape bad nuh bloodclat yuh look like spongebob an a cone, yuh top heavy. Dhat yuh fi worry bout , your own problems.

  18. Nasty hoeing NER she and tiffany a big fren NER tek half fort lauderdale selector now she a tek ESCO two a dem dont mek one. Tiffany a careless gyal two a dem f**k like duck.

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