A 41-year-old Mount Laurel man arrested last year at the Cherry Hill Mall was sentenced to 16 years, according to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.
James McBride was sentenced to 16 years for his role in a drug ring that was shipping cocaine through the parcel delivery services.
McBride was arrested during the “Operation Next Day Air” investigation, which began in 2011, in after he took delivery of a box containing three kilograms of cocaine in the suburban shopping center’s parking lot in March 2013. McBride was arrested along with Sidonie McLeod, 29, of Cherry Hill. She allegedly delivered the cocaine and was arrested at the scene.
McBride was indicted January 10, 2014, along with 14 other alleged members of the alleged international drug ring. He pleaded guilty on Oct. 20. The state attorney general’s office said that the alleged leaders were also arrested.
The New Jersey Attorney General’s (NJAG) office named the leaders as Jamaican recording artist Andrew K.K. Davis, 36, of Kingston, Jamaica, who records under the name “Flippa Mafia,” and his brother, Kemar Davis, 24, of Hollywood California.
The NJAG said the multi-agency investigation, which was led by the New Jersey State Police, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency and the Division of Criminal Justice, recovered more than 26 kilograms of cocaine worth around $780,000, two handguns, and more than $500,000 in cash.
According to the release, the investigation targeted the ring’s shipment of cocaine through parcel delivery services to New Jersey, which was destined for bulk distribution among narcotics suppliers and dealers. The NJAG said that Andrew Davis, along with his brother Kemar, led the ring from various locations in Jamaica, California and New Jersey.
The Davis’ face pending charges including leading a narcotics trafficking network in the first degree. That charge carries a 25-years to life sentence in state prison if the pair are convicted. The NJAG’s office said that the indictment is pending against most of the other defendants who face charges that include first-degree conspiracy to distribute cocaine and launder money. If convicted, those defendants face a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.


  1. Well this is just a sign of whats to come.I heard Flippa on Ragga and him put on a brave face and a pretend like everything all right an him soon see road. I hope him remain and happy and content same way when verdict read. All dis damn flossing lead you and people around you astray. Look how many people life this impact. The innocent kids alone mi sorry fah. KMT….

  2. Wow it never ceases because at this very moment there’s a goon sonewhere selling something they have no business selling. Suh u know what take the consequences that eventually come with it.

  3. Well! Mi nuh feel sorry fi none a dem. Not even a likkle bit cuz a long time ppl on the pink wall use to warn dem out, all when dem business a get rinse, people would still say “how u fi Inna illegal things an still up Inna spotlight suh??” If only dem did listen likkle bit. If the pink wallers did a warn dem, I can only imagine say some people around them use to warn them too, suh dem lucky. Do the crime-do the tim . At least some a dem can say dem see more money while dem did have their freedom than some innocent working people ever will in their lifetime.

  4. 16 years fed time with good behavior he will be out in 10. Flippa if him lucky 25 years. If he is declared the leader of a drug enterprise that is life under kingpin laws. If the ladys plea out to dem get the same 16. If dem flip pan flippa dem get 2-5 years. Buoy it sticky prison not a nice place I dont wish that on no one esp a nuh murder

  5. **VERY** selfish of them to do what they were doing and not think of the consequences before or during, it all…for the sake of their kids…can’t possibly imagine my life without my kids or them without me…not even for all the money in the world…

  6. ” “kingpin statute,” carries a mandatory
    minimum sentence of 20 years in
    prison upon conviction and can be
    enhanced to a mandatory life sentence
    if prosecutors can prove that a suspect
    trafficked in extremely large amounts
    of drugs or earned more than $10
    million in “gross receipts” during any
    12-month period.”

  7. Suh when him come out him ill be in him 50s, nobody will employ him so him life ova aready. Best him can hope for is dat he had a house or bury summen a bush fi a rainy day.

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