Five Trinidadians who arrived in Jamaica without proof of a yellow fever vaccine were denied entry on arrival at the Norman Manley International Airport on Monday.
They arrived on a Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight. Four of the twelve passengers who arrived on a Copa Airlines Flight from Panama were refused entry.
Eight persons were quarantined at a hotel in Kingston, the Jamaica Gleaner reported.
Sources at Caribbean Airlines, in Port of Spain, who wish to remain anonymous, confirmed that Jamaica has enforced the requirement for passengers traveling from Trinidad.
The airline sent out a reminder on Wednesday, insisting that passengers should have proof of the vaccine on the International Immunization Card, to be issued by the Ministry of Health.
On the other hand, the Barbados Today Newspapers is reporting that the island’s Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George says “Barbados will not be following Jamaica’s lead in banning travellers from Guyana and Trinidad, which have been listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) among countries at risk for yellow fever transmission.

“George believes that medical authorities in Barbados are on top of the situation and he insists there is no need for a ban at this stage, especially for passengers coming in from “low endemic” areas”.
He said that “issues of yellow fever resurfaced as a result of a current outbreak in Central Africa, where the virus is blamed for hundreds of deaths.
The approach of the Ministry of Health is not to wildly ban persons from entering Barbados, but to work with agencies at the airport – the immigration officers, environmental health officers – who are scrutinizing where people are coming from,” George added.
There have been no reports of Yellow fever in Jamaica.


    1. Where is your friend Ram Goat today? Not a peep from your pissy friend, See met have a lot of topics that Ram Goat can elaborate and give His views on but nothing? :ngakak

  1. Great, It’s about time Jamaica stop giving these idiots who don’t like us access to our country without the right protocols, Unuh gwan go get unuh yellow fever vaccine, bright and feisty, think we a cunomumo.

  2. but of course, tun dem bak yes!!! a wah dem feel like..nuh dem did put several Jamaicans fi sleep inna deplorable conditions sometime ago last year & denied them entry. if Jamaica nuh have no case of yellow feva den a suh wi want it fi stay… TUN DEM BACK unless dem have proof!!!!IT IS SO ORDERED!!! (in my Judge voice) dwl

  3. Yes send dem right back…next thing dem come wid di yellow fever and wipe out di rass country kmt and dem nuh deserve fi go a no damn hotel either shudda treat dem di same way dem treat wi ppl dem

  4. Good. Our health care system can’t manage no yellow fever outbreak. And dem trini is a set, smh. Very glad jamaicans are taking their actions seriously. The next set is the Bahamians

  5. Glad u all hate Trinidadians so much . Very mature and supporting sense of ” one love ” mentality . Now if u can only convince the over 17,000 Jamaicans living illegally and happily in Trinidad, how bad Trinidad and it’s people are , your hate campaign will take off full – speed. Maybe Donald Trump can be a spokesperson for your hating and division : XENOPHOBIA- born of fools and ignorance!

    On a health note, I am glad that Jamaica has implemented a level of observance and cautions at their borders, for anyone, despite Nationality, that may deemed a yellow fever risk. Hope they put in the proper screening procedures.

    And for all the hateful Jamaicans who commented earlier without rational, I am so glad there are no mosquitoes in Jamaica that can put anyone at risk there for yellow fever .

    1. Of course there is risk of yellow fever there….but why knowingly bring in risks? Get the proper vaccine and push through nuh ? What’s the problem? Could a Jamaican go to Trinidad without the proper vaccines? You know the answer to that question so please stop it.

      How the hell did xenophobia come into this? WHO XENOPHOBIC LIKE TRINIDAD? I guess we all xenophobic….gtfoh as if Trinidad embraces us….look how many different people from all countries migrate to Jamaica all the time from start to finish! Get the hell outta here trying to vilify us….Trinidad innocent ? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? They do not have the proper vaccines so what the fvck are you defending!?

  6. Saranwrap I couldnt have said it any better myself… mi nuh know a weh di raas she a chat bout.. bay fawt, bout Xenophobic. kmrt

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