This ras tflex expect fi walk 
and dash him raw c*cky all bout and have two young baby at home with him old woman wife  ??? And this nice girl weh have Bishop the selector  a take care of her gone take up that likkle nasty boy flex Not even 2 months good yet him dida fuck simple_ashely friend raw name shar weh nuh stop clown and nuh stop post up her baby and babyfAther suh till him breed har so u know him is a man weh nuh use condom now him and the flex crew guh Jamaica fi one week and him start f**k the green arm girl name kai u cousin nuh sure weh she name but she pretty him upgrade from simple Ashely fren cause she neve make not one sense but this Girl de with Bishop Escobar and fi the one week flex de a Jamaica a fi har yard him stay now tell me now fi a nice girl like you weh u guh take up this nasty boy weh me guarantee never f**k u with a condom me feel sorry Fi flex baby mother she must embarrassed every min dem expose him gal dem him baby mother affi be a big idiot gal trust me cause him woulda have to come outa my house worst him a f**k people woman and him nah use protection

4 thoughts on “FLEX U NASTY DAN LEX FLEX?

  1. No sah mi sorry fi the baby mother and nelle upsetter him walk and fuck any and everybody. And the funny thing about everything a him run him gyal dem head. The baby mother really need to kick his ass out and move on with her kids before him give her something and for Nelle that’s what you get to think you can take a next gyal man and get a better treatment, all though you Nelle walk and fuck like dog both man and woman. Mi know about 3 woman right now weh Tyrone a fuck.

  2. Tyrone wen u ago stop fuck ? No sah uh nuh tired fi uh name call over here! Uh need to bill before uh catch the big bbc A , mi nuh kno a wah do u so unuh need to be like lukie smh your very disgusting bad says:


  3. Him a fuck a girl inna brooklyn name channy and dat same gyal a par wid him wife. Dem just a fuck fuck fuck ole fuck truck

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