1. Poor thing and him noh use to the travelling pon bus……… what a journey pon the bus from LA to Jersey.

  2. Met, weh REEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY ah gwan wid this flippa ting? Mi step fadda did lock up fi few yrs and dem move him nuff time fi try mak him talk pon him bredrin.. I wonder if ah the same thing ah gwan wid Flippa? But then again yuh not even see nuh charge.. Mi naw get in pon da 1 ya Met!!

    1. No, he was arrested on the outstanding warrant out of New Jersey to begin with. I guess he either waive his rights to extradition to New Jersey or he had no defense why they shouldn’t send him to that State. We should be seeing some sooner or later as to what those charges are……State or Federal Case?

  3. Now it mek sense with Marsha,sidonie, and kamar deh a jail then the real informer did a bangle them up. Me know flippa a family man a look out fi him common law wife and breddA

  4. Then with government shut down them really can mek prisoner travel…. Flip flip a u say free

  5. Why did he come back to Merika, huh? After all the years of hustling and then his music one would think he secured his future in Jamaica. What a waste. Make your money and get out that’s what I always say. Thank God for yesterday and move on today!
    I’ll miss his attitude and the whole product called Flippa Mafia, hope your time is not to long Homie.

    1. There is such a thing as an Extradition Warrant where they will just scoop him up in Jamaica. Maybe his lawyer in the US let him know that there is an active warrant and he wanted to avoid the public extradition thing and present himself for them to get him in the US. The prisons are a hell of a lot nicer in the US than those in Jamaica. That is the only way I can explain what appears to be a stupid move on his part. Could be his life was in danger in Jamaica and he took at better option….who knows.

  6. He came back to try and help his brother and girlfriend. A family friend told me that he said he couldn’t do anything to help them down there in Jamaica. I feel sorry for him because he was free and clear but his selflessness get him caught.

    1. Oh but u kiss apple ass all day though cool. What apple do is is not show off ?? How does she attain these brands isn’t it by committing a crime.. Now please tell me why ah good fi flippa & not good fi dirty skirmidge jezebel apple wen we a DONE ar like a gun!

      Mi seh!!!
      Met talk to yuh bloggers ooo!

      On the other hand this case will twist up ppl head can’t pree this. Just affi wait & see

  7. This man is about to do so serious time new Jersey is not a state that play when they hand out time I hope for your sake your people’s realize that you are their main source of income! !!

  8. Are you kidding me??? His selflessness, who are the reason they are where they are today??? If he came back to help them, he damn right should. You know u are hot and still yuh pose up ina every dance and gone a LA deh pose in pics. Him cudda come back and keep a low profile and mek we ongle hear he is back. Mi kinda feel a way fi him kids still, but hype a guh be the death a some people……

    1. FLIPPA went back to the US because he wanted to help his brother his kids mom and the rest.This is a personality of unselfishness, not everybody with this kind of responsibility would stand up for their family and friends, knowing the odds he is against, he did what he had to do cause no one else is gonna do it,and unfortunately this is the outcome, but by the grace of GOD, he will be given a chance,or not too much of a serious situation ,so he can learn from his mistakes,like we all do make.Flippa!!!! hold ur head up , u did a lot of good for family and friends and just keep praying , cause father GOD will see u through. ‘ flossing will never stop”

      1. Explain to me how coming back translate into helping his family? Did he come back to make money to help them with their legal expense? Why did he leave in the first place? Why you are saying makes absolutely zero sense. Narcissistic personality disorder doesn’t share the same space with unselfishness…. not on this planet. Pushing poison for income and flossing are not morally or ethically something we should be applauding. Hold ur head up…bullshit!!

  9. Flippa hi am praying for you . God answer prayer hi am praying for you flipper you ar a very good person only god knows and he mows best wish u all yhe best.

    1. :cd @Anon 9:44pm. ‘Hevery’ time I see Sharon Ride comment mi body tense up.One time I thought it was a typo, but she consistent with it. Ms Met should have auto correct because Sharon Ride phone or computer don’t have it.

  10. People Flippa put himself in this situation. I am not a dancehall person and I am not happy to see someone locked up but you reap what you sow and Flippa had it coming. When you are doing illegal activities you should keep a low profile but not Flippa he wants the world to see his possessions he got from his activities and people you should all know Flippa did some foul things to other people, so he is not innocent at the end of the day he will do some hard time in prison whether it’s state or federal the flossing is over now it’s all memories and where are all his followers who use to throw away champagne some are in hiding, you reap what you sow.

  11. @ fashion passion is me u stopping with I don’t give a damn with apples or flippa don’t to get there shit but guess what apples na dah go a dance and road a dash weh money why flippa never go a jamaica and open a home for all the homeless kids and do something good for ja, why him no stop work with police, don’t forget a flippa go on CVM and do interview and sa him a leave all the shit behind and live a good life come on there a kids in ja who look up that shit as a row model I’m need to stop and stop miss lead the ja people them like I said f**k flippa.

  12. @ CNN flippa no come back to no states to help nobody but him self him come back because him money done and him use the last to buy the place so him come back to look money to open t for Christmas and a no ask me ask u a tell me a tell you so u need to stop talk what u don’t know.

  13. Money done yes how him a flossing king and porsche truck park up inna garage, sun a bun it out and not at his so called home…a bare gun flippa tek him money buy a waterhouse oh..him lucky


    1. I believe yu. A niggers like dat rat bat land fish spread weapons inna de Island and yet people still a blame politicians. Politicians tap gi out gun since 80s because drugs man de a America a import dem wid 100 pound bag a rice and cars. DOG NHAME ANYBODY NIGGA SUPPA WE POLLUTE WE ISLAND WID GUNS. Instead a shoes and food a guns dem gi out fi win RESPEK! Death!!!!!!!

      1. FI REAL.

        anybody who know how the ghetto run know say a farina like flippa and dj like kartel weh love chuck badniss buy the most gun put inna the likkle yute dem hand. yeah politician do dem damage from the 1960s-80s but dem days deh done but yet still the same hypocrite dem who a buy gun still a blame dem.

  14. His money dun and him wreak the porsche car so him haffy cum a US and make a money so he can floss for the Holidays

  15. @Anonymous what truck park where
    pls a the last things that mash up before him leave Jamaica, u see how him walk and ack like a gal them boy a love him jail but then again u never know cause a informa so him might soon come road I don’t put nothing pass him.

  16. @Bitch of all media…flippa wreck his car not the truck, mi see the porsche when mi go fix mi car, yuh know too much and from enquiries, I was told a flippa own. Is three or four porsche truck on the island so gwaan talk. Yuh need a photo for evidence gwaan up by the garage


  17. Flippa a wicked because a him the sunday thing that use to keep on the ball ground stop.tgat pussy mek man kill the young and him and him grow up ppl eye wata deh pon u.u help ppl yes but u destroy a lot of life wid the bag a gun dem.I hope dem give u a nice 15-20 yrs.

  18. @Anonymous need a pic of what a two day before the fish get lock him da a me man yard, a you know too much every f**kin thing u in a and FYI him own 1 car and 1 truck the other one is for is friend in LA so get ur shit right BO BO

  19. seem like you have a problem so why him never beg yuh man keep it @ Bitch of all media instead a mek it deh a the ppl dem garage a occupy space ….a you nuff mi a talk bout facts and yuh tek it up pon yuh head, real bitch . Gwaan go pray him nuh buss pon yuh man time yuh dey ova yah, and that them nuh lock you up too like dem do Marsha ..

  20. @ISpy how u come in a this it look like flippa f**k all a u bitches and leave a bad taste in a I’ll mouth, yo low me.

    1. And that comment proved my point. You’re a real idiot because how f**king come into what I said? I’m not even gonna waste my time on you, just calm down cause it seem like heart attack knocking on your door the way you eating up yourself and carrying on.

  21. Young people nuh listen to old people nuh more but mi sure yuh memba dem seh “DI HIGHER DI MONKEY CLIMB DI MORE HIM EXPOSE” when yuh a criminal yuh nuffy include yuh woman inna it worse if a yuh baby Madda this is what di result is going to be the kids loosing both parents.Stop hype pon unu one another.

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