Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.
Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.

DESPITE being unable to take up his US$200,000 bail, deejay Flippa Mafia (Flippa Mogella) remains hopeful ahead of his pre-trial appearance in the Camden County Superior Court in New Jersey, on November 17.
The flamboyant entertainer, whose given name is Andrew Davis, is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, leading a narcotics organisation, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and money laundering. If convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.
The entertainer pleaded “not guilty” to all charges when he appeared in court early September. A trial date of January 26 has been set.
The deejay’s attorney, J Michael Farrell described his client’s state of mind as “hopeful”.
“The charges against Mr Andrew Davis are significant. However, we remain hopeful,” Farrell told the Jamaica Observer.
The defence attorney said he will attempt to get some of the charges dismissed at next month’s hearing.
“It’s at this time that we will litigate our motion to suppress the electronic wiretap interceptions. We will also argue a motion to dismiss the leader of the narcotics organisation count of the indictment,” said Farrell.
According to the attorney, Flippa Mafia’s bail has stringent stipulations.
“More significantly, however, is an immigration detainer, which, to date, has influenced the court to deny bail reductions,” said Farrell.
Paul Loriquet, director of communications at the Office of the Attorney General, said the artiste may be required to attend court several times before his January date.
“We had our pre-trial conference on September 2. Motions are being briefed and we will likely to be in court on one or more occasions to litigate the motions between now and the trial date,” he said.
Mafia and his brother, Kemar Davis, were among 15 people indicted by a state grand jury in January 2014 in connection with an alleged international drug ring that used the postal service and other delivery services to ship cocaine from California to New Jersey. He was arrested on September 16, 2013 in a dragnet dubbed ‘Operation Next Day Air’.
Flippa Mafia, also called the Flossing King, is known to dancehall fans for hurling hundreds of dollar notes into the crowd during his performances.
In an interview with the Observer in December 2012, Mafia said his banquet hall and nightclub in Philadelphia were his main source of income.
“I have been throwing cash for years, so if that was the case there wouldn’t be a need to be doing it now. There are some entertainers who will ‘floss’ their money, take drugs among other things. I just do whatever makes me happy,” he added.
Growing up in Waterhouse, St Andrew, Mafia attended Norman Manley High School in St Andrew. His better known songs are Unfinished House, Star ah Star and Hear mi Hear.


  1. how dem mix up in illegal activities and so boasty and flashy pon every social media and news.like dem money legit and sidung remaining hopeful..smh

  2. Bwoy it look sticky pon di mafia….At least him a remain hopeful, but a one thing mi know di Mafia a go get at least 25 years unda him cloth cause Uncle Sam naa Mek him get way a bloodcloth.

  3. If Flippa is successful in getting the “the leader of the narcotics organization” count of the indictment dropped, then Marsha or his brother is the Leader?
    I bet he plead bargain the case before the trial starts. There is no way in hell his lawyer will be successful in suppressing the electronic wiretap interceptions and dismiss the leader of the narcotics organization count of the indictment. I hope is is not surprise by the people at the ready to testify against him, including those who will flip at the last minute to cut the potentially lengthy sentence. In the meantime, the lawyers are draining all the backup funds. The Jamaican government will go after every and all assets he has in Jamaica once the guilty verdict is announced.

  4. Wow all the money wah yuh did a fling out and di case pan top a case champagne wah did a buss not yo mention di flossing car an jewelry yuh wah tell me seh yuh cannot find di bail money

    1. Well, at least he will still be splashing behind prison bars…maybe not the kind of splashing he’s accustomed to…but there will certainly be splashing when the prison guards yell “LIGHTS OUT”…

    2. Well, the bail money has to be CLEAN money. It cannot be from any illegal source. Where is going to get clean money from? I’m sure he cannot prove that the Night Club paid taxes to the IRS to show legitimate income. The same goes for the attorney fees if he is not using a free attorney (state provided).
      He might also be much safer being behind bars, since his suppliers might want him dead to prevent him from supplying evidence against them to the State Prosecutor.

    3. Remember, they lost over $600K in cash, and about $780K (26 Kilo) in product. That is ~$1.0-$1.4 million in profit/revenue gone down the drain. Probably owe their supply money and those people want their money, if stuff was given on consignment.

    1. Oh man ah just woke up’ long night!
      Simp. I ain’t never lie right…..end of this early next! Marsha trying to plea butbut same time next year her faith will seal same time

  5. It doesn’t matter if Flippa can find the bail money cause as soon as him Mek bail immigration a hold him and further more a legal aid lawyer a represent him. It better him plea bargain cause him a fight a losing battle and di lawyer a just do whey a lawyer suppose to do as far as trying to get some of the charges drop. But at the end of the day Flippa and every one of the defendants will all get lenthy sentences.

  6. I don’t understand how they don’t legalize up some of that money so when shit like this happen they can make bail any big man know when dem get caught up money must be legit to get them out poor flippa parties not the same mi ah tell you but mi nah wanna see know man rott in jail free up flippa and mi link kemar

  7. No clean money fi mek bail…None, Nada, Zero.
    Lawyer inna Fareen (US) cannot accept dirty dallaz. Jamaica is a different story, ask the Senator if him eva see a clean dollar…. lolol.

  8. Yawdy….dat Attorney doe promise Flippa nuttn. Flippa r too sipple. Him slip weh nuff time suh him feel like seh dere is hope. Him Betta have nuff info fi di DEA and di prosecutor fi get di sentance down to 10 ears.

  9. What a shame! him so young, and should be around to see his children grow up, instead when he is released him and his children will be complete strangers. To anybody thinking of this route as a road to success, let stories like dis guide unno. It ain’t worth it, nuh matta how unno hungry and hopeless unno is, turning to any life of crime is not worth it. Ongle 34, him life not even stawt yet and a prison a hold him now fi a long time. I truly feel pity for him.

    1. Remember that for some of the children, both mother and father will be put away for a very long time. In life, you make choices and these guys consciously make the wrong choices and now have to pay the price. As one pharmacist once said to me, not everyone has the same luck when it comes to this business. They should be thankful that they were not killed as a result of their poor choices. Can you imagine Marsha deliver over 1 to 3 kilos of Cocaine to buyers on her own. I know people who were robbed and killed delivering cocaine to potential buyers.
      Not many Jamaica who were involved in the trade are not around to even see their children during visitation in prison.

      1. They say once you get addicted to something it is hard to break free…guess bossing n’ flossing was their drug of choice..

  10. Is the his bail $500,000 or $200,000 or was it reduced from the original $500,000 to $200,000? Anyone know if he has his own attorney or is he rolling the dice on a state appointed lawyer? He better cut a deal (if offered) and not go to trial because all his conspirators will be lining up to testify against him, including his babymoddas and people he doesn’t even know.

  11. State attorney my awse its like him don’t have a lawyer remember legal aid work with the DA his best bet is to plea bcuz basically him a represent himself

  12. Anybody kno wat happen to sidonie in all dis???…she lef har poor pickney n look at har downfall…all becuz a hype

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