Andrew Flippa Moggla/Mafia Davis who was taken into custody on September 16,2013 by the LAPD has been given a court date for October 2, 2013, in the Los Angeles Municipal Building Court Division 10.His charges are still unstated by the LAPD . The Entertainer/ Dancehall celebrity has been moved a total of three times within the LAPD’s detention facility. His last location was Twin Towers Correctional Facility where offenders that require medical treatment are housed.
Reports are that, the entertainer has entered the United States illegally a total of three times and this may also be included in his unstated charges. Also, his common law wife known to many as ‘Marsha’ is also being held in Camden New Jersey jail facility along with his brother Kemar Davis 22 and friend Sidonie Mcleod 28. McLeod was once the girlfriend of popular Jamaican Entertainer, ”Elephantman’, and former employee of Zip FM in Jamaica. The charges that surround the incarceration of the Entertainer’s family are said to be drug related.
In March of this year, an email was received stating that


Message Body:
met si di bwoy yah weh a gi weh di mafia man dem him name carson so philly people beware…”

Strangely no court date has been issued for the Entertainer’s family nor have charges been filed

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  1. Poor Marsha and sidonie I feel sorry for them because They have children who need them.
    Look at that Flippa and Marsha both the kids parents in jail..Flippa really sick in Jamaica and Flying all bout modeling with different women when Marsha in Jail doing time because of him

  2. Twin towers doesn’t only house immates with medical issues a lie dat……yuh have to go thru medical before you are housed with general public sometime it tek all thirty day before dem assign u to ur unit……

  3. @ anonymous…….uzeet……a spread rumour and propoganda…lol……twin towers is a jail…period……and not specifically a medical facility…it is the central jail for los angeles county for those who have serious charges or already been sentenced in court to less than one year of incarceration……..for example a DUI on friday night you stay at your local jail til monday you go to court and see the judge for bail….but….if on friday night you have a DUI and run from the police….you go to twin towers cause your azz is going to get incarcerated for sure…..

  4. None of these people know nothing about this flippa and Marsha thing this min is one thing the next min is some thing else stop assume people and just wait for the real story.

  5. The illegal entry is not a state issue therefore not in Anyway related to his current situation. How the philly people dem been so quiet on these topics for months. It is confirmed that sidonie and kamar are being held but no official word on Marsha how so?

    1. The original Smh! you are correct! I always try to explain to folks that state & homeland ie: ICE are two different things

  6. Honestly…who care bout flippa.marsha or anybody else get lock up…flippa been hype from longtime shit just a reach him now nigga didn’t realize afta awhile ur no good to the alphabet boyz anymore….u use up ur free pass alrdy my yute…soon soon all dat money u n ur family di a dash weh u a go need it…..i mean di nerves of this lil nigga a do illegal shit then a post shit online a show off n carry on …the Damn Nerves….

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