Met dis ah flour aka Blash di tief from New York him ah walk around an tief and rob people from New York to la to Connecticut him a eat out and lik out the gyal them p**y and b** hole a LA!! Met mi say when di boy flour left new York and come a la him broke no bl**dclott like dogggg! him wear di same ole dutty blue shoes and one bl**dclott blue pants as you si Ina di picture. mi sey the man come a la and snitch out bready afta dem gone pon robbery and a walk around a tell people bready and Michelle from la snitch pon him and put him ina jail.Dutty flour Rob Mexican a la and man a New York And a hype up him self from the Bronx to Connecticut and still broke no f**k. Weh him need fi do a go tek care of him hygiene because him arm sour no b**dcloth. Di boy a walk round and breed up the gyal them and him already have 9 Pikney and a lie sey him only have 1 him oldest Pikney 16 Years old and him married 5 times already and still try marry other women and tell them him a give them green card. met flour a nuh bad man him a pu**y and bad man fi di women them because him walk around and cotch up at the women them yard and a use them fi place fi sleep.Him use to live at Michelle and Archie Ina la house. SO LOOK OUT PEOPLE AND BEWARE HIM WILL ROB YOU TEIF YOU AND CON YOU HIM WILL EVEN ROB HIM OWN MADA!!

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  1. don’t try discourage da senda I can beware of da thieft scammers con man am not n dese ppl circle but u neva know its a small worl

  2. True thing him teef bad this yr him fool 3 gal outta their tax money go spend it ah Vegas gambling lost $5000+ in one day after claiming friend teach him to beat the system. He promises all these women house tells them he loves them ect. WOMEN stop falling for sweet words. Heard 1 he joked was ugly with 4 kids in NYC gave him thousands and he never even slept with her. Known him 5 yrs so know his ways he can’t even read or write so let’s women do his dirty work. He claims to be the sin of one of Jamaica richest men which is a total lie. Him rob family and friends ANY BODY him don’t care when money involved yet him always end up bruk

  3. Right now he’s homeless. We share a child and he does nothing for her in 6 yrs just calls with empty promise. Glad someone out him. He has a baby on the way but yet again will deny it and only talk of his eldest kid. He did the same shit in England then run here because they wanna kill him. Acts bad but is an idiot he can’t work true him illiterate and has no trade so spends life scamming and selling drugs even being a police informer for money. This man always target vulnerable single mothers with promises then disappear with their tax money. I’m glad I left the fool because I wouldn’t give him $1.yes he’s a pussy licker and love batty wash with his tongue because the 5 inch dick isn’t much to work with. Keep changing name Blash child support and fraud charge soon drop on u if people don’t kill u 1st.

  4. Good for him!!! I prayed and hoped someone put this bloodcloth pussy pon ya him a teif scam artist and love bloodcloth lik out oman batty ! Mi friend dem a look for him now !!!! Flour if you a read dis mi sey go suck yo bloodcloth madda! And get in hiding because we a come!!!!!

  5. Whooo mi gld seh somebody put tha pussy deh pon blast & small up im things,im act like im bad but im a lip stick gangsta big pumpum gal flowa im tief & chat like a bitch mi hear nuff people a look fi im fi lick off im head because im a walk round & rob di people dem thing’s but dem soon catch im duty bloodclaath because im nuh live nuh weh tha batty ole broke like glass with im batty breath raayyy lol.mi hear seh im send fi a likkle dutty gal weh name sue weh look like a old f**k box from spanish town with di money weh im tief from ppl & a tell di gal that im aguh married her fi her greencard im too rass claath bright & ave her a sleep pon floor di gal a idiot. Wohhh ppl tune in tomorrow for a thousand reason why everybody hate big pu**y flowa! Lol..Dwl…

  6. Flour is a bloodclaath pussy hole mi know im & all im do a rob ppl & tell bear lies & pray pon woman he’s a f**king snake.im ave two woman pregnant fi im a LA & a try get di gal pregnant weh im send fa from Jamaica but somebody soon out im light because mi hear nuff man a look fi im bloodclaath im name Stink out a road mi hear seh even di Mexican dem from LA a look fi im because im nuh stop tek di ppl dem things & im nuh stop change name flour aka blash but mi seh batty hole flour im nuh stop lick out di dem batty & dem pumpum :p :games

  7. dutty nasty flour earl Ledgister a walk round and a breed up ppl gyal pickney, a walk and a tell ppl him a citizen of the united states lairing motherF****. him cant get get citzenship because in cah read r write and failing the test. dutty nasty flour me seh if me catch u mi woulda pay a man fi knock ur head off because u dont worth living, this boy a dutty thief him will thief yo clothes off yo back while lookin yo in ur face. mi thief tax money from his own pickney wah him nah mind him have a baby together wah him nah teck care of not even call him nuh know how his child eat sleep are care for this boy is a nasty dutty wicked johncrow, some dutty gal a hype them self ova him but them a fool themn a dutty nasty gyal, a breed woman from left right and center and then a deny him pickney them and bout gyal give him jacket him and him a thief ppl weed and run wey low life pu**y.. every second him change number because him a hide from ppl but wait dutty nasty low life boy sumbody ago blow yo brains out. yo soon mek man F u inna ur batty if yo nah do it already. nasty dutty flour.

  8. Omg I thought by now he have changed. Just saw the posts , I am also a mother to one of his son which he is going to be 11 this yr.

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