Good Evening Met!!

What is it with these big woman and the little young boys dem tek up & a mind! Imagine big ole woman like Shauna who every man in a Philly past thru gone go pick up this little bleach out face bwoy.

She feel seh Because di bwoy new inna Philly, him probably don’t know bout har whoring ways!! Mi seh met she try so everything fi show off di likkle bwoy, but girl don’t no body want neither him or you. Two a dem look like dem a share di same Bottle of bleaching cream! Lol!!

Shauna rest yuh pennany likkle bit mumma. Every year u keep foam party it’s a different man! It don’t look good girl

8 thoughts on “FOAM CHANGER

  1. Met this pic is not of Shauna the sender obviously does not know her either. Maybe she teck the senda man. Hush sender. Cause once Shauna teck him wont be coming back cause gal mine man and do all the things in bed. Senda go look on Kelly mafia page for Shauna that’s her pic.. Don’t know who this girl is but she ain’t from philly..

  2. mind uno own business this is why i would never have certain class as friends, nuh know why town people suh mixx up, i bet my life is town ghetto uno originally come from. no sah

  3. U F*****KKKA YOU SENDER……oonu too nuff…love post ppl pic and mind ppl life while fi oonu a spoil…..sick n tired

  4. Loose pussy mona from va when she keep dance all 10 man in dere she one a fuck gal
    Love look for money man an stay bad dirty gal married unhappy hoe

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