To me it look like seh someone ketch feelings because him put up him son and dem a seh is because a next girl pregnant and tek dis picture ..Now ..yuh pregnant as yuh claim and if di buddy a Ragga own because is kinda two separate pictures…so if di baby a Ragga own , what kinda relationship/friendship supposed to be in place after this picture put up, Ragga supposed to still like yuh or hate yuh yah now?? So him did fi hide dis baby? Uno si man aid ooman and ooman and want buddy suh unno get buddy now is a problem. Tek buddy yuh did think it easy.. Mi will hold the buddy picture till a evening when mi get a better understanding ah wha really a gwaan


  1. It look like the person had this for awhile and just waited for the right time to release it . If you notice it was released on the same day of his announcement of the birth of his child.

    Met you know what the same thing reach the rapper Lil Wayne when some groupie took his picture while he was sleeping.

  2. You know how much side chicks and groupies have pics and videos of celebrities nowadays . Like seriously. I’m not surprised this happened to Raga

  3. Raga claim to be the King of Mixup but when the drama reach him he start bawl out how people fighting against him and dem dutty and wicked. lmao

  4. met hurry up cuz mi waan hear raga mixup,,,,,,,,,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,,,lolooooooolllllllllllllllll,,,,him son sweet doe

  5. Di buddy look workable yes…and a two diff pic an dem match !!! Look yah mixup a raZ mixup nuh care a who..but mi say all along ragga got him groupie dem pon di di gyal him really a sawt out deh deh a fren dem n a laff afta dem..di whole a dem a one set a shit pot

  6. Raga ruks off nuff a dem pon ac wall.nuff feeling hurt right now .FACT .miche le a dogshit .f**k fi uwi fee

    1. Him couldnt stop dem from tek di picture, dat person did have intentions from before dem reach ina di bed. Fi tell di truth if Ragga did have one woman mi woulda shock…wid virgo man that is not possible :ngakak

  7. Revivalist head gone now.she a release all a Ragga secret.ragga meck sure Monday u address all these pumpum swapping and doh pllay no bag a music like u did Friday. Me seh Friday was the most awkward day di mount a music me hear me tunn off the show and come back 20 minutes later and music still ah play.Ragga was walking on thin ice..Smaddy look like dem threaten him meck him fling out baby all of a sudden..Ragga u fi practice what u preach.. How u get entangled and u seh you a PRO and u no frightened fi pretty pum pum..

  8. that’s puzzling, Inna d beauty shop today the ooman dem a ponder y would Raga announce this a whole two months post birth? Was he waiting on DNA test results? A hope more stories come een pon dis b-cauzen seh ppl a Rd a wonder an ponder. Answers plz.

    1. yes .u hit nail on head.raga DID a dna and made announcement once he got results.michel Le a big thot in lady’s clothing

  9. MET OHH. mi still a wait pon di buddy Pickcha. Mi wah see it live and direct. mi undastand seh Ragga a human but mi lose afta him. Di way how him prach how woman teach him dis and dat, mi cah believe him meck a young Thot bring him to this. Criss Cross nah go have di same respect fi him again no matter how hard Ragga try. Him shoulda never go Walla ina Cross Thot juice, Cross, a hope you learn ur lesson and stop tell Ragga how di gal dem skills badd.See him go try and see fi himself behind ur back deh.

    Me wah no a which one a Pamputae fren Ragga use to Slap or is Pamputae herself? Ragga eva get excited when dem call fi him phone. No sah Ragga really love the Ghetto slam.

      1. Mi tell uno already..Raga is a true virgo..dem cannot taming *cheeze voice* ..Woman will run dem down but a lot of them will be just f—ks di woman dem fi know that because whoever him love he will not leave

    1. and plus marsha ridgeline wey loose de ridgeline so she a just marsha marsha now n raga tite too.some money borrowings use to go dung regularly.b4 marsha tun paupa now

  10. Mi cah believe is a repeat today..Ragga a hide from him Class today. Ragga you of all ppl should know seh Fass ppl like me will be waiting to hear this HotAClaps.

      1. Met bexer dan me cah find right yah now. And a bet u him first word when him come on is him “doh wah talk bout it”. Me kinda a get turn off from him hypocrisy yah now.

  11. I knew he wasn’t gonna come on today a so him luv run and hide him think ppl ago forget ..mi still a wait fi biggie dash out sum more tings pon him..d├áts why him dash out da pickney Friday cause him know him nah cum on tiday..him a hide like a coward but it jus show seh him is a sociopath who pretend but him nuh loyalty nobody all him do a use ppl and wen him dun use dem him cuss dem off and turn da idiat dem weh worship him against dem but fi dem day soon cum too cause like I said raga is a sociopath who nuh loyal to nuhbady at all

    1. I dont kno the big man name jah P walford but a him next raga gwine use and refuse.everyday him itch up bakka raga batty like a big pussy gyal .a run errands for raga and crisscrass .all fly go jamaica wid raga.a wha do dem undacova fish ya man .why tho?look into it dem just tick so.if no reason

  12. RAGGA is not on air today, because, he is on his way to California. He will be on air March 25 -27th, while in California.

  13. lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,bwoy mi luv dah raga mixup yah ,,,,,,,,,,,more plsssssssssssssss,,,,raga bitcha u ,,,,,,,so cross an Michel le did really deh fi chuu,,,,,,,,raga man f**kery dat

  14. @torontogirl you are correct. I was a loyal listener and thought higly of raga but after what him do to puss i got totally turned off. And then came the Revivalist saga…even though i didnot care for revivalist after i saw what raga and and his inner circle did to her on the radio…after all she did for him that alone made me lose all respect for him.

  15. lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mi luv dah raga mixup yah,,,,,,,,,,cross an Michel le did really deh fi chuu,,,,,,,,,,raga u a lew man wah dat cross a u likkle son man ,,,,,,foolishness dat

  16. He seh she rob him and bare tings but a good fi har she did too nuff she run back a raga like She a him shadow…den wen him dun har him listener dem call and dun her wicked all pon him wall… wen she was running round fi him him never did a complain , a bare tings she do fi him all pick up Lisa hyper from airport wen him have him show and wen mi hear how him dun her fi like a whole month mi seh new sa da man yah wicked and disloyal bad a suh him tan him heart dutty bad but him pretend like ppl jus badmine him..wen him did a work fi squeeze and a tell ppl lie how da biolife good and mek ppl tek dem hard earn money waste pon da garbage cause him get commission off da product wen him and squeeze kick off him tun ppl gainst squeeze..look how him use lady ann den all of a sudden she badmine ..raga can’t get along wid ppl fi long cause him is a sociopath and da idiat dem weh a go outta dem way and a mek donation to him dem soon get use and dash weh too

    1. Yes but u nuh realize a lot of people are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Revivalist I know nothing about because mi nuh keep up with the show but, knowing what I know when people see u move a certain way they run in for their own purposes if dem helpful that don’t mean they are good. What if she did a teef him fi true? Maybe he should have kept some of it off the scene and its hard with that type of forum. From where I am and the few whey me encounter I can tell u that a lot of people will pretend to be good and not be. Uno nah go see everything or know everything and in theses situations no one wants a public confrontation because its not a good look…But from fi mi experience here trust me, sometimes nuh matter how u try to avoid it , it will happen. The best thing is not to dwell on it but buff people looking to be part of the hype because people love popularity more than even those who are popular .

  17. if revivalist never thief the money why is she paying back people???? and is not only raga she thief from, she also thief from the people dem too. it’s better you use somebody else… revivalist not a good one…

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