1. Joe doesn’t seems to know much about Toya or her well being. He wasn’t certain of her age, whether she was 30 or 31, he wasnt sure how she died as he said he ‘think’ she got an heart attack in her sleep…This man did not love Toya because he wasn’t speaking from his heart when he was asked about this pic with Ishawna, he had to read from a piece of paper…smh….stop blaming the system Joe

  2. If Joe is 69 and Toya was 30 and they have been together for 13 years. Did they start their relationship when he was 56 and she was 16/17?

  3. Listen, please don’t blame the Jamaican system, my friend’s dad was on dialysis up by uwi and the man got healed or better till he came off, I know uwi has a great program expensive but good. Munda ravers case was more severe than toya he needed a kidney as both his failed he lived for almost 5yrs after being diagnosed. I believe there are even private institutions that offer dialysis treatment and they might be costly but joe money nuff so he could have gotten care here. Please dont blame the health system here. Cah there are several private facilities that offer the service.

  4. Met is it just me or Joe just seem so condecending. He clearly diverted fr the pic to blaming Jamaica health officials which is alwasy the easier way out eh?? ANd then to inadvertently accusing Toya of her own demise… Yes she did a dance hall tete n all drink and so but whe u a go tarnish d lassst likkle image a d gyal so fa pon TV when nuff ppl drink and smoke worse dan Toya n nave not even 1/2 d money like Joe but still live..U see dem ppl ya a use sikes n me na buy it R.I.P. Toya Goodnight MET


  6. I blame the one Ishawna. Joe said that she was the one who got him on the stage. She shoulda never do that, and she know damn well say dat de man ooman jus passed a few days earlier. Then again, if she nuh have no respect fe harself, how she fe have respect fe de dead? I don’t know about the health care system in JA, so I cannot say anything about dialysis treatment out there. However, as a person who has Type 2 diabetes (runs in my family), I do have to take my medications and supplements daily, watch my diet carefully, (which is very hard to do), exercise regularly, use my glucometer (a small technological device) to check my blood sugar twice a week, get my eyes and teeth checked yearly, and see the Diabetes Specialist every 3 months to make sure that my blood sugar levels are within range (7 is normal). Anything over that is too high. It sounded like Toya had juvenile diabetes (diabetes when you are a youth), and it got worse as she got older. That’s nothing to laugh about, because you really have to take very good care of yourself when you have diabetes, and some people don’t know that they have it, until it’s too advanced. To Toya: Sleep well.

  7. Lol first of all do you guys realize this old pervert wearing sunglasses? Have you ever heard the saying the eyes is the window to the soul. No matter what it speaks the truth even when the mouth lies. FAKE FAKE FAKE. No remorse at all. Reading from a paper him probably didn’t even write. Been with the girl since she was a kid and you know nothing abt her? Old white pervert demon. Go back to where u coming from

  8. Mi sey, I was saying Ishawna was heartless but this man is faker than a $3 bill….There is not even an ounch of sympathy in voice, I wish I could see his eyes when he was speaking, look like him did deh wid har from she a 16 years old if she a 30 yrs old and dem deh 13 years now…R.I.P young miss

  9. My uncle lived for 20 years on Dialysis that he received from KPH. Only reason why he died because he was getting inadequate care from his wife and children and he basically gave up.

  10. Joe upset didnt even watch all of it.

    -HE THINK SHE 30.

    1. Morning she was 31 would have been 32 on November 19…went into cardiac arrest at 5 something am..pronounced dead a little after 7 am. Bless

  11. I think drinking have alot to do with kidney failure for dialysis. My friend aunt die from kidney failure she was a heavy drinker she was on dialysis for a while before she die was in her 30s

  12. Uno hear ishawna wid har fake speech bout toya is the first lady of dancehall … Ishawna could explain that please

  13. From da outside looking in i think man grieve different from woman. so what this man go thru in the dark alone when nobody around. Jamaica doesn’t have a healthcare system like most third world countries. It’s unfortunate this girl didn’t get better health care for her condition sooner in America or Europe. Cuba have a great healthcare system also

  14. Good morning Met, Metters.
    You seem more knowledgeable than Joe, either that or he is liar, We need to check if Joe have insurance on Toya and why he didn’t at first take her to a doctor in the USA because them always a talk about Jamaica a 3rd world country………Not buying the bovine excrement that Joe selling with his fake a$$ self

  15. Good Sunday to MET ‘ hope your feeling better for the new week ahead coming u had a rough week last week losing your close friend . I watched Joe & onstage last night here on JMG went to my bed & think about his trash talk. As a older woman with daughters one older than toya & my experience with men. Joe is a fake ‘ met from his conversation on stage he’s hiding something yes she has diabetes but he seems to wanted her out the way & i believed she wos slowly poising ‘ with her underline sickness her immune wos already compromise that’s why she died from all those complications. Remmber Joe does investment he’s almost 70 years & very wise . Let’s Google his back ground & find his history why he end up in Jamaica boggers not all glitter is gold ‘ copper can look just like gold before it tarnished means expose.

  16. Met Google Joe name & u will see what he wos accused of June 5 1991 that’s why he run left California ‘ yes ms ishana u is are next replacement Google not lying il pray for u all eyes on u. Met u have goat mouth or a third eye skatta a just front ishana a Joe gal right out until him feel to park hair up .

  17. What a weak interview, you soon hear him mek statement that he was “grieving and upset” #puppyshow

  18. I agree with almost all the comments esp the one dat says why u never carry her go USA as she get sick and how can u not remember the girl exact age after 13 yrs of being with her kmdt come on now . I don’t see no grief on him. Kmdt joe n ish well together how long but I hope toya haunt dem lying ass.. Bout he was surprised when pulled on the stage … Really now joe how conveniently you stand up almost directly behind her . It was well planned !!!! Man always ready fi jump behind ish so me would a like know how you sey she call for a male and none went so dats why you did … Just shut your lying ass up already!!!!

  19. Everybody wants to blame the man,sorry if I sound hash, I’m sorry this girl lost her life at a young age,but you have to change your lifestyle and diet when your diagnosed with DM,dialysis can only do so much ,but if the persons is non compliant with there lifestyle they go on to have even worst complications,such as amputation,lost of site,End stage renal disease,acute heart attack that can lead to cardiac arrest,DM is a degenerative disease so she must see multiple signs as the years went by,people always point fingers because blame cyaa drop a grung,so he slept with her from she young it’s sad but nothing new to Jamaicans,these young girls want a certain lifestyle so they do whatever to get it,maybe she fell in love with him I don’t kno , maybe he doesn’t like them when they get old I don’t kno,but wat I do kno is everyone is responsible for their own lives and how they live it,did he try to get her away from the lifestyle for her health I don’t kno,but it’s evident she was a sick woman with complications

  20. I dont like this dude one bit.. Very condescending and doesnt seem the least bit sincere. Why being from LA didnt he send her there long time.. What he says about her dying from ompplications of diabetes can happen Kidney disease and the impact of the dialysis with a 20% ejection fraction can cause a massive heart attack..Does seem like he was rying though If he got her a donor for a june trasplant.. That can be a long process. He obviously spent some money.. Anyway Only god Knows so lets pray she RIP and her son is taken care of because he says the kid is ok and thats impossible he just lost his mom.

  21. MET KNOW EVERYTHING lol BUT SHE NAH TROUBLE THIS ONE am in the business and a long time ishawna and joe a f**k nuff time me did wah mouth foota bout it and kool but him find out late bz bz hoim eyes was focus on joe pocket

  22. Bwaay seh God know, if mi wrang figive mi, but Joe, no sah, u write sinting pan paper fi read? suh a suh u haffi rehearse and write dung before? plus u wen deh buy har dress, u buy har funeral dress at the airport? Not genuine or deh come from di heart at all, too much avoiding of the subject, now u want to blame the Jamaican health care system? Them bad fi true but u a rich man, if aftah di first or even second month u see seh she nahn deh do well, why u nevah ask dah same Doc fren deh? Mi sure know seh if ah did u, u reach a foreeen long time fi medical help. U siddung wid har 1 yr and it not getting bettah and it nevah occur to you to guh someweh else? summn nuh right here suh. RIP young lady, u deserved bettah dan Joe, dah man yah nuh look like him a greave at all, look how him clothe tight till all button look like it ready fi pop any second! Met Joe a wicked, him siddung wid Toya mek she dead, him nevah cyah then and him nuh cyah now it look like. Tek up di girl at an impressionable age and did nothing really fi save har life, u planning fi get married to har and u don’t even know har age, or is count u can’t count, all when Winfred a smoothly frig him up him not even realize, or him can’t count and mi doubt that. U nuh right Joe , u nuh right, u shouldah him do bettah if only fi u son sake!!

  23. All I will say the eyes are the keys to someone soul toya baby rip girl trust me u nuh deserve this sweetheart but guess what there is a god in heaven

  24. BTW Met, Toya was born 19/11/1984. She was 30. She would have been 31 Years old this coming November. That’s a fact. You can research it.

  25. The man made a lot of sense to me. (1) Nothing is wrong with writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper especially when the man is preparing his wife final arrangements. (2) People react differently to diseases like anon above said. A family member of mine has been on dialysis for 5 years and over those years he has seen many many people at the facility die while on it. Most of them come after him. He seeking the Lord because he knows how lucky he is. (3) There is a huge problem with the Jamaican healthcare system. (4) I have family members who cant even remember their kids or spouse ages. And isn’t most of the time he’s in sun-glasses. Even if he is guilty of any wrongdoing, I didn’t see it here.

  26. Don’t know the parties involved but watching this interview, I don’t unders why the bloggers are saying this man is guilty. Guilty of what? There is nothing wrong with writing down your thoughts and then reading it. Everyone grieves differently guys.

  27. Met did he really met her sick cause then it would be type 1 DM. Diabetes does not kill suddenly and fast. Signs and symptoms would come as a warning. He is too rich to fail those signs. The system did not fail is wife. He did.

    1. I dont think he did.She was someone who went to the doctor often enough..Things happened quickly from one thing to the next and it wasn’t because the diabetes was out of control . I dont want to go into details of what took place when. All I can say is that to what I know from what she told me many times the doctors began to assume different things because they couldn’t understand why she was getting progressively worse..It was one thing after the other and it didn’t begin with the diabetes nor end with it. It was very hard for those around her from beginning to end.

      1. If u listen to what joe is saying he did make reference to the heart condition , it was weak and it was weak before they found out about her kidneys..It was many things she was a trooper to hold out this long..She was fighting…fighting..traumatized at one point but she was very very strong to hold out so long..intensive care many times n made it back out

        1. I think she went back to jamaica n they were not treating the heart a dat mi a assume because mi never know it did pop up again until the other day so I’m guessing it wasn’t on the table..Cause she couldn’t get no transplant with a weak heart so mi nuh think Jamaica was treating it or the doctor that was treating her here would know what he was working with from get go.

  28. I am looking at his wife and I believe she has breast implant. As to the fact he is rich I would like to think she when to a good MD and blood test medical clearance has to be done. Her A1C BUN CREAT. should have shows some signs. Not only that when one immune system is weak even and UTI not treated can affect the kidney. With Joe nasty look I can guess??????

    1. She went to a doctor weekly , checked her eyes regularly..everything happened suddenly. The doctors were surprised

  29. Thanks Met as a professional researcher, I can not just take basic info. on important topic. So thanks for letting me know there is more. Many people don’t understand how some disease work. Some disease does not kill you. Some disease weaken your immune and then simple illness affect you. When you have some illness you can’t mess with dirty ppl. Its not only HIV you have to worry about.Pum Pum and pum pum no greet, many women can tell when they man cheating on them, if you know your body well your PH can change. You get alittle odor, somethings its not a STD as we commonly know. But someone with weak immune it can affect their system usually the kidney. UTI fever Antibotic any little things.

    1. It started off as a weakening in her system first then every other problem started popping up..Jamaica to blame but farrin can share some blame too..for her eyes and whenever they found something with the eyes n treated it another condition different from the one before pop up.

      1. It hurt bad seh she gone but when I think about everything I have to lift my hat to her strength and comfort my spirt with the fact that she is not going through the pain or suffering anymore. Not easy being her..If Joe would put it to thought and her family would approve he could do a movie on her life because I dont think I know anyone who walked that road. It would motivate and uplift those who think they should give up because she go through it.

  30. Trust mi the health system will fail you even when u a part of it. You have to be educated and speak up from start.

    1. Yes in a way but when sudden sickness hit u and u dont have time to research etc your health is left up to the mercy of these doctors

      1. She said to gather strength to carry on she had to block out some of what she went through while she was hospitalized because the memory alone would kill her if she let it..Strong human being .

    2. You have hit the nail on the head with that statement. This is true in the USA and everywhere for that matter. I know people who died in the US because the doctors missed important lab results, stick your lab results in your chart and don’t even know it is there or fail to order basic test. When a doctor is seeing up to 100 patients a day for only five minutes and/or monitoring 100s of patients over a certain time period, it is easy for a number of these patients to fall off the grid and receive suboptimal care.

      Some of these Doctors are just in it for the money and make many mistakes, partly due to their own incompetence. I agree that you have to stay on top of a lot of these Doctors or you will pay the ultimate price. Don’t let them intimate you, ask a lot of questions or find another Doctor….there are not all equal. Ask for color copies of your lab results and go over it to see which tests have high/low/abnormal results (it is normally shown in a different color). When in doubt, pay $100 – 200 to see another doctor outside of you plan to review copies of your chart/labs. Two eyes are better than one.

  31. Met, yuh know say me did a think the same thing about the movie because me know a lot of ppl will watch it.

    1. Her journey was a journey and a half but I can say I am more sure now of God than before..I was skipping around in my head with the whatifs but mi sure sure now..Jehovah is the true and living God

  32. @jusafast chose a different name nu.. mi cya Stan Joe no Dungle fowl ishawna weh frighten n nu use to nutn!

  33. I am a Nurse by profession and everything Joe said is true. It will happen exactly like that and it did cause its his woman and not ours. We are listening to reply and not listening to understand. Also the man is not young so if he says he thinks she’s 30 so what woman lie about their age all the time in music business so he had to remember the real age quickly.who don’t know that don’t know anything, cause that’s now entertainment101. Anyway back the harsh criticisms. If you look carefully his anger about healthcare got him emotional not that he’s not showing remorse. and grieving has about seven stages. many people in Jamaica education level stops at high school so these reactions cannot be taken and will be taken seriously by those who have been beyond that. Side note- what does rich have to do with knowing better. the guy said he learned most of this 3 weeks ago. People are not geniuses in every area.His experience with Toya has educated him on how things SHOULD have been done. SMH. Unnu just a pounce suh

  34. @nurse thanks for this comment, in situations like this people let ther emotions get ahead of proper judgement and common sense. Sometimes my mother don’t remember Her kids age, sometimes my husband says his age wrong and most times its usually in a social setting, imagine if they are in a stressful situation. If it was up to money alone only poor people would die and rich people alone would live.

  35. Joe looks very sad to me .. him look like him wa bawl to me but thats just me everybody eyes see different things .. everybody mind different. He looks like somebody who lost a loved one. I think he wrote down what he needs to say because he probably cant even think straight at this time and to be bothered with the interview also because if it was me i wouldnt be doing no interview so soon .. I dont like a bone in Ishawna body but I dont tink she av nothing to do with this at all.

  36. Majority of Jamaicans who are wealthy and reside in Jamaica, come to the U.S. for treatment when it comes to serious illness, that is not something that you have to wait to be told. As he said the tube was only giving her 50% of the treatment, so you are aware of this why wouldn’t you act faster instead you let her continue to get 50% for a year. That to me says a lot about him as a person and a partner. I worked for a doctor who’s wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and instead of paying the money to for her to go to a specialist that primarily deals with that disease he had her go see a friend of his. Granted he was a neurologist, but his regiment for her seemed to make her symptoms worse. He was having an affair with a staff member so his wife’s health wasn’t his focus or priority. A friend of his wife gave her the money to go see the specialist and the new regiment that she was put on has turned her life around completely. We all know that everyone’s body reacts to illness and treatment differently but I don’t think her wellness was a top priority for him that’s just my opinion. You can also get excellent care in Jamaica, if your is right.

  37. @ SHanna
    Didn’t you hear the man say that he learned abut that later on. Your such an expert on rich people. Poor and rich alike don’t know about certain illnesses until it affect them directly. experience is the bet teacher, this as his experience and he’s now gonna do a Diabetes foundation with this new knowledge from this experience. Nobody is better at dancing than a person who actaully dances tnan spectate. He was in spectator seat.You guys are so quick to know how to do thngs when its not you it happened t

  38. 1. Jamaica health care system IS 3rd world. FACT. why was she in ja for any amt of time for 3rd world care with his money esp?????? kmt

    2. diabetes IS deadly –but not typically to a 30yo healthy fit woman
    sumn wrong,….NOT diabetes send her to dialysis and eventually kill she .FACT

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