1. “Kaseline Hernandez” lmfao

      None of this should be surprising though. Bolt isn’t entertaining anyone who isn’t freaky and willing to do 3sums, not at this stage of his life. That is a requirement for girlfriend or jumpoff status. From wifey in 5 years, we can expect different.

  1. Wow the hoes are always winning.. If you have morals and you are a good girl you will not attach the type of dirty men with money whom loves the dirty life. I rather my soul than a dirty men/life, our consicous mind is like a pillow.. When the pillow feel comfortable we get a good sleep, when the pillow doesnt feel comfortable we dont get a good sleep neck problem and tiredness. Our conscious mind is the same. So if they can be comfotable at nights living those life and sleep good a night time.may GOD go wid dem cause mi caah come. Me get fi find out from some man get money a pure dutty life dem wan live. @met a lie me a tell? How di f**k usian fi a kiss gal weh love suck gal pussy?

  2. If as a couple they are honest with their sexual needs.Then kudos to them & what they do as consenting adults in private is their issue.Many people who seem all morally together in the public eye, are sometimes the most devoid of morality behind closed doors.

  3. Good morning Met

    That’s why my girl just cool with everything….but a nuh like it matter now, cause a mate me see inna wife role front and center a gi har man flag! A weak!

    1. “a mate me see inna wife role front and center a gi har man flag! A weak!

      People with sense see and recognize this! We can see it clear that Bolt is not that serious about her, as she is about him. She is a glorified cheerleader with only social media relevance. SMH

      IDK why she sent in/ approved that Huffington post article. From that start, all the media houses picked it up, and gave her this wife status that she clearly doesn’t have. Kasi knows the relationship she has with Bolt, and now she’s going to have to kill herself to get the ring to save face and avoid international humiliation.

  4. This really shouldn’t be surprising that she’s bisexual. At this stage of his life, Bolt is only interested in freaky women and 3 sums, so to maintain girlfriend or jumpoff status, you have to be down with that.

    We can expect different for who he eventually settles down with and marries. But not these girls.

  5. Mi sey Kasi a tek the international media by storm from yesterday..She dey pon the front page of the Daily Star of Scotland today, mi see all language mi cnt identify a chat bout har..wht is not this..Met u see wey u start..All quotes fr “ppl who are close to the couple” Dem hve..And an off hand reference abt JMG

  6. So a wah mek most a di questions a ask bout har lesbian life… Why is she getting interviewed again? What did she do great more than be the greatest ediot Gal… So how dem naw ask bout har husband usain…. so she a put out har application doe. A mek di next money man dem know she into whatever… shit and smear it on her she fine with that fart in her mouth she’s fine with that not for the money but for the fame…

    1. This was 3 years ago. She was idle on Facebook and created a platform for people to ask her random questions. The questions ranged from where she likes to shop to her sex life. Sender just chose to send in the lesbian questions.

      See the link here:

  7. After reading it again it may be that she wants to be glorified and give a sensational story. This is the way I look at if you are in a serious relationship with some one and you love them your focus is on that person. Their is no honesty in immorality. There is no man who loves a woman would want her to open what he has sealed for another man. The fact that she stated this has made me look down in disappointment on Usain. I thought he was genuine. And before I am attacked regardless of your achievements your sexually exploits say a lot about you. That’s how life is created.

  8. Guys this is not a real official interview this is ask FM anyone with a Twitter account knows that back in the days ask/fm was the sht I don’t even know if ppl still use it .. These questions were asked 3 years ago ! I deleted my Twitter in 2012 so I wouldn’t know what Goes on over there now but ask fm isn’t anything special you just post the link on ur timeline and your followers ask u random questions but you won’t know who asked as they are listed anonymous it was a fun thing back in the days had no idea ppl still utilize it up until 3 years ago. I’m not even sure Kasi was seeing bolt at the time these questions were being asked.

    I won’t sit and lie but I do like girls and guys as well and I’ve had encounters w Kasi .. She’s a cool girl but I feel as if she work her ass of to get bolt threesomes it’s almost like she’s not even doing it for herself anymore .. And that truly turned me off so I kept my distance! This is why she keeps losing friends she tries to get everyone in ! The minute I found out bolt was her man I was like ew !! I don’t care how much money he has I appreciate the gold medals but couldn’t see myself in a bed with him! Furthermore I don’t do threesomes with other ppl men with my man only and would never ask any of my friends for that ! … I was interested in Kasi because I thought she was sexy I wanted to see what that mouf do .. But I guess not …

    P.s not looking a hype or nothing just stating facts

  9. Roll my f***g eyes and this is news again because???? Like come offa d girl now man u ppl come like unu nave ntn to do. The site is a social app called n ppl ask question n u answer simple. U guys love judge too f***g much and behind close door unuh a do worse dan r GWEH! Thts why when ppl ask mi all the simplest a question mi naven faat pan dem cuz some a dem have a hidden agenda. Wen U dnt ansa ppl seh u hype and wen u ansa n ppl take ur answers n judge u n turn it into mixup. Thats why nt even comments pan me ig me reply to cuz u see the girl reply to ppl and unuh aguh seh oh she being fake nice like df? But mek she neva reply u wuda hear seh she hype smh. Mi seh unuh dutty blk ppl unuh! Tear dung unuh own ppl mi a tell unuh. But a d slave mentality thts y mi cyah blame unuh! If d man did go pick a white gyal unuh wuda cry cree but him pick him own and unuh a drag the girl thru the dirt for every f**g thing. Met put up a lame ass story boh mate kmt met u need a lesson frm shaderoom or balleralert how to write tea fi it connect properly cuz 1. After u put it up u realise seh it nuh mek nuh sense and it might be fAke and the gyal n him mussi lef and she a seek revenge. Smaddy ask u weh d res deh u ago talk boh u wi post it on monday cuz weekend u do other things like GIRL/BOY/TRANSVESTITE BYE! the way u cudnt wait to drop it wah mek u cyah finish it! Come of the girl name cuz as an insider myself, guess wah wen the actual truth comes out as to y she wasnt there n ting unuh ago chop off unuh mouth mi dne talk 🙂

      1. @met is a book it a write? @Icame? mi not even read it me just glimpse it. Me caah badda dat deh long version will give anybody yiy problem. A it nuh have nothing fi do, a sidung a write dat deh long sinting deh? A mussi one a her woman dem

        1. Dem fi go run up ina one blank wall and slide dung like when a cartoon snake hit a wall..I shall be shelling down monday o :travel

  10. My question is if this is a serious relationship did she discuss this interview with him.Not saying that she has to get permission from him to talk but definitely him approving what she puts out to the public where her lifestyle is concerned.
    If they are a real item exclusively and she putting the business out their to the world for scrutiny like that.smdh
    I don’t see him putting so much details about him sex life out there .He seems to be somewhat reserved in what he puts out to the public and rightfully so so shouldn’t his “girlfriend ” be the same..smdh
    It don’t look good for either party.Your bedroom preferences and escapades John public no need to know.Just think that too much.
    Maybe she feel its the only thing she can use to solidify her position and keep her name connected with him after such things are still somewhat taboo to the jamaican society but damn maa.All the three some you participate in doesn’t guarantee you that you gonna win and get a ring in the end.Maybe this is a phase him going thru with the freakiness and him enjoying it because your number is a 10!If you happen to get the ring then more power to you momma

  11. Woooi MET KASI tell BOLT say yu over yah a done him mouth…my man post video deh a dentist a sort out him mouth..mine him surprise you an buss a marry pon KASI before him 35 Wooiyooooiii

  12. @ I came ,observed,sed my price, left …. Whatever man , all if dem married, or will be getting married or she a breed…… Nothing, I mean nothing should have prevented her from being there to witness her husband making hiatory. It’s his last run, his retirement and u not there to cheer him on and greet him at the end ?????

    If a even to fly in for a day then leave , is if she fraid a Zika. No man, uuno need fi stop defend the foolishness. If bolt told her not to come, that a idiot thing. Simple !

  13. I have read bits and bobs here and there. And all I can say is that all the girls matey, groupie and girlfriend are aware of Bolt and his many “situations”. Bolt himself is aware of the fact that Kasi was with one of his relative and yet he went on to pursue a relationship with her. The comments made about the groupies and main girl seem funny at first to me but after awhile it appeared to have malicious intend or out right hatred and I started to feel uncomfortable because it wasn’t funny anymore. I am particularly disappointed with the moderate of the page because I thought you were usually neutral but seem mean girlish especially for woman of a particular stage in life. Disclaimer I don’t know this girl and the other girls. Hopefully more funny or informative news come up apart from this. Respect!

  14. *history…

    Met , no mek dem hot up u head. Why dem no go tell TMZ , and everybody else fi come off her name? Go over the alley and tell dem dat too… Better mek Kasi pay dem fi do damage control…. Kmdt


  16. Honestly I think usain had a hand in kasi sending their story to the various usa media outlets. Kasi is docile and tends to listen to bolt, she knows that she had alot to loose by sending the stories. I think the Leo and showman in bolt love the hype,he is attached to a girl out there now, so whenever he is seen with out other girls it will make international headline. As for kasi she will alway been known internationally as usain bolt girlfriend, so when the relationship ends another baller will come along. So is a win win for both all the best to you guys and your soul transfer because the amount of other people demons unuh carrying for sleeping around must be hard to bear.

    1. You make a point and I was thinking the same myself. Initially I thought they had split up and she did it as a gut punch. Now, I’m thinking it was well planned and like you, I’m guessing Usain had a hand in it; retire in style. Her story now is everywhere around the world. Two days ago, no one knew her but today she is famous. Any exposure is good exposure. Just look at how Divine Brown became famous? Kasi will forever be known as Usain’s girlfriend regardless of what happens to them. She would do well to capitalise on this now be it media, PR or presenting because she is flavour of the month. She is also beautiful and just being affiliated with Usain makes her value go up, much more so than the other girls he has had. She’s a cancer,they are very soft and emotional but they love hard and stick around when everyone has moved on. They are tough like their star sign, the crab. Regardless, she has done me nothing and I don’t know her but I wish her well for the future.

      1. Gabby yuh nuh knoooo a ting bout Cancer! Not a tiiing! Cancerians are opertunists! I can tell you more but anyhooo bout love kmt dem love wat u can do for them! And dem sneakingly love the hype mi Jesus above approve mi comment!

      2. As i stated in a previous post,July women can take abuse! So yes they will stick around bcuz they know what they are in for! Aunty seee Shorty deh although is June she born, look how much beat up and cheating Kartel gi r? It is not love it is what they will reap that is why they stick around! June-july and August women know how to play whatever role just to get wat they want. Cancer, Cancer/Gemini and Leo

      3. Gabriella, why yuh gweh?!!!!!!! You seh you are now married, suh why yuh soooooooo concern bout what Bolt do wid him cocky?? Clearly Bolt f**k and duck yuh!!!! Get over it!!!! Yuh soun like ah BITTER ex Jump off. Kmft.

  17. idk why people go so hard for people they don’t know, but let us assume this young lady is pregnant ( which is more than Likely not true) and couldn’t go u wanna tell me that bolt couldn’t give a shoutout even on social media about her saying that he wish she was here or because of certain cercomstances She couldn’t be her etc…BUT NAH HE WENT AND BIG UP NORBROOK, not kasi but NORBROOK… And even if he don’t got no respect for u kasi being that u are “pregnant” he could’ve respect his unborn baby and not invite a next woman since u are the FIRST LADY and about to be FIRST BABYMOTHER….yet you are never first inline at an major event..if my memory serve me right didn’t he went on vacation with another chick right when he had return back the last Olympic and u was in the picture.

    1. But if she pregnant why she got on a plane hello i thought pregnant women nuh fi fly and why she go fly to a country that also has a zika warning advisory. Unuh tan deh baby nah hol man again every minute unuh come in yah like storks a drop phantom baby pon di ooman bwoy pickney unuh too bbc disgusting.

  18. To the I came, I saw person. For an insider you are a messy bishh Joanne the Scammer. You really sat down and read each Post about this circus and have the heart to quote Met and something she said about posting the rest of the tea on Monday….something weh did deep inna the post? Okay good friend. Confirm seh Kasi n crew monitoring this space. Enjoy.

    You too good man.

    ALERT…clearly this is not an official interview and we know this is from ASK FM so fools can stop run eeen now. Bolt found Kasi on Instagram 3 years ago. This is the man she is talking about. He has a habit of hunting girls on facebook and then Instagram. He loves to follow you and then on follow you when you don’t pay him much attention. He did that to Kasi during carnival 2013 and then when he unfollowed her she run go follow him and likes a zillion pictures of his and a so them get fi talk. God strike me if I am lying.

  19. Even though I really am not a Kasi fan I don’t think people should dwell too much on the fact that she may have dated and had sexual relations with his brother previously. I have discussed this type of situation with my man several times in the past and he has said guys don’t really care about that stuff too much once they rate the woman to a particular extent. She is not usually judged by her past but it is more so what she does in her current relationship. That may be how Bolt feels and no matter how much we bad talk her and bring to light her dirty deeds once a man loves he loves and hardly anything that is said will change that. I personally believe he really loves her and is willing to accept her past. Bolt may even love Kasi more now because all of the media articles referring to her as stunning etc! He is probably now even more eager to claim her and so on and will feel extremely proud. Us bloggers have done noting more than propel what may have been a doubtful relationship! It will also give her a head start with her business she intends to open soon. All I can say is congrats to Kasi! She win!

    1. I somewhat agree that the media will be the force behind him claiming her now. She won yes but what exactly did she won?

    2. Fcking fool. Weh yuh come from?? So your man is the authority on men behavior?

      My lady, if a girl fcking a man’s brother, 99% of men WON’T take the girl seriously.

      Any real mother would reject that relationship – and the man would be a fcking fool to go pick his brother’s leftovers.

  20. Well she win the limelight! She a star yah now whether it be good or bad people know who Kasi Bennett is even if for a brief moment!

  21. Met mi see Samantha pan airplane can somebody monitor if a Brazil she a guh fi usain party lata plz n tanx woyoooooooiiiiiii

  22. Sometimes nothing but social media followers comes from this exposure. See Rebecca Silvera was on vh1 for months on a hit reality show and all she has to show is a couple hundred thousand followers on IG.

    Without proper planning and execution of a legit business plan we won’t be talking about Kasi after Bolt drops her. And she won’t have a thing to show but likes and comments

  23. Kasi said on periscope that she met usain in a store. That she was passing by and someone stopped her and told her that he was interested and she had no idea who he was. Yea okay lol The Instagram story sounds more believable.

  24. Then Met really tell the Emily smaddie fi go suck a guinep??No sah! I wonder if unno know not all guinep sweet n yuh see when them bitter so them mek yuh make up ur face n bare tings.

    All comers hop off a Met n mek she Do har work pon fi HER site cuz this is a Dictatorship not a Democracy.Haterz go suck a warned the bitterones will make yuh worsa bitter!

  25. In the hunger for finding a rich man in today’s society, sexually based offenses are considered as specialty favors. In Kasi Bennett division, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of her elite squad known as the Celebrity Mistress of Fame. These are their stories above.

  26. All I can say is that Usain upgrade her she looks way better now …… She looks more sophisticated him move her from 45 to 80

  27. All the same hoes…none a unnoticed hoes wouldn’t date bolt if he wasn’t successfull and most females only date popular men .Leave the hit girl them met MI hear se. Yuh big and showa…a true they all in the same uptown circle everybody a pass round donkey ..if my brother duck a hoe I naa wife her sorry red flag

  28. All the same hoes…none a unnoticed hoes wouldn’t date bolt if he wasn’t successfull and most females only date popular men .Leave the hit girl them met MI hear se. Yuh big and showa…a true they all in the same uptown circle everybody a pass round donkey ..if my brother duck a hoe I naa wife her sorry red flag…..say uplifting stuff about bolt and come out the yute personal life Yuh sad

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