Battyman FOWLEY that walk and trouble real woman a Brooklyn need to stop walk and borrow clothes and shoes fi go party fi pop style. You is a dirty mix up battyman that trouble with you mouth and bottom. FOWLEY you wear Wayne from Miami old clothes and shoes dem. Wayne teach you bout brand name clothes and shoes. FOWLEY POOPINA. You still walk and borrow clothes and shoes in a farrin in dem yah modern time. You sell fi Wayne and him pay you with old clothes and shoes. A you name old clothes government FOWLEY a wha real woman do you mek you walk and cause pure problem inna dancehall. FOWLEY you sell fi stinking mouth DOUGIE and him bring all of the CHINA fake clothes and shoes come give you. You cannot pop style on noone. Salvation Army second hand FOWLEY a your name call pan old clothes and shoes. FOWLEY STOP show off like you rich. Stop pop style when a WAYNE teach you bout good clothes and shoes. FOWLEY you want scrub and wash. Everybody outta Tracey shop hate you. Every hairdresser shop dislike you mix up dirty nasty self. You want a p**y fi borrow. Mek DOUGIE buy a fake p**y fi you a China and ask a dressmaker fi sew it in. Last night you sick mi stomach. You new name is FOWLEY POOPINA.

5 thoughts on “FOWLEY POOPINA

  1. You girls (Paula and Marsha) need to stop it. You girls had no right to wet the dude up. You guys are evil, you friend him up and them stab him in the back at every oppertunity.

  2. Nasty whoring tekish MARSHA you hype and wet up Fowley with you nasty self. COME OUTTA YOU MOTHER APARTMENT YOU WALK AND F*$k LIKE DOG and a Kotch. Paula what a way you bad but when BUSGY baby mother from ATLANTA did call you you plea the 5TH. Paula go look papers Fowley straight a AMERICA. what a way unna a too old whoring want to be hot gyal and NO MAN DONT OWN NOT ONE OF YOU.But Paula ppl inna Tracey shop due u up too the ppl say a bare wear and left you sell.

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