Met batty man Mario dope boy na stop spread him s**t up h**d. Mario yu need fi stop hide ina the closet come out n mek people kno say ya b**ty man stop use the women as cover up. Member when mi friend find out u gay n she lef u yu beg har n pay her $5,000 fi don’t talk n come her apt wanted to suck her n she run u n lock the door. I’m sorry for these women including my friend especially for your sorry a*s bby mother who swear for u n u mean the world to her yes u Ven u need to stop acting like unu lef cuz u kno the last time he was in new York he f**k that p**sy! As for the stupid one in Jamaica who keep saying she’s the wife same way she got u from tiffany that’s the way she gonna lose you! Girl get yourself a phonics book n learn to speak properly Dope boy don’t want u. See now he’s with Samantha n tell her the baby is not his same thing he told my friend that u beg him to come to the baby shower in December, smh when will u ladies learn Samantha thinking he loves her now she devote her life to him n not looking at her son. Girls get your life together. Sam baby girl I watch u look stupid n those pics will soon be down lol



  1. U fren stop tell lie mine u nose grow haha!! One of the ex send this in u should be glad u nah get the gay hood no more!!

  2. Poor thing don’t even know wa she a get harself into eee smh poor soul.. Baby girl enjoy it while it last cuz u jus a add numbers like the rest. Don’t flatter yourself too much Cuz you’ll soon get your fair share of the cake.

  3. Bitter baby mother or ex…. All a unno nasty and have shitty pussy wwwwwww f**k batty man :dp :dp run wey from bout yah

  4. Samantha u reach groupie u should a been reach with that wig from long time too a dem mash dem nasty alike batty man suck pussy mario an old dead dog suck cocky nam batty Samantha them probably met in the hiv clinic she sick every week is a next man pon her gram

  5. Pic on the top 13 weeks ago pic on the bottom 2 days ago same wig she nasty beg mario fi do ur hair an stop mine him u mine man too much mario luv sweets him sell him soul battyman

  6. Samantha! You mek it to the Pink Wall. What a shame and disgrace. You ah mine man, you good eeh, an the people ah call you shit mouth and shit p***y. Do better than that young lady.

  7. Nothin do the girl so stop it. I follow her on IG an she Neva post no man but sour Mario up deh uno love hate pon people mi Neva hear her name call up in the streets so baby girl wear you wig it fit you bad and make dem chat

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