Met it look Frass really feel some type a way about the cheating because him delete every single pic of Ven on his IG.

Ven took it to IG to confront her so call hater saying it’s “jealousy” from having all the versace collection . Really Ven?! You always look the same in your one bag and the same black shorts. Nothing much to hate on honey.


  1. Stop watch Apple titty like u said ..,, titty B… It’s called breast . Bout titty out of style dumb bish a watch woman titty :ngakak :alay :hammer

  2. a wha do VEN, ongle ting mi “jelous” of is how she tek the “A” out a jealous, a wonder weh she use it an do? VEN go siddung, (no den dung) and tek yuh not so hush hush(Jay Ikant) buddy.

  3. di ongle ting mi “jelous” of is how Professor Ven, was able to single handely change the rules of spelling and grammar and punctuation, silly me fi tink it was J-e-a-l-o-u-s, wen it was jelous all along. Keep skeling us hoes, Dr. Ven. Can you have a next class on how to be a side bitch inna one of your men party and to stand up an watch him an him main chick without a single shed of shame? Maybe the course can be titled, “The Fart of Being a Side Bitch.”

  4. Unnu no hear say a bready a fuxk VEN now!!!!?. Unnu late. While sitting on she an ikon old story this is recent. And yes bready from LA.

  5. Smh. I won’t believe this for 1 minute. I follow Ven & Frass on their page & I thought they were a nice couple. I don’t know either, but they seem like cool peeps. If they’re really broken up, I’m sad to hear that & I hope they can push their egos aside and reconnect. As far as Mr Pink face & Ven sleeping together….. I WILL BELIEVE NO SUCH THING! NOPE!! Not my Ven (she’s a friend in my head). I really wish she would take herself away from the party scene. Focus on her career, her kids & herself. Give your heart time to heal & go find a good man that’s NOT in dancehall. I don’t like those kind of men for you dear. There are so many more choices of men out there. You just have to get out of that environment because you’ll never find happiness there. You’re a beautiful girl & you don’t need this kind of drama & negativity that’s being aimed at you. If you’re looking for your “happily ever after”, you’ll never find it in dancehall. Last but not least, PLEASE, for the love of God, DO NOT be a side chick.. Especially to buttu Apple! You’re waaaaay better than that!

    1. u say u nah go believe no such thing? ____________________________________________________
      pray and tell her ooo

    2. But Frass look like him love sleep wid women who have dem man. Same suh him did a sleep wid S…. Slaughter wife / babys mother in the Bx.

  6. Ven is no Boss! She work in a one hair salon on Flatbush which is not hers. Bout Boss Lady.. If I laugh I dead. She can do hair but she has no business sense. Don’t know how to treat har clients. Always late and sleep all day and party at nights. In har one Versace Shoes. Good fi Frass! Lef Monique and pick up this Skettel.

  7. Ven PLEASE go shave unno legs and make a new wig fi yuh head PLEASE. Always trying to look coolie …with long long long coolie hair ….spend CASH pon versace …SOOO .. upload the PAID in full deed to a house and or paid in full car note and then talk sumting.

  8. They both need to give them little hearts time to heal, then move onto someone outside of the dance hall scene (never see a young dance hall couple who made it-they too damm HYPE)

  9. Show us the receipt ven move you bloodclat all you do is do hair for credit, bitch you bin doing hair for deckades and can’t own a shop a who you really talking to Apple? Ven icon don’t want you he just push his dick in your eye and take your little change Juggis mother finally dash you out her basement bosses don’t live on section8

  10. Ven how you a boss do you have hair license? Fross use you to pay for his dance then run you so now you gone f**k back Apple man nasty gal boss weh? Stinking ven that Mario mother had to get sherif to put you out . You f**k down dancehall like dog Flatbush dirty water, you f**king icon and the batty boy Brady who is also f**king Paul range, ven you hole shit up

  11. Ven they don’t look alike yours was made by dressmaker we need more proof.stop beg credit go spend money bitch

  12. Jesus have mercy STD hot gal Ven STD . Ven a jamaica U bring back dat dose from my God u & Marsha need the health department ASP .

  13. Bwoy met..mi luv tha scoops…but u think dem ppl nice…so sah..vent my dear..pls don’t read cus me shame fi u,and me no know you..truth r not…dem a done u…me go dance but me no into dance….cause me sensitive enno..cho…dwl..

  14. Woieeeee ven . My darling u realy sleeping with all these people ???? Ewwwwwww boss’s chick lmaoooooooooo u dancehall people funny bad :ngakak :ngakak

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