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**I know some of you may have wondered why I hadn’t put anything about this up…Mi jus tireddddd…God knows …tired of the racisim ..the over-dramatization but now I am fully on board…Justice for this young man***

The death of Freddie Gray — a 25-year-old Baltimore man who died in police custody, sparking days of unrest in Maryland and around the country — has been ruled a homicide and the arresting officers will face charges in the young man’s death, Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Friday.

Six police officers have been charged in Gray’s death, Mosby said.

One officer — the driver of the police van — has been charged with several counts, including second-degree depraved-heart murder. Another officer has been charged with several counts, including manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Two other officers have been charged with several counts, including involuntary manslaughter. And two other officers are charged with several counts, including second-degree assault.

Mosby said three Baltimore police officers illegally arrested Gray on April 12. She also said a knife that Gray had was not illegal.

“No crime was committed” by Gray before officers put him in a “leg lace restraint,” Mosby said, adding that officers failed to put Gray in a seatbelt five times after he was put into a police van. She said Gray had asked twice for a medic.

It’s still unclear how the 25-year-old suffered fatal injuries while in police custody.

Gray’s death touched off days of protest, which turned violent last weekend when demonstrators began breaking into stores, looting and setting fires to the neighborhood. Mosby on Friday told community members she has heard their demands and vowed to “fight for justice” on their behalf, but urged them to continue demonstrating peacefully.

“I heard your call for ‘no justice, no peace,’” Mosby said. “Your peace is sincerely needed.”


  1. You could hear the grief in the prosecutor Marilyn Mosby press conference and she only 35 ……I can see her running for president in years to come

    1. I was saying the same thing when I was watching. By the end of the day they’re going to say she has an agenda because she’s black, just wait .

  2. Marilyn Mosby for president :selamat

    A hope dem fine dem guilty mi nah play wid dem jury deh to be oooo

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. @Met, I strongly believe that they know the officers are GUILTY AS SIN FOR KILLING THAT BOY FOR NO REASON, BUT SOMEONE HAS TO PAY AND ITS THE COPS, OR THE CITY WILL BURN TO ASH AND THERE WILL BE CIVIL UNREST. Not because its justice but the consequences of not indicting and prosecuting will be astronomical, so smaddy affi pay di price.

  4. Let me explain how this will turn out. An indictment don’t mean shit, until you get convicted. They are going to put the dead man pon trial, plus move the trial from the city to the suburbs. They will end up being free and leave us singing no justice no peace.

  5. While you are right an indictment really nuh mean much, this case is much different from the others before him. Plus dem pple yah a Baltimore serious like cancer, dem will burn dat raas place to ashes!!. Dem ago need national guard fi dung deh soon if smaddy nuh pay fi freddy death, watch and see.

  6. The sad reality is that many a people have been murdered in this regard and if not for the mass uprising, there would have no hope for justice…

  7. @Highlyconcern just like they burn down the other cities everytime another murderer cop get off for killing a innocent black person??? Lol u must live under rocK

  8. The jury will be White middle-age racists people. Same old shit kmt Jury be like, I voted quilty because he is a thug. I will never forget the Jury in the Travon’s case.

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