Met when me see dis 2 face mixup gal a mek wcw to dem gal ya pon insta me haffi shake me head. Beca me can’t believe a d same wicked gal tashamay weh chat dem same gal ya she a big up as frens!! Yes tashamay u is a wicked gal u see u damn mouth wid d braces dem weh u can’t tek out cause u have so much fe pay from miss appointment dem. u is one 2 face bleach out gal wid u fake batty weh u inject wid all type a mix up mix up and it still nuh look good. Mek me start wid flawless.
(Name Edited) me a tell u when tashamay call u fe cotch a u place abroad NUH PICK UP U PHONE!! Dat bitch is a USER!! fe d longest she claim u and har a fren she nuh stop chat u and chat u business and always a compete wid u! But ca she nuh look half way like u she secretly jealous and grudeful a yuh wid har big ole ugly size 11 foot dem’ toe dem look like ginger and bad color like wa! She talk bare tings bout u and u baby fada, d money weh him give u a month time and d woman weh him live wid a him yard and when him fly u in fe come visit him. D gal even a chat bout d whole heap a man dem weh u a deh wid fe money. A beca me nuh wa she know a who still but all me can say is she is not no fren to you!!!

(Name Edited) una d next one there is not a day tashamay don’t call Ur name! U know she jealous can u a real browning!! And she haffi a Bleach and all dese tings. She use to love when u and tony war, she jealous bad and red eye couldn’t stomach u after (Name Edited) give u d car. All when u did a deh wid fox a she mek everybody know wid har ugly nemo looking self! And she we’ll go behind u back a look fox

0 thoughts on “FREN MIXIJ PART 1

  1. Everything sender is saying is fact. Ah from 19 how long Tashamay stay suh and mi doubt marriage change dat.

  2. Is who give Toni-Ann car ? Met is really fox cause Toni-Ann and Tony Matterhorn fi mash up. I was fassing on him instagram Met, but Matterhorn nuh easy, him get somebody else pregnant after Toni-ann last daughter, and one likkle bun him get and can’t look pass that. Maggie yuh a real bitch fi tru man.
    Unnu dutty man

    1. :shutup: however……………..toniann was quite correct fi dash dat bun …it cudda be more dan baby him bring in and mi nuh under how no condom nah use

      1. So true, so how yuh nuh answer the other part a di question ?
        Yuh dumb inna di friday yah. Mi wah know is who give her car, bout the Jamaican groupies be winning a swear

  3. mi nuh know a wah do @ The true, its the one and only Toni-ann, remember those groupies stick together to compare and share the money man’s list ok.

  4. Flawless is like a walking dead without a casket fe bury ar flawless f**k all over the world they all do girls too nasty bitch them money is them pride and life no shame

  5. @Met Toniann should have never dashed out that bun because where is she now. The world knows Waldy don’t want no girl that is toooo known in the streets he’ll f**k you yes but him nah wife you so dat f**k cuda stay betta she did find a low key man and gwan chill. Now she pop down and Waldy is on to the next one.

    1. she shudda carry di bun dash it pan matterhorn mixing board how u mean it shodden dash out? she she fi receive it and not give it?? him f– she f–..Man fi respect dem house and dem ooman

  6. Lie Lie lieeeeeeeeeee, to me Toni-ann looks dam good now, even better than she was with Maggie. she looks stress free and happy badddddd. The new look is working for her, mi see her inna Wet Sundays looking like a bostress, her kids doing fine too that is all she wants to know, she nah look at Dutty Matterhorn wid the rotten tooth.

    Toni-Ann waited too long and she never give him bun properly.
    Why dem always a sey nothing nah gwaan fi har ?

    1. de pic weh guh wah day wid har mi not even did know a she de short hair do,skin tone all in wan gain a likkle weight inna de rite places yes she do look damn gud nd dat a kill maggie all yuh c hm a gwaan him miss de gal

      1. Of course him miss the gyal and mi feel the car him buy him mada, is a get at her sham. Yes we all know he loves his mom endlessly but Toni-Ann looks dam good now.
        So man luv give bun and cannot take it. How him did a flaunt Pinkie!!!!!!!! kmt a shoulda one good likkle man Toni-Ann find.

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