The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on the cover of its first issue since Islamic extremists killed 12 people at its offices.
The newspaper Liberation hosted Charlie Hebdo staff as they prepared the new issue and is handling its special one million-copy print run in numerous languages.
Liberation published the Charlie Hebdo cover online late Monday night, showing a man in a white turban it says represents the prophet. He is holding a sign reading “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) and with a title reading “Tout est Pardonne”) (“All is Forgiven”), which French media interpreted as meaning Muhammad is forgiving the cartoonists for lampooning him.
Charlie Hebdo’s past caricatures of the Muslim prophet appear to have prompted last week’s attacks, part of the worst terrorist rampage in France in decades.
Some witnesses reported that the attackers at the paper’s offices shouted “We have avenged the prophet.” Many Muslims believe all images of the prophet are blasphemous.
Earlier Monday, Charlie Hebdo lawyer Richard Malka told French radio that the new issue would “obviously” feature cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
A total of 17 people died in last week’s attacks. Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi and their friend, Amedy Coulibaly, were killed Friday by police after the murderous spree at Charlie Hebdo offices and a kosher supermarket. The three all claimed ties to Islamic extremists in the Middle East.
French police said Monday that as many as six members of a terrorist cell involved in the attacks may still be at large.
France saw its biggest demonstrations in history Sunday as millions turned out to show unity and defend freedom of expression.


  1. I hope dem get it harda next time dem too damn bright. no respect fi odda people. a dem start di war if a freedom a speech why dem no mek people talk bad bout gays or jews

  2. The West only respect the West and they backstab each other. MLK stated the West go around the world thinking that they have everything to teach and nothing to learn. They don’t understand Islam and worst, they don’t respect Islam–we should not be surprised as God is optional in the West…

  3. I said it and will again “what is joke to one is death to another”.
    Amazing how it become a jew issue…cause a de deli 🙂 I don’t join any religion me I’m not going out of me way to torment those who do. nah feel sorry fi nobody who get compensation for provoking people.

  4. @PhantomPhoenix–I totally agree with you:
    What’s important to one individual or one group might not be important to another individual or group. Seemingly, the “Media” is of the opinion that the killing of a handful of people in France is more important than the killing of 2000-plus people in Nigeria…
    Don’t point to Islamic extremist as both atrocities were committed by individuals who were conditioned in a similar regard… In essence, we are being told that some lives matter more than some. Give thanks to the fortunate few who are mindful of the fact that the media is biased and agenda oriented…

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