From Blogger Myra Panache on Eve (marriage) and Naiomi Campbell

Special Report:
Instead of congratulating Eve for exchanging vows last week, a few urban blogs are hating by calling her a pitball in a veil.
Backstory: (Sponsorship/Benefactor Circuit)
In the past, it’s no coincidence that Naomi Campbell and Eve were often spotted at ‘The Gumball 3000’ and ‘The Carbon Black.’ They were often the only two Black women in attendance.
Women who date super rich, attend these events. These two events are listed as number one (Carbon Black) and number two (Gumball 3000) in the blueprint on where to get a billionaires/multi-millionaires/benefactors/sponsors/husbands.
Not only did Eve snag a rich man, she snagged the owner of the event (Gumball 3000).
The Gumball is an international race favored by the rich who travel from London to Istanbul via Amsterdam, Munich, Tirana, Dubrovnik and Athens. The entrance fee is $45,000. The cars arrive in the Netherlands to begin the race. Luxury cars participate in the race. After competing in Germany, Antonov planes carry the vehicles to Athens to compete.
Meanwhile, ‘The Carbon Black,’ (Naomi’s favorite event) is held in Monte Carlo where 30 vehicles race across five countries in Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s Aston Martin’s, Maserati’s, Porsches and Bentleys. This race is strictly invitation only as is attended by the richest and most powerful men in the world. The drivers party with attractive models along the way. Before the race, the drivers party on a super yacht. Competitors also enjoyed archery and clay pigeon shooting on an private estate before they are flown to Prague.
This is where you meet “real” rich men (unlike the men on sugar daddy sites). Also, its a great networking opportunity and if you’re African American and beautiful, beauty transcends race and you’re not treated any different than the other beautiful women in attendance.

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  1. I’ve seen all the hate being thrown her way even to the point of saying “black men are angry”. Really? You mean the ones who marry white women as a status symbols when they become either educated or wealthy or both? The same ones that invariably have to split their millions with these gold digging white women that never wanted your ass when you were broke? The same ones who beat, dog and disrespect the black woman but will worship the shoes of her white counterpart?
    This is nice, I’m proud of her for leaving the no good baby mammas having asses, don’t know how to open the car door and pull out your chair asses, password locking your phone asses behind. Sail away to the high life baby.
    When you take a white man, it must, without a doubt be for money and status above all else and unless he’s putting a ring on it, it’s a concubine position. By all accounts she did well and I’m thrilled for this ruff rider.

      1. Because Eve is from the hood, was never particularly refined and it’s unexpected that a billionaire really wants to wife her. They would have been perfectly content with Stevie J – one million dollar child support owing ass booed up with her. I guess the expectation is that she continues to perpetuate the black woman stereotype.

        1. As foxy say a because eve nuh ”refined” dem all up in arms dem did waa see har wid a bag a pickney and some drop down pants man a war…that is what they think we deserve

  2. yes met!!!! that’s what they expect from us black women to have 1 bag a Pinckney with a thug a war I wish black women would start raising the bar to a higher standing we are not just babymothers congrats Eve!!!!! :kimpoi :kimpoi

    1. Problem wid most ah wi is most of us black women are afraid to step outside the box and date outside of our race…love is color blind…if Eve can do it, we can do it too….Gumball 3000, here I come!!! :tkp :tkp :tkp

  3. @ yep…that is the number one problem….black woman a look sugar daddy and a look fi a black musician or professional athlete………real gold diggers or even just di average chick a look fi some financial security better love di color green more dan dem love di color black…….lmfao

      1. yep, I’m rite beside, cuz I’m coming too, dwl. go eve I’m very proud of u. as soon as black man get some money who they run to? a white girl, so what if she want to marry rich. girl do he have a brother, father a son, a step son, summin. dwl

        1. Anon, not ah ting wrong wid what Eve did…she married someone who she’s been dating and loves…he just happens to be rich…filthy rich!! Come ya girl..hop on pon di bike front :tkp

          1. Mi cant badda wid dem an dem double standards eh nuh, a bet yuh if a did 1 black bwoy marry 1 white gal yuh wouldnt hear gunshot buss bout it!!!! look how much black NBA stars, rapper and celebrities marry white chicks, all d 1 Tiger Woods him, a never 1 white woman him married to???? Nuh 1 white woman Michael jackson choose fi be d mother of his kids???? So what if eve hit d jackpot and find a filthy rich white man who wants to take her as his wife????? A lowe dem fi lowe d girl alone, and mek she prosper. A wah unuh feel like d man too good fi eve, cauz he is of wealth, ad maybe she’s from d ghetto or d hood?? Afta a nuh eve mek nuh rich man nuh want dem??? Go thru eve, mi proud a yuh girl!!!!!! Congrats girl, and I wish that union years of happiness and success!!!

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