Met the girl on the right a f**k d girl on the left husband why woman wicked and dry eye so .. Kimmy liquor store the people them nuh like you a bull bay so you gone up a mountain view gone hitch Pon the Oman husband laawd Jesus have leave you husband a yaad n gone f*k down the place the mount a man Kimmy take Pon George is uncountable ..Kimmy fi a married woman you must do better is not even the cheating is the fact you are friends with the girl and you do this you will kill you are a wicked soul god ago deal with you..Kimmy you shape like one lean candlestick bout you hot dam face fava when puss a peep out


  1. Hey mi Know this did soon reach here Kimmy hype cas she have jolly behind her…she fren him Oman and a fuck jolly even with the wife ,and a post bout the lady been there for her i don’t think it can get no colder miss wife Kimmy tie you husband wid a cookie duppy come pull him …everybody inbox she in a chat her business bull bay ppl no like her cas she too nuff all she do a phone badness sorry Shelly never kick her inna har coolie pussy ..dirty lick out batty Kimmy you mussi think jolly ago leff him Oman fi you ole fart ediot mascot gal Anastasia

  2. double hurt hush wifey. Why Kimmy? Comment under sikes I’m curious. Happily married girls don’t step outside suh.

  3. Kimmy just love fuck a long time she and George together have two nice kids and from the gal leave bull bay n link wid king him move her up den justice have her a drive out Inna the blue car a night time fuck har n shove her out …Rasta man from shooters hill fuck her and naa use her till she drop Inna jolly camp ..girl simmer your self cause you are just another concubine in the dance hall Chronicles somebody tag the wife deh cas she need to know this snake is very deadly …Dem girl here cannot satisfy cas all the husband blind but when you check it out is a bloodclaat web weave Eno cas she n the wife is friend and the husband and her man a friend Kimmy you are the black widow spider

  4. No kimmy a long time you a fuck Jolly, you Delilah no doubt, you talk to Jolly wife and a fuck him straight. Now you have pickney fi him. You won’t be nothing but another baby mother. Him don’t want nobody but mona. You leave your husband and Jolly nah leave Mona. You dummer than i thought.

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