Twida a wah u really gone To with sash lee gal weh a top freak dance all gogo n sell f** u a kiss loose afta yuh …! From weh me hear laviish drop u cause u all over the place with dem b**tches ..! Unuh nuh wah the girl them with ambition n who loyal to unuh just tru u nuh wah work u switch n fine a gogo gal god have a beating for u really waste man..! Glad she drop yuh dutty rass !! Time Fi u Act Like A Man now N low certain things real idiot

One thought on “FROM ORDINARY TO GO-GO

  1. Dis gal ah bitch and her cuz seya walk wid her pussy pon her head. Who dem nuh f**k ah who nuh born yet seya walk n f**k off every man pon da hills. Gal look marga and stay. ad nuh rass loool

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